Business (3-2 Program)

AddRan College of Humanities and Social Sciences and M.J. Neeley School of Business offer a combined program leading to a bachelor's degree in Humanities and Social Sciences and a master's degree in Business Administration (MBA). The Three-Two Program, as it is called, takes five years to complete. (Note: Students intending to pursue the 3-2 program should make their plans known, as early as possible, to the AddRan Dean's Office.)

Students interested in the program spend the first three years in AddRan completing the University Curriculum Requirements and meeting the requirements of their major field. By the end of their third year, Three-Two Program students must complete at least 100 hours in non-business courses, including sufficient coursework in mathematics to satisfy the MBA Program prerequisites. To be considered for admission to the MBA Program, Three-Two Program participants must submit the usual MBA application during their third year of study, including scores for the GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test). Only Three-Two candidates demonstrating superior undergraduate academic performance and strong GMAT scores will be considered for admission.

If admitted to the MBA Program, the student completes the first 27 semester hours of the MBA Program during the fourth year of study. These courses apply to both the undergraduate degree and toward the MBA degree. Candidates should work with their undergraduate academic advisors to determine how the courses will apply to the undergraduate degree (electives, minor requirements, area of emphasis, etc.). At the end of the fourth year, assuming that all other graduation requirements are met, the student earns his or her undergraduate degree. The student must petition the Dean of AddRan to be awarded the undergraduate degree at this time. During the fifth year the student completes the remaining 27 semester hours of MBA courses.