English as a Foreign Language


English as a Foreign Language (ENFL) courses offer elective credits for international students who have been admitted to the University. These courses are designed to provide additional help in composition, reading, and general study skills development.

Placement. Placement in these courses is based on the results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) section scores, the Test of Written English (TWE), and/or other standardized English proficiency exams, which are given to new students during their orientation. Those required to take any ENFL course(s) must successfully complete the course(s) before they will be allowed to continue their academic program.

Credit. Elective credit for ENFL courses is granted only for a grade of "C" or better. Students who make a "D" will receive a grade of "NC" (no credit) and must repeat the course. A student who receives an "F" must also repeat the course if eligible to enroll. The Pass/No Credit grading option is not permitted for ENFL courses.

Foreign language requirement. Students who are not native speakers of English may satisfy the foreign language requirement for the B.A. or B.S. degree by submitting to the director of Intensive English a score of at least 600 on the paper TOEFL (or the equivalent on the computerized TOEFL) and at least 5.0 on the TWE. An oral interview may also be required. No academic credit is granted on this basis, but the requirement to take six hours of foreign language at the 20000 level is waived. (The TOEFL and TWE are offered several times annually at TCU. See Academic Services and Opportunities section on "Intensive English Program.")

The following is a complete list of courses offered by this department. Go to Class Search on the Registrar's Page to see which courses are being taught this semester.

Courses of Instruction

10003 READING/STUDY SKILLS. A course designed to introduce and reinforce the reading and study skills necessary for success in the U.S. university.

10103 INTERMEDIATE COMPOSITION SKILLS. Introduction to the major rhetorical modes and practice in writing various types of paragraphs. The TWE is required as a final exam.

10113 ADVANCED COMPOSITION SKILLS. A composition/readings course designed to prepare advanced ESL students for freshman composition and to further develop the language and research report skills required by other courses. The TWE is required as a final exam.