In 1873, Addison and Randolph Clark established AddRan Male and Female College in Thorp Spring, Texas. That institution later moved to Fort Worth and became Texas Christian University. Though the University has grown and expanded into areas that the Clark brothers could not have conceived, the AddRan College of Humanities and Social Sciences perpetuates their vision of education and the centrality of the liberal arts that lay at its core.

Today, AddRan offers the M.A. degree in the disciplines of Economics, English, and History; the Ph.D. is available in English and History. Three departments (Philosophy, Religion, and Sociology and Criminal Justice) offer a limited number of courses at the graduate level in which graduate students from across the University can enroll. Additionally, faculty in various other AddRan departments also hold appointments to the Graduate Faculty, allowing them to work with graduate students in various capacities including serving on thesis or dissertation committees.

Texas Christian University