Biosphere2 Center

TCU students have the opportunity to "Study Abroad" at Columbia University's Biosphere2 Center in Arizona. Participation of TCU students in the innovative educational EARTH SEMESTER is limited, and by selection of TCU's Biosphere2 Faculty Committee.

The Earth Semester uses study of planet ecosystems to provide a common orientation for learning in several disciplines. Its goal is to teach skills that will help structure student interactions with the Earth and its inhabitants throughout their lives. These skills fall into the following areas: scientific method, data analysis, team work, field work, interdisciplinary communication, systems thinking/modeling and written and oral presentation. Earth Semester Labs include field work in the Sea of Cortez, the Grand Canyon, the Santa Catalina Mountains, and other destinations where students can learn directly from their surroundings.

Applications for participation may be obtained from Leo Newland, Director, Environmental Sciences Program, TCU, in the semester prior to beginning the 16 week Earth Semester Program in Arizona. Students successfully completing Earth Semester receive 16 semester hours - 7 hours advanced (30000 level) geology, 6 hours advanced (30000 level) biology, and 3 hours of UCR advanced (30000 level) social science credit in economics. Costs for TCU students are similar to those for a normal semester at TCU since participants are enrolled at TCU while studying at the Arizona Biosphere2 Center. Because TCU subsidizes its students' participation in the Earth Semester, students MUST apply through the TCU Biosphere2 Faculty Committee and not directly to Columbia University or Biosphere2.