M.B.A/Ed.D. Joint Program in Educational Leadership

Admission and Degree Requirements
Coursework requirements
The purpose of this program is to prepare students to assume major leadership positions in a wide variety of education-related organizations by applying managerial skills and educational leadership in the field of education. The program is designed to prepare students to enter educational management in school systems, regional, state, or federal governments, research institutions, private foundations, or private sector companies.

Admission and Degree Requirements
Candidates must be initially admitted to TCU's Day MBA program and meet all 36 hours of core requirements as well as the START Workshop and the Professional Development Program. At the completion of the first year of the MBA program, and a summer of coursework in educational administration, students will apply for candidacy in the doctoral program. Admission will depend on their performance in both MBA and education courses to that point. In the event a student elects to complete the MBA without continuing into the doctoral program, he or she must meet all remaining requirements for the MBA (i.e., 18 elective units in the School of Business). If a student's work is unsatisfactory in MBA courses, and they are not permitted to continue, he or she may not be admitted into doctoral work.

Throughout the program, students must maintain a B average. At the completion of coursework, students will take written and oral comprehensives before proceeding into the dissertation stage.

The coursework requirements follow:

Fall Semester - First Year

ACCT 60011 Corporate Financial reports (1 unit)
ACCT 60012 Interpreting Financial Reports (2 units)
FINA 60003 Economic Environment of Business (3 units)
MANA 60003 Business Strategy and Structure (3 units)
MANA 60033 Managing People (3 units)
EDAD 70001 Doctoral Pro-Seminar (1 unit)

Spring Semester - First Year

ACCT 60021 Operating Cost Systems (1 unit)
ACCT 60022 Planning, Performance Measurement & Control (2 units)
DESC 60013 Data Analysis for Managerial Decisions (3 units)
FINA 60013 Management of Financial Resources (3 units)
MANA 60043 Managing Information Technology (3 units)
MARK 60013 Market Driven Strategies (3 units)
EDAD 70001 Doctoral Pro-seminar (1 unit)

Summer Semester - First Year

EDAD 80206 Internship (6 units)
EDAD 70003 Foundational Readings in Educational Administration (3 units)
EDAD 60810 Seminar in Educational Research (3 units)

Fall Semester - Second Year

DESC 60023 Manufacturing & Servs Ops Management (3 units)
MANA 60023 Legal & Social Environment of Business (3 units)
EDAD 70013 Legal & Social Environment of Education (3 units)
EDAD 70023 Managing Instructional Processes (3 units)

Spring Semester - Second Year

MANA 60063 Strategic Management in Global Environment (3 units)
EDAD 80206 Internship (6 units)
EDUC 60810 Seminar In Educational Research (3 units)

Summer Semester - Second Year

EDAD 80206 Internship (6 units)
Elective - SOE or Business

Fall Semester - Third Year

EDAD 70033 Ethical & Moral Dimensions of Ed Leadership (3 units)
EDAD 90980 Dissertation (6 units)
Thereafter, students must complete at least 6 units in EDAD 90990 Dissertation.
The total number of units will reach approximately 100 units.