Entrepreneurial Management

The Entrepreneurial Management major offers a unique combination of specialization and generalization in the study of management. Nearly all forms of activity in profit and non-profit organizations involve some form of management. Whether it be managing people, money, information systems, raw materials or finished products, managers are required to make a multitude of decisions on a daily basis. The Entrepreneurial Management major explores the people aspect of business and the range of skills employed by today's managers and entrepreneurs, including strategic planning, communication and conflict resolution, team building, creative problem solving, leadership, entrepreneurship, business plan development and implementation, managing small business growth, human resource management, law, and business ethics. Career opportunities for management are among the most diverse because virtually every type of business requires management skills and understanding.

Major Course Requirements (18 semester hours)

Specific course requirements
MANA 30203 Human Resource Management (Writing Emphasis)
MANA 40133 Introduction to Entrepreneurship (Writing Emphasis)
MANA 40223 International Management

In addition, the student must complete 9 semester hours from the following elective courses in Entrepreneurial Management:
MANA 40123 Managing the Emerging Venture
MANA 40143 New Venture Planning
MANA 40163 Ventures in Transition
MANA 40233 Skills for Effective Managers
MANA 40773 Leadership
MANA 40970 Special Problems in Management

Courses of Instruction