Requirements for a minor in Geography. Eighteen semester hours, including GEOG 10003, GEOG 20013, GEOG 30503, GEOG 30703, and GEOL 10113, 10143, or 30113. GEOG 30503 or GEOG 30703 must be repeated for credit as the specified region or topic changes. GEOG 40016 may substitute for the repeated GEOG 30503 or GEOG 30703. No grade lower than "C" can be applied to the minor.

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Courses of Instruction

10003 WORLD REGIONAL GEOGRAPHY. A survey of the world's primary regions and the human and physical geography that shape them. Interactions between natural environment, cultural geography, geopolitics, history, land use, and economic geography are highlighted

20013 HUMAN GEOGRAPHY. The systematic subdivisions of human geography are surveyed, including urban, political, economic, historical, agricultural, and population geography. Within each subdiscipline, applications of geographic concepts and processes are emphasized.

30503 TOPICS IN REGIONAL GEOGRAPHY. An analysis of the human and physical geography of a specific region. Examples of regions include Latin America, United States, Texas, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Western Europe. Regional characteristics investigated may include economic, political, historical, and cultural components as well as topography, climate, and natural resources. May be repeated for credit provided the specified region changes.

30703 TOPICS IN SYSTEMATIC GEOGRAPHY. Concepts, principles, patterns, and processes associated with a specific subdiscipline in geography. Examples of topics include Urban Geography, Cultural Geography, Geopolitics, Historical Geography, and Physical Geography. May be repeated for credit provided the specified subdiscipline changes.

40016 SUMMER FIELD STUDIES IN GEOGRAPHY. An intensive field study in the regional and systematic geography of a selected area. Examples include France, Central America, and the American West. May be repeated for credit provided the selected area changes. Students planning to enroll should contact the Coordinator of Geography by March 1 of the year in which enrollment is contemplated.