This minor is designed to provide students with an understanding of the current state and history of Great Britain and its former and current colonies. It is interdisciplinary in nature, drawing upon departments and course offerings throughout the university, as well as the TCU London Centre. Through this minor, students become aware of how different areas of study, including art, film, history, journalism, literature, religion, and social behavioral and natural sciences, coalesce and contribute to the knowledge of a particular region. It also provides the student with a framework for investigating issues of globalization, such as the impact of colonization on nations and their history and the state of the former colonies in contemporary life.

Requirements for a minor. The minor requires completion of two core courses, a disciplinary concentration consisting of two courses, an elective course, and the senior seminar. The designated core courses draw from a variety of disciplines and are selected to complete the following goals: to provide the student with foundational knowledge about Great Britain, its history and culture, and the processes of change over time; and to provide the student with an introduction to the critical issues of Colonial/Post-Colonial Studies. The disciplinary concentration allows the student to develop an area of specialization-Communications, Fine Arts, Humanities, Natural Sciences, or Social Sciences-within the minor.

The minor is 18 hours. These 18 hours must draw from at least three different departments. A maximum of 6 hours can be completed at the 10000/20000 level and no more than 9 hours can be completed through the London TCU Centre. Special problems courses, independent study courses, courses taken through U.K. based study abroad programs, internships, and other courses of this nature may be included in the minor with the approval of the Program Director. For further information, including a list of eligible courses and a recommended plan of study, contact the Program Director or the AddRan Dean's Office.

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Course of Instruction

40003 SENIOR SEMINAR IN BRITISH AND COLONIAL/POSTCOLONIAL STUDIES. This is the capstone course for the minor, and includes readings in British and colonial/postcolonial studies and an independent project. The independent project is pursued in consultation with the program director, and aims to reflect on the student's work in the minor, to synthesize the skills developed through the student's coursework, and to consider how they might be applied after graduation. Projects may include: an original creative performance; a scientific investigation; a portfolio of critical writing; or a U.S.-based internship with an employer with substantial interests in Britain or the former colonies. All projects also require a journal documenting and reflecting on the student's progress