Today, diverse corporations in the telecommunications, financial, food service, and manufacturing industries all have at least one thing in common. These sellers want to exchange their goods, services, or ideas for something of value from buyers. Marketing begins at the moment that an organization perceives an unmet need, and progresses through product development, promotion, distribution and pricing. Marketing research suggests that one half the cost of most products and services can be attributed to marketing.

Major Course Requirements (18 semester hours)

Specific course requirements
15 semester hours

MARK 30233 Market Behavior and Analysis (Writing Emphasis)
MARK 30253 Selling and Sales Management
MARK 40113 Marketing Research
MARK 40123 Marketing Planning
MARK 40203 Marketing Strategy (Writing Emphasis)

In addition, the student must complete 3 semester hours of marketing electives from the following:
MARK 40213 International Marketing
MARK 40223 Services Marketing
MARK 40303 Principles of Retailing
MARK 40700 Marketing Study Abroad
MARK 40970 Special Problems in Marketing

Free Electives: 26 semester hours of elective courses to equal 124 total hours for the BBA; at least 6 hours must be upper division unless upper-division courses are taken in the University Curriculum; at least 12 hours must be in nonbusiness, non-economics courses.

Courses of Instruction