Electronic Business

Information systems, particularly those involved in Electronic Business, have become a critical part of the products, services and management of organizations. The effective and efficient use of information technology is an important element in achieving competitive advantages for business organizations and excellence in services for government and non-profit organizations. Furthermore, the globalization of trade, the emergence of information economies and the growth of the Internet and other global communications networks have recast the role of information systems in business and management. Companies can use information technology to design global business organizations linking factories, offices, and mobile sales forces around the world and around the clock. The Internet is becoming the foundation for new business models, new business processes, and new ways of distributing knowledge. Students who major in E-Business will have the ability to develop, implement and manage an infrastructure of information technology, data and organization-wide systems. They will also have the skills to manage, analysis and develop applications dealing with electronic business, and they will be able to assist in incorporating information technology into the organization's strategy, planning, and practices.

Due to the limited space in the E-Business major, acceptance into the program is by application only.

E-Business is a lock-step program that requires 2_ years to complete. If accepted into the E-Business program, students begin course work in the E-Business major in the spring of their sophomore year. Please see the NSRC for additional information.

Major Course Requirements (24 semester hours)

Specific Course Requirements
EBUS 20813 E-Business II
EBUS 30813 E-Business Planning
EBUS 30823 Data for E-Business
EBUS 30833 E-Business Development
EBUS 30843 Telecommunications
EBUS 40013 Professional E-Business Internship (Writing Emphasis)
EBUS 40813 E-Business Consultancy I
EBUS 40823 E-Business Consultancy II (Writing Emphasis)

Free Electives: 23 semester hours of elective courses to equal 124 total hours for the BBA; at least 6 hours must be upper division unless upper division courses are taken in the University Curriculum; at least 9 hours must be in non-business, non-economics courses.

Courses of Instruction