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Contact the offices below for a prompt response. In all cases, the post office address is Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX 76129.

Application for undergraduate admission, whether as an entering freshman or as a transfer from another school: Dean of Admissions, TCU Box 297013. Call (817) 257-7490, FAX (817) 257-7268.

Application for graduate admission: Dean of the school or college in which the program is offered or to Office of Graduate Studies and Research, TCU Box 297023. Call (817) 257-7515, FAX (817) 257-7484.

Scholarships, loans, work study, financial assistance for undergraduates: Director of Scholarships and Student Financial Aid, TCU Box 297012. Call (817) 257-7858, FAX (817) 257-7462.

Athletics scholarships: Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, TCU Box 297600. Call (817) 257-7965, FAX (817) 257-7656.

Residence halls: Director of Residential Services, TCU Box 297360. Call (817) 257-7865, FAX (817) 257-7862.

Payment of bills, other business matters: Financial Services, TCU Box 297011. Call (817) 257-7834, FAX (817) 257-7733.

Official transcript of academic record: Registrar, TCU Box 297004. Call (817) 257-7825, FAX (817) 257-6400.

Evening courses, non-credit courses: Office of Extended Education, TCU Box 297026. Call (817) 257-7130, FAX (817) 257-7134.

Clubs and organizations, social activities, intramurals: Student Affairs Office, TCU Box 297043. Call (817) 257-7820, FAX (817) 257-5799.

Other information: Office of Marketing and Communication, TCU Box 297070, which will direct the inquiry to the appropriate office. Call (817) 257-7808, FAX (817) 257-7272.

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Notice of nondiscriminatory policy as to students

Texas Christian University does not discriminate on the basis of personal status, individual characteristics or group affiliation, including but not limited to classes protected under federal and state law.

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