Asian Studies

Available as a minor on the B.A. and B.S. degrees.

The minor offers the student multidisciplinary opportunities to study subjects concerning the peoples and cultures of Asia. Students are required to take six hours (two courses) introducing the civilizations of South and East Asia, and then may choose twelve more hours from a variety of other courses focusing on the history and thought of the peoples in Asia. A maximum of six hours may be taken in one department. Contact the Office of the Dean, AddRan College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Required Courses:

CHIN 30113 Chinese Culture and Civilization or JAPN 30113 Japanese Culture and Civilization
RELI 30513 Hindu Religious Perspectives, or RELI/ENGL 30773 India: Texts and Traditions

Optional Courses:

One semester of college Chinese (selected from CHIN 10163, 20053, or 20063)

HIST 30433 History of China and Japan to the 19th Century
HIST 30443 History of China and Japan from 1800 to the Present

One semester of college Japanese (selected from JAPN 10163, 20053, or 20063)

PHIL 20333 Asian Philosophy
RELI 30523 East Asian Religious Perspectives
RELI 30533 Buddhism: Thought and Practice

Other courses may be allowed with approval of the minor coordinator when these courses focus on Asia (e.g., JOUR 40543 International and Intercultural Communications or RTVF 40970 National Cinemas.)