Administered by the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice. Available as a minor on the B.A. and B.S. degrees.

Requirements for a minor. Eighteen semester hours of approved courses including at least 9 hours of anthropology courses, one of which must be ANTH 20623. Additional courses may be selected from the following list or others if approved by the anthropology adviser.

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Courses of Instruction

20623 INTRODUCTORY CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY. Analysis of human cultural life by comparison of varied life-ways; emphasis on non-western peoples; economics, social organization, political organization, art styles, and similar cultural conditions.

30613 INTRODUCTION TO ARCHAEOLOGY. An introduction to basic techniques, methods, and concepts in archaeology and a review of selected archaeological findings. History and development of archaeology, basic field methods, the evolution of humans and culture, reconstruction and processual interpretation. Site visits to excavations in process.

30623 URBAN ANTHROPOLOGY. Development and characteristics of urban societies and the culture of modern cities. Evaluation of theories and methods for understanding the structure, function and change in the social and cultural systems of urban areas.

30633 ANTHROPOLOGY AND SPORTS. The relationship between social science and the study of sports and other play forms; games and play in cross-cultural contexts; American sports and recreation.

30643 ANTHROPOLOGY AND EDUCATION. A comparative study of the teaching and learning processes in societies of differing complexity and cultural variability. Empirical data is examined from an anthropological perspective and in the context of theories about culture and perception, world view, rites of passage, culture and personality, and change.

30653 CULTURE AND HUMAN SEXUALITY. This course examines the importance of culture for understanding human sexuality issues. Topics covered include biological, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual issues related to sexuality. Contemporary political, legal and health issues are discussed critically, and gender is discussed as a cultural construct.

30713 INTERMEDIATE ARCHAEOLOGY. Prerequisite: ANTH 30613. A continuation of Anthropology 30613, with an in-depth treatment of basic techniques, methods and concepts of archaeology and a continued update in recent archaeological discoveries, emphasizing North America. Concentrated research using published site reports and professional journals. Site visitations to excavations in process will be initiated whenever applicable.

30723 ETHNOLOGY OF SELECTED AREAS. Origin and distribution of the native populations of selected areas. The historical development and current perspectives of institutions, belief and value systems, and comparative organization of cultural areas. Possible areas to be examined include Native North Americans, peoples of South America, peoples of Africa.

30913 LANGUAGE AND CULTURE. Introduction to anthropological linguistics with emphasis on social aspects of language, including cultural categories of phenomena, translation difficulties, dialect prestige, bilingualism and body language.

30923 STUDIES IN ANTHROPOLOGY. Topics of interest in anthropology, including substantive areas of the discipline.

30933 STUDIES IN ETHNO-ARCHAEOLOGY. An examination of world cultures based on the results of information secured by technologists and archaeologists working in the field. The topical focus may vary each semester.

30973 ANTHROPOLOGY AND RELIGION. (Religion 30673) Interpretations of myths, symbols and religious beliefs and religion in society; religion and cultural change. Focus is on non-Western peoples and their religions.

30983 ANTHROPOLOGICAL FIELD METHODS. Prerequisite: ANTH 20623 or permission of instructor. The phases and problems of the cultural anthropological field experience, including methods for collecting ethnographic data, entry into the field, role and image conflict, participant-observation, interviewing, life histories, network analysis. Practice in instruments and techniques both in the classroom and local "field laboratory."

40620 DIRECTED READING OR RESEARCH IN ANTHROPOLOGY. For upper-division students who undertake projects in anthropology in regular consultation with the instructor, for one to three semester hours credit.

50623 ADVANCED GENERAL ANTHROPOLOGY. An overview of the field, including archaeology, linguistics, ethnology, and physical anthropology. Description and analysis of the profession, its history, theoretical foci, intellectual leaders and current ethical dilemmas. For advanced undergraduates and graduate students with opportunities to pursue individual interests within the field.

50923 KINSHIP AND SOCIAL ORGANIZATION. Prerequisite: ANTH 20623 or permission of instructor. Principles of descent, kinship terminology and formation of descent groups, including an examination of specific terminological systems in relation to other features of social organization; the adaptive dynamics of family, groups, kinship, and extra-familial associations in simple and complex societies.