Accounting has been called "the language of business." In fact, it is much more. Managers of nearly all organizations, whether business, not-for-profit, or governmental, require accounting information to operate successfully. Financial statements prepared by accountants are used by individuals outside of these organizations to evaluate the performance of management and to make investing, lending, regulatory, and other decisions. Accounting majors are well versed in the preparation, use, and limitations of accounting information and understand business at a very fundamental level. Moreover, they offer knowledge and skills that most organizations require.

A major objective of the BBA program is to provide basic conceptual accounting and business knowledge as a foundation for accounting and business career development. Candidates for the Uniform CPA Examination in Texas must fulfill additional educational requirements. The Master of Accountancy (MAc) degree offered by the Neeley School meets those requirements and is designed for students planning for careers in public accounting or other professional accounting careers.

Major Course Requirements (24 semester hours)

Specific course requirements

18 semester hours

ACCT 30153 Intermediate Financial Accounting I
ACCT 30163 Cost Accounting
ACCT 30253 Intermediate Financial Accounting II
ACCT 30303 Introduction to Federal Taxation
ACCT 40153 Advanced Accounting
ACCT 40223 Information Systems and Control

In addition, the student must complete 3 semester hours from the following:

ECON 30223 Intermediate Microeconomics
ECON 30233 Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECON 40153 Economics of Financial Markets
FINA 30203 Money and Banking
FINA 40153 Advanced Financial Management

and 3 semester hours from the following:

DESC 30353 Regression Analysis
ECON 50343 Econometrics

Free Electives 20 semester hours of elective courses to equal 124 hours for the BBA (at least 12 of which must be nonbusiness, non-economics).

Texas law requires CPA candidates to complete 150 credit hours of academic work including 36 credit hours of accounting. In response to this change, the Neeley School has developed the Master of Accountancy (MAc) degree, which can be completed in one year. Undergraduate accounting majors interested in professional certification are encouraged to apply for admission to this program at the end of their junior year. For more information, see the Neeley School Accounting Department.

  Courses of Instruction