Women's Studies

Available as a minor on B.A. and B.S. degrees.

The minor in Women's Studies is designed to provide students theoretical frameworks for recovering and analyzing women's experiences as part of a larger investigation of gender and difference and to offer opportunities to study disciplines through these frameworks.

Students will complete two required courses and a choice of four additional courses from an approved list (see below). In choosing these courses, students will take no more than two courses from any single discipline.

Required Courses:

WOST 20003 Introduction to Women's Studies: Sex, Gender and the Disciplines. This course will serve as an interdisciplinary introduction to Women's Studies, focusing on major issues, theories, and selected disciplinary applications, for which the idea of gender will provide the unifying theme. Lectures, discussions, and assignments will encourage students to recover and understand the lived experiences of women by studying concepts of gender difference. Readings will facilitate discussion and understanding of differences in age, class, sexual diversity, race, and ethnicity.

WOST 40003 Senior Seminar in Women's Studies. This is the capstone course for the Women's Studies Minor, and includes classic readings in feminist theory and an independent project. The student pursues the independent project with the guidance usually of one of the faculty members associated with the Women's Studies Program. Other faculty members may participate as approved. These projects can include either 1) a practicum with goals, progress and final reports, or 2) a theory and research project to be agreed to by the faculty member and student.

Elective Courses:

ART 30413 Women and the Visual Arts, 1500-1800
ART 30423 Sex and Modern Art
ENGL 20623 Woman in Literature and Culture
ENGL 30493 Women Poets and Poetic Tradition
ENGL 30613 Women's Lives in Memoir and Fiction
ENGL 30633 Medieval and Early Modern Women Writers
ENGL 30970 Renaissance Witch Literature
ENGL 40533 Seminar in Toni Morrison
HIST 40023 Women's History since 1500
HIST 40033 Witches, Workers and Wives
NURS 30503 Issues in Women's Health
POSC 30103 Topics in American Politic:; Women in Politics
POSC 30403 Topics in Public Law: Gender and Sexual Orientation in Contemporary Law
RELI 30143 Love and Sex in the Biblical World
RELI 30713 Women and Womanhood in Western Religion
RELI 30853 Women in American Religion
RTVF 30983 Women in Film and Television
SOCI 30303 Marriage and Family
SOCI 30743 Men, Women, and Society

See department listings for descriptions.

Approved list of courses is maintained in the AddRan College Office, Reed 107.

Students wishing to have more information are urged to contact one of the members of the advisory committee:

Dr. Claudia Camp (Religion)

Dr. Jean Giles-Sims (Sociology)

Dr. Joanne Green (Political Science)

Dr. Linda Hughes (English)

Dr. Rhonda Keen-Payne (Nursing)

Dr. Nadia Lahutsky (Religion)

Dr. Bonnie Melhart (Computer Science)

Ms. Marcy Paul (Women's Resource Center)

Dr. Priscilla Tate (AddRann, Emeritus)

Dr. Karen Steele (English)

Dr. Mary Volcansek (AddRan)

Dr. Melissa Young (Speech Communication)