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AddRan College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Mary L. Volcansek, Dean
Michael R. Butler, Associate Dean
Don M. Coerver, Associate Dean
Ida N. Hernandez, Assistant to the Dean

Aerospace Studies Faculty

LT. COL. WANDA I. ECHEVARRIA, Assistant Professor. B.A. (University of Puerto Rico), 1982; M.Ed. (Boston University), 1986. Since 2002.

CAPT DAVID R. MONTALVO, Assistant Professor. B.S. (University of Texas at Austin), 1999. Since 2004.

LT. COL. BRADLEY S. KEANE, Professor and Chair of the Department. B.A. (University of California at Los Angeles), 1976; M.P.A. (Golden Gate University), 1987. Since 2003.

Design, Merchandising and Textiles

LARK F. CALDWELL, Associate Professor. B.S. (Baylor University), 1977; M.Ed. (Sam Houston State University), 1979; Ph.D. (Texas Woman's University), 1986. Since 1987.

JANACE E. CLARKE, Associate Professor. B.S (State University of New York at Oneonta), 1991; M.A. (Texas Woman's University), 1994; Ph.D. (Texas Woman's University), 1998. Since 2000.

SALLY L. FORTENBERRY, Associate Professor. B.S. (Carson-Newman College), 1980; M.S. (Texas Woman's University), 1981; Ph.D. (Texas Woman's University), 1985. Since 1989.

JANE KOLAR KUCKO, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department. B.S. (University of Nebraska), 1981; M.S. (Oklahoma State University), 1983; Ph.D. (Texas Woman's University), 2003. Since 1984.

FREDERICK DANIEL OBERKIRCHER III, Associate Professor. B.S. (Pennsylvania State University), 1968; M.S. (Pennsyvania State University), 1970, Since 1974.

LAURA PRESTWOOD, Assistant Professor. B.S. (Meredith College), 1990; M.F.A. (Winthrop University), 1999. Since 2002.

JOSEPH SELF, Assistant Professor. B.S. Architecture (University of Texas at Austin), 1987; M. Architecture (Rice University), 1989, Since 2000.

POLLY P. STARR, Instructor. B.S. (Texas Wesleyan College), 1967; M.S. (University of North Texas), 1987. Since 1987.


DOUGLAS G. BUTLER, Instructor. B.A. (Luoisiana State University), 1989. Since 2003.

MICHAEL R. BUTLER, Associate Professor and Associate Dean of AddRan College of Humanities and Social Sciences. B.A. (Emory University), 1980; M.A. (Georgia State University), 1982; Ph.D. (University of North Carolina), 1986. Since 1986.

DAWN C. ELLIOTT, Associate Professor. B.A. (University of the West Indies), 1988; M.A. (Florida Atlantic University), 1990; Ph.D. (New School for Social Research), 1994. Since 1995.

ROBERT F. GARNETT JR., Assistant Professor. B.A. (College of William and Mary), 1984; Ph.D. (University of Massachusetts), 1994. Since 1996.

JOHN T. HARVEY, Professor and Chair of the Department. B.A. (University of Tennessee), 1983; M.A. (University of Tennessee), 1986; Ph.D. (University of Tennessee), 1987. Since 1987.

KRISTIN KLOPFENSTEIN Assistant Professor. B.A. (George Washington University), 1994; M.A. (University of Colorado), 1998; Ph.D. (University of Colorado), 1999. Since 1999.

JOHN R. LOVETT, Instructor. B.A. (Southwest Missouri State University), 1988; M.A. (University of Colorado), 1993; Ph.D. (University of Colorado), 1996. Since 2000.

EDWARD M. McNERTNEY, Associate Professor. B.A. (Bloomsburg State College), 1969; M.A. (Bowling Green State University), 1970; Ph.D. (University of Massachusetts), 1977. Since 1977.

STEPHEN F. QUINN, Associate Professor. B.A. (Rockford College), 1988; M.S. (University of Illinois), 1994; Ph.D. (University of Illinois), 1994. Since 1995.


BONNIE BLACKWELL, Associate Professor. B.A. (University of Texas at Austin), 1990; M.A. (Cornell University), 1996; Ph.D. (Cornell University), 1998. Since 1998.

NEIL EASTERBROOK, Associate Professor. B.A. (Ithaca College), 1979; M.A.T. (Colgate University), 1981; M.A. (State University of New York at Buffalo), 1986; Ph.D. (State University of New York at Buffalo), 1988. Since 1990.

RICHARD L. ENOS, Professor and Lillian Radford Chair of Rhetoric and Composition. B.A. (California State University), 1969; M.A. (Indiana University), 1970; Ph.D. (Indiana University), 1973. Since 1995.

BOB J. FRYE, Emeritus Professor and Distinguished Lecturer . B.A. (Wayland Baptist University), 1961; M.A. (University of Tennessee), 1964; Ph.D. (University of Tennessee), 1966. Since 1966.

THERESA GAUL, Assistant Professor. B.A. (College of St. Catherine), 1990; M.A. (University of Wisconsin), 1992; Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin), 1998. Since 1999.

ANN L. GEORGE, Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies. B.A. (Michigan State University), 1979; M.F.A. (University of North Carolina at Greensboro), 1981; Ph.D. (Pennsylvania State University), 1997. Since 1997.

SHARON M. HARRIS, Lorraine Sherley Professor of Literature. B.A. (University of Portland), 1983; M.A. (University of Portland), 1985; Ph.D. (University of Washington), 1988. Since 2000.

JILL CAROLINE HAVENS, Instructor. B.A. (Mount Holyoke College), 1989; Ph.D. (Oxford University), 1996. Since 2003.

CHARLOTTE HOGG, Assistant Professor. B.A. (University of Nebraska), 1993; M.A. (Oregon State University). 1996; Ph.D. (University of Nebraska), 2001. Since 2001

LINDA K. HUGHES, Addie Levy Professor of Literature. B.A. (Wichita State University), 1970; M.A. (University of Missouri), 1971; Ph.D. (University of Missouri), 1976. Since 1988.

CARRIE SHIVELY LEVERENZ, Associate Professor and Director of Composition. B.A. (Mt. Vernon Nazarene University), 1981; M.A. (St. Bonaventure University), 1985; Ph.D. (Ohio State University), 1994. Since 2000.

BRAD LUCAS, Assistant Professor. B.A. (University of Illinois), 1992; M.A. (Southwest Texas State University), 1994; Ph.D (University of Nevada), 2002. Since 2003.

TIMOTHY L. PARRISH, Associate Professor. B.A. (Trinity University), 1986; M.A. (University of Chicago), 1988; Ph.D. (University of Washington), 1993. Since 2003.

RONALD PITCOCK, Assistant Professor. A.B. (Wabash College), 1991; M/A. (Indiana State University), 1993; Ph.D. (University of Kentucky), 2001 Since 2001.

STEPHEN D. POWELL, Associate Professor. B.A. (Oberlin College), 1989; M.A. (Indiana University), 1990; Ph.D. (University of Toronto), 1995. Since 1996.

CURT NELSON RODE, Instructor. B.A. (University of Illinois), 1988; M.A. (University of Tennessee), 1992; Ph.D. (University of Tennessee), 1998. Since 2003.

ELIZABETH SPILLER, Associate Professor. B.A. (Amherst College), 1987; M.A. (Harvard University), 1990; Ph.D. (Harvard University), 1995. Since 2000.

KAREN E. STEELE, Associate Professor. B.A. (St. Olaf College), 1988; M.A. (University of Texas at Austin), 1992; Ph.D. (University of Texas at Austin), 1996. Since 1996.

AUSTRALIA TARVER, Associate Professor. B.A. (Fisk University), 1964; M.A. (Ohio University), 1965; Ph.D. (University of Iowa), 1978. Since 1995.

DAVID VANDERWERKEN, Professor. B.A. (Colgate University), 1968; Ph.D. (Rice University), 1973. Since 1971.

DANIEL E. WILLIAMS, Professor and Chair of the Department. B.A. (University of Washington), 1973; M.A. (University of Denver), 1976; Ph.D. (University of Denver), 1980. Since 2003.


D. CLAYTON BROWN, Professor. B.A. (North Texas State University), 1964; M.A. (North Texas State University), 1965; Ph.D. (University of California at Los Angeles), 1970. Since 1971.

JODI M. CAMPBELL, Assistant Professor. B.A. (University of Nebraska), 1990; M.A. (Tulane University), 1992; Ph.D. (University of Minnesota), 1999. Since 2002.

GREGG CANTRELL, Professor and Erma and Ralph Lowe Chair in Texas Studies. B.A. (Texas A & M University), 1979; M.A. (Texas A & M University), 1980; Ph.D. (Texas A & M University), 1988. Since 2003.

JAMES T. CHAMBERS, Associate Professor. B.A. (Memphis State University), 1965; M.A. (University of Illinois), 1967; Ph.D. (University of Illinois), 1973. Since 1971.

DON M. COERVER, Professor and Associate Dean of AddRan College of Humanities and Social Sciences. B.A. (Southern Methodist University), 1964; M.A. (Southern Methodist University), 1970; Ph.D. (Tulane University), 1973. Since 1973.

JUAN M. FLOYD-THOMAS, Assistant Professor. B.A. (Rutgers University), 1993; M.A. (Temple University), 1996; Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania), 2000. Since 2002.

MARK T. GILDERHUS, Professor and Lyndon Baines Johnson Chair of History. B.A. (Gustavus Adolphus College), 1963; M.A. (University of Nebraska), 1965; Ph.D. (University of Nebraska), 1968. Since 1997.

TODD M. KERSTETTER, Assistant Professor. B.A. (Duke University), 1986; M.A. (University of Nebraska), 1992; Ph.D. (University of Nebraska), 1997. Since 2000.

KATHRYNE McDORMAN, Associate Professor. B.A. (University of Kentucky), 1967; M.A. (University of North Carolina), 1969; Ph.D. (Vanderbilt University), 1976. Since 1977.

SUSAN RAMIREZ, Professor and Neville G. Penrose Chair of Latin American Studies. B.A. (University of Illinois), 1968; M.A. (University of Wisconsin), 1973; Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin), 1977. Since 2003.

JEFFREY ROET, Instructor. B.A. (State University of New York at Buffalo), 1973; M.A. (Northwestern University), 1977; Ph.D. (Northwestern University), 1982.

CLAIRE A. SANDERS, Instructor. B.A. (Mount Holyoke College), 1983; J.D. (University of North Carolina), 1986; M.A. (University of North Carolina), 1991; Ph.D. (University of North Carolina), 1996. Since 1998.

GENE A. SMITH, Professor and Director of the Center for Texas Studies. B.A. (Auburn University), 1984; M.A. (Auburn University), 1987; Ph.D. (Auburn University), 1991. Since 1994.

SARA SOHMER, Instructor. B.A. (University of Tennessee), 1966; M.A. (University of Wisconsin), 1967; Ph.D. (University of Hawaii), 1988. Since 1995.

KENNETH STEVENS, Professor and Chair of the Department. B.A. (Indiana University), 1968; M.A. (Indiana University), 1974; Ph.D. (Indiana University), 1982. Since 1983.

PETER A. SZOK, Assistant Professor. B.S. (Georgetown University), 1990; M.A. (Tulane University), 1994; Ph.D. (Tulane University), 1998. Since 2002.

BENJAMIN TILLMAN, Assistant Professor. B.S. (Brigham Young University), 1993; M.S. (Brigham Young University), 1994; Ph.D. (Louisiana State University), 1999.

STEVEN E. WOODWORTH, Associate Professor. B.A. (Southern Illinois University), 1982; Ph.D. (Rice University), 1987. Since 1997.

PETER M. WORTHING, Assistant Professor. B.A. (Trinity College), 1987; M.A. (University of Hawaii at Manoa), 1991; Ph.D. (University of Hawaii at Manoa), 1995. Since 2002.

Military Science

MSG. RODNEY BYUS, Senior Military Instructor. Since 2002.

LTC. MARK E. CONDRY, Professor and Chair of the Department. B.S. (United States Military Academy), 1982; M.A. (University of Florida), 1991. Since 2003.

LTC.(Ret) DANNY L. GREENE, Assistant Professor. B.A. (Mercer University), 1975; M.S.Ed. (University of Southern California), 1983. Since 2003.

MAJ. KRISTIN D. KREMER, Assistant Professor. B.A. (Loyola University of Chicago), 1991; M.B.A. (Baker University), 2001. Since 2003.

Modern Languages and Literatures

JEANINE S. ALESCH, Assistant Professor. A.B. (Bryn Mawr College), 1986; M.A. (University of Pennsylvania), 1992; Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania), 1996. Since 2001.

SHARON L. FAIRCHILD, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department. B.A. (Wayne State University), 1969; M.A. (Wayne State University), 1975; Ph.D. (Wayne State University), 1980. Since 1978.

PHILIP G. HADLOCK, Assistant Professor. B.A. (University of Michigan), 1991; M.A. (University of Pennsylvania), 1993; Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania), 1997. Since 1998.

YUMIKO KEITGES, Instructor. B.A. (University of Texas at Austin), 1985; M.A. (University of Texas at Austin), 1989. Since 1991.

JEAN KNECHT, Assistant Professor. Diplome, Humanites Greco-Latines (Athenee Royal de Huy, Belgium), 1954; Regent en Philologie Germanique (Ecole Normale Superieure, Liege, Belgium), 1957. Since 1961.

MONICA MARCHI, Lecturer. B.A. (Univerita' degli Studi di Bologna), 1988; M.A. (Texas Christian University), 1991. Since 2004.

WILLIAM E. POHL, Assistant Professor. B.A. (College of Idaho), 1962; M.A. (University of Michigan), 1965. Since 1967.

JEFFREY D. TODD, Associate Professor. B.A. (Ashbury College), 1983; M.A. (University of Cincinnati), 1987; Ph.D. (University of Cincinnati), 1997. Since 1997.

FELIX W. TWERASER, Associate Professor. B.A. (Grinnell College), 1983; M.A. (Indiana University), 1987; Ph.D. (Indiana University), 1995. Since 2004.


GREGG E. FRANZWA, Professor. B.S.C. (Santa Clara University), 1967; M.B.A. (University of California at Berkeley), 1969; M.A. (San Francisco State University), 1972; Ph.D. (University of Rochester), 1975. Since 1976.

RICHARD F. GALVIN, Professor. B.A. (Macalester College), 1974; M.A. (University of California at Santa Barbara), 1980; Ph.D. (University of California at Santa Barbara), 1983. Since 1982.

BLAKE E. HESTIR, Assistant Professor. B.A. (TCU), 1988; M.A. (Florida State University), 1996; Ph.D., (Florida State University), 1998. Since 1998.

SPENCER K. WERTZ, Professor and Chair of the Department. B.A. (Texas Christian University), 1965; M.A. (Texas Christian University), 1966, Ph.D. (University of Oklahoma), 1970. Since 1969.

Political Science

RALPH G. CARTER, Professor. B.A. (Midwestern State University), 1974; M.A. (Ohio State University), 1977; Ph.D. (Ohio State University), 1980. Since 1982.

CARRIE LIU CURRIER, Lecturer. B.A. (University of Michigan), 1996; M.A. (University of Arizona), 1998. Since 2004.

J. MICHAEL DODSON, Professor. B.A. (University of South Dakota), 1967; M.A. (University of New Mexico), 1969; Ph.D. (Indiana University), 1974. Since 1973.

MANOCHEHR DORRAJ, Professor. B.A. (University of Texas at Austin), 1975; M.A. (University of Texas at Austin), 1979; Ph.D. (University of Texas at Austin), 1984. Since 1990.

JOANNE CONNOR GREEN, Associate Professor. B.S. (State University of New York at Buffalo), 1990); M.A. (University of Florida), 1992; Ph.D. (University of Florida), 1994. Since 1994.

DONALD W. JACKSON, Professor and Herman Brown Chair of Political Science. B.A. (Southern Methodist University), 1959; J.D. (Southern Methodist University), 1962; M.A. (University of Wisconsin), 1969; Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin), 1972. Since 1975.

CHARLES LOCKHART, Professor. B.A. (Kansas State University), 1967; M.A. (State University of New York at Buffalo), 1969; Ph.D. (State University of New York at Buffalo), 1971. Since 1974.

VALERIE MARTINEZ-EBERS, Associate Professor. B.S. (North Texas State University), 1980; M.P.A. (North Texas State University), 1983; Ph.D. (Ohio State University), 1990. Since 1997.

JAMES W. RIDDLESPERGER, JR., Professor and Chair of the Department. B.A. (North Texas State University), 1975; M.A. (North Texas State University), 1980; Ph.D. (University of Missouri), 1982. Since 1982.

ADAM SCHIFFER, Assistant Professor. B.A. (Chapman University), 1996; M.A. (Arizona State University), 1998; Ph.D. (University of North Carolina), 2003. Since 2003.

MARY L. VOLCANSEK, Professor and Dean of AddRan College of Humanities and Social Sciences. B.A. (Abilene Christian College), 1969; M.A. (Texas Tech University), 1971; Ph.D. (Texas Tech University), 1973. Since 2000.

JAMES C. WRIGHT, JR., Distinguished Lecturer. Member of United States House of Representatives, 1954-1989 (Majority Leader, 1976-1987; Speaker 1987-1989). Since 1992.


D. JAMES ATWOOD, Instructor and Assistant to the Dean of Admissions. B.A. (TCU), 1970; M.A. (Vanderbilt University), 1975; Ph.D. (Vanderbilt University), 1978. Since 1983.

CLAUDIA V. CAMP, Professor. B.A. (Duke University), 1972; M. Div. (Harvard University), 1977; Ph.D. (Duke University), 1982. Since 1980.

JONATHAN H. EBEL, Lecturer. A.B. (Harvard University), 1993; M.A. (University of Chicago Divinity School), 1999. Since 2004.

ANDREW O. FORT, Professor. B.A. (Amherst College), 1974; Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania), 1982. Since 1982.

C. DAVID GRANT, Associate Professor. B.A. (Austin College), 1972; M.Th. (Southern Methodist University), 1976; M.A. (Harvard University), 1980; Ph.D. (Harvard University), 1981. Since 1981.

DAVID M. GUNN, Professor and A. A. Bradford Chair of Religion. B.A. (Melbourne, Australia), 1964; M.A. (Melbourne, Australia), 1966; B.D. (Otago, New Zealand), 1967; Ph.D. (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England), 1975. Since 1993.

JACK A. HILL, Associate Professor. B.A. (Occidental College), 1971; M.T.S. (Harvard University), 1974; M.A. (Vanderbilt University), 1985; Ph.D. (Vanderbilt University), 1988. Since 2000.

NADIA M. LAHUTSKY, Associate Professor. B.A. (Hiram College), 1973; M.A. (Vanderbilt University), 1979; Ph.D. (Vanderbilt University), 1984. Since 1981.

DARREN J. N. MIDDLETON, Associate Professor. B.A. (Manchester, England), 1989; M.Phil. (Oxford, England), 1991; Ph.D. (Glasgow, Scotland), 1996. Since 1998.

JOHNNY E. MILES, Lecturer. B.A. (Oklahoma Christian College), 1989; M.S., M.Div. (Abilene Christian University), 1994; Ph.D. (Baylor University), 2001. Since 2004.

W. DAVID NELSON, Rosalyn and Manny Rosenthal Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies. B.A. (University of Virginia), 1989; M.A. (Hebrew Union College), 1992; Ph.D. (Hebrew Union College), 1999. Since 2001.

S. BRENT PLATE, Assistant Professor. B.A. (Seattle Pacific University), 1990; M.A.T.S. (Columbia Theological Seminary), 1993; M.Th. (Glasgow, Scotland), 1995; Ph.D. (Emory University), 1999. Since 2001.

JAN JAYNES QUESADA, Instructor. B.A. (University of North Carolina), 1984; M.A. (Baylor University), 1990; Ph.D. (Baylor University), 1996. Since 1999.

DARYL D. SCHMIDT, John F. Weatherly Professor of New Testament and Chair of the Department. B.A. (Bethel College), 1966; M. Div. (Mennonite Biblical Seminary), 1970; Ph.D. (Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley), 1979. Since 1979.

YUSHAU SODIQ, Associate Professor. B.A. (Islamic U., Medina, Saudi Arabia), 1976; M.A. (Islamic U., Medina, Saudi Arabia), 1980; M.A. (Temple University), 1988; Ph.D. (Temple University), 1991. Since 1992.

JULIUS TSAI, Assistant Professor. B.A. (Swarthmore College), 1991; M.Div. (Harvard Divinity School), 1996; Ph.D. (Stanford University), 2003. Since 2003.

Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Anthropology

LARRY D. ADAMS, Associate Professor. B.A. (Baylor University), 1962; M.A. (TCU), 1966; Ph.D. (Florida State University), 1969. Since 1969.

CARY ADKINSON, Lecturer. B.A. (Southern Methodist University), 1988; M.A. (University of Texas at Arlington), 1996. Since 2004.

RONALD G. BURNS, Associate Professor and Director of the Criminal Justice Program. B.S. (University of South Carolina), 1990; M.C.J. (University of South Carolina), 1993; Ph.D. (Florida State University), 1997. Since 1997.

BAYLISS J. CAMP, Assistant Professor. A.B. (Stanford University), 1995; M.A. (Harvard University), 1999; Ph.D. (Harvard University), 2003. Since 2003.

JEFF FERRELL, Associate Professor. B.S.(Southern Methodist University), 1975; M.A. (University of Texas at Austin), 1977; Ph.D. (University of Texas at Austin); 1982. Since 2003.

JEAN GILES-SIMS, Professor. B.A. (University of New Hampshire), 1973; M.A (University of New Hampshire), 1976; Ph.D. (University of New Hampshire), 1979. Since 1979.

THOMAS H. GUDERJAN, Assistant Professor. B.A. (Southern Illinois University), 1976; M.A., (Southern Methodist University), 1983; Ph.D. (Southern Methodist University) 1988. Since 2000.

MICHAEL A. KATOVICH, Professor. B.A. (University of Illinois), 1974; M.A. (University of Iowa), 1978; Ph.D. (University of Iowa), 1983. Since 1983.

PATRICK T. KINKADE, Associate Professor. B.A. (University of California at Berkeley), 1981; M.A. (California State University at Los Angeles), 1983; Ph.D. (University of California at Irvine), 1990. Since 1990.

R. BENJAMIN PENGLASE, Assistant Professor. B.A. (Stanford), 1989; Ph.D. (Harvard University), 2002. Since 2004.

ANGELA L. THOMPSON, Instructor. B.A. (Wellesley College), 1988; M.A. (Brandeis University), 1993; Ph.D. (Brandeis University), 1998. Since 1998.

CAROL THOMPSON, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department. B.A. (Louisiana State University), 1983; M.A. (Louisiana State University), 1985; Ph.D. (Louisiana State University), 1988. Since 1992.

LISA K. VANDERLINDEN, Assistant Professor. B.A. (Concordia University), 1992; M.Phil. (Rutgers University), 1998. Since 2002.

KEITH WHITWORTH, Instructor. B.A. (Oauchita Baptist University), 1983; M.A. (Southwest Baptist University), 1993. Since 2000.

MORRISON G. WONG, Professor. B.A. (California State University at San Jose), 1972; M.A. (University of California at Riverside), 1975; Ph.D. (University of California at Riverside), 1977. Since 1981.

Spanish and Latin American Studies

DAVID BEDFORD, Instructor. B.A. (Texas Tech University), 1970; M.A. (Texas Tech University), 1973; M.A. (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary), 1994; Ph.D. (University of Texas at Austin), 1976. Since 1996.

TERESA BLACKWELL, Lecturer. B.S.Ed. (University of Arkansas), 1972; M.Ed., (University of Texas at Arlington), 1978. Since 2003.

LEE A. DANIEL, Professor. B.A. (Tarleton State University), 1968; M.A. (North Texas State University), 1972; Ph.D. (Texas Tech University), 1979. Since 1985.

ARTURO C. FLORES, Professor. B.A. (Universidad Austral de Chile), 1972; M.A. (Arizona State University), 1977; Ph.D. (University of Arizona), 1985. Since 1986.

BONNIE FREDERICK, Professor and Chair of the Department. B.A. (North Texas State University), 1974; M.A. (North Texas State University), 1979; Ph.D. (University of Arizona), 1983. Since 2001.

DONALD H. FRISCHMANN, Associate Professor. B.A. (University of Missouri), 1975; M.A. (Ohio State University), 1978; Ph.D. (University of Arizona), 1985. Since 1985.

DIANNE R. HOBBS, Instructor. B.A. (University of Texas at Arlington), 1981; M.A. (University of Texas at Arlington), 1985; Ph.D. (University of Texas at Austin), 1990. Since 2001.

PERRY A. MARCHBANKS, Instructor. B.A. (TCU), 1994; M.A. (University of Texas at Arlington), 1997. Since 2000.

KAREN R. MARTIN, Instructor. B.A. (TCU), 1991; M.A. (University of Texas at Arlington), 1997. Since 2000.

MARY R. N. McKINNEY, Instructor. B.A. (TCU), 1975; M.A. (Stephen F. Austin State University), 1976; Ph.D. (University of Texas at Arlington), 1984. Since 2000.

KARLA O'DONALD, Lecturer. B.A. (University of Texas at Arlington), 1997; M.A. (University of Texas at Arlington), 2002. Since 2004.

EDNA RODRIGUEZ-MANGUAL, Assistant Professor. B.A. (Universidad de Puerto Rico), 1987; M.A. (Purdue University), 1994; Ph.D. (Emory University), 2000. Since 2001.

STEVEN SLOAN, Assistant Professor. B.A. (University of Nevada at Reno), 1993; Ph.D. (Tulane University), 2003. Since 2003.

PEGGY W. WATSON, Associate Professor and Director of the Honors Program. B.A. (Tulane University), 1969; M.A, (Tulane University), 1976; Ph.D. (Tulane University), 1989. Since 1989.

M. J. Neeley School of Business

T.B.A. - Dean
William C. Moncrief, III, Senior Associate Dean
Charles R. Greer, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs
Mark Muller, Assistant Dean, Finance & Marketing
David Minor, Director, James A. Ryffel Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
T.B.A. - Director, External Programs, James A. Ryffel Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
Gay Wakefield, Director, Center for Professional Communication
T.B.A. - Assistant Director, Center for Professional Communication
Lynn Cole, Director, Neeley Student Resource Center
Deb Baker, Executive Director, Charles Tandy American Enterprise Center
Joseph B. Lipscomb, Director, Luther King Capital Management Center
Nancy Nix, Director, Supply & Value Chain Center
Charles Miller, Director, Technology Services

ARNOLD I. BARKMAN, Associate Professor of Accounting A.B. (Columbia College), 1963; M.B.A. (Cornell), 1965; Ph.D. (Houston), 1974; C.M.A., 1977. Since 1974.

JULIE BAKER, Associate Professor of Marketing B.A. (Iowa State University), 1973; M.A. (University of Nebraska), 1984; Ph.D., (Texas A&M), 1990.

CHRISTOPHER B. BARRY, Professor of Finance, Holder of the Robert and Maria Lowdon Chair of Business Administration. B.S.I.M. (Georgia Tech), 1970; D.B.A. (Indiana), 1973. Since 1988.

REBECCA A. BEASLEY, Instructor of Marketing. B.A. (TCU), 1965; M.S.W. (UT- Arlington), 1977; M.B.A. (Ibid.), 1981; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1992. Since 1995.

STANLEY B. BLOCK, Professor of Finance. B.B.A. (UT-Austin), 1961; M.B.A. (Cornell), 1964; Ph.D. (Louisiana State), 1967. Since 1967.

ROBERT W. BOATLER, Associate Professor of Finance. B.A. (UT -Austin), 1966; Ph.D. (Cornell), 1973. Since 1977.

TYSON R. BROWNING, Assistant Professor of Enterprise Operations. B.S. (Abilene Christian), 1993; S.M. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), 1996; Ph.D. (Ibid.) 1999. Since 2003.

GARRY BRUTON, Associate Professor of Management. B.A. (Oklahoma), 1978; M.B.A. (George Washington), 1982; Ph.D. (Oklahoma State), 1989. Since 1998.

SANDRA R. CALLAGHAN, Associate Professor of Accounting. B.S. (TCU), 1988; M.P.A. (UT-Austin), 1990; Ph.D. (Michigan State), 1998. Since 1998.

DANIEL QI CHEN, Assistant Professor of Information Systems. B.E. (Shanghai Maritime University), 1994; MBA (Washington Unviersity), 1999. Since 2004.

JANICE B. COBB, Instructor of Accounting. B.B.A. (TCU), 1984; M.B.A. (TCU), 1986. Since 1997.

DAVID W. CRAVENS, Professor of Marketing, Holder of the Eunice and James L. West Chair of American Enterprise. B.S. (M.I.T.), 1953; M.B.A. (Indiana), 1957; D.B.A. (Ibid.), 1967. Since 1981.

WILLIAM L. CRON, Professor of Marketing. B.S.B.A. (Xavier University), 1971; M.B.A. (Indiana University), 1972; D.B.A. (Indiana University), 1981. Since 2002.

TERRY E. DIELMAN, Professor of Decision Sciences. B.A. (Emporia State), 1973; M.S. (Cincinnati), 1975; Ph.D. (Michigan), 1979. Since 1978.

HENRY T. (TED) DOLL, Instructor of E-Business. B.S. (Wyoming), 1963; B.S. (Ibid.), 1964. Since 1998.

HARRY EKHOLM, Instructor of Decision Sciences. B.S. (Auburn); M.B.A. (University of Dallas); Ph.D. (Univeristy of North Texas). Since 2000.

DAVID W. FINN, Associate Professor of Marketing. B.B.A. (Massachusetts), 1973; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1977. Since 1980.

CHARLES R. GREER, Professor of Management and Associate Dean of Graduate Programs/Research. B.A. (Emporia State), 1967; M.S. (Wichita State), 1971; M.B.A.(Kansas), 1973; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1975. Since 1988.

IN-MU HAW, Professor of Accounting. B.A. (Cheong-Ju Univ), 1974; M.B.A. (Alabama), 1979; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1983. Since 1990.

BEATA JONES, Lecturer of Information Sytems/E-Business. B.B.A. (Baruch College) 1988; M.S. (Ibid.), 1988; Ph.D. (City University-New York), 1993. Since 1995.

JACK W. JONES, Professor of Management. B.S.E.E. (Florida), 1962; M.S.E.E. (SMU), 1967; M.M.S. (TCU), 1972; Ph.D. (North Texas), 1977; P.E., 1971. Since 1973.

VAN JONES, Instructor of Finance. B.S. (TCU), 1961; M.B.A. (TCU), 1963; D.Min. (Tyndale Bibilical Seminary), 1989; Ph.D. (Tyndale Biblical Seminary), 1996; Ph.D. (Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary), 1996. Since 2001.

CLAYTON KOHL, Lecturer in Finance. B.S. (Baylor) 1997; M.S. (City University-London), 1998; Ph.D. (City University-London), 2002. Since 2002.

CHARLES W. LAMB, JR., M. J. Neeley Professor of Marketing and Chair, Department of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management. B.S. (Miami), 1966; M.B.A. (Wright State), 1970; D.B.A. (Kent State), 1974. Since 1981.

DANNY LANIER, JR., Assistant Professor of Accounting. B.S. (Tuskegee University), 1994; Ph.D. (University of Georgia), 2003. Since 2003.

TED W. LEGATSKI, Associate Professor of Professional Practice in Management. B.B.A. (Sam Houston State), 1989; M.B.A. (Ibid.) 1991; Ph.D. (Texas A&M), 1997, Since 2002.

RANDY LEWIS, Instructor of Management. A.A. (TCJC), 1983; B.B.A. (Dallas Baptist), 1995; M.B.A. (TCU), 1998. Since 1999.

STEVE C. LIM, Associate Professor of Accounting. B.A. (Korea Univ), 1976; M.S. (Ibid.), 1980; Ph.D. (Wharton School), 1989. Since 1999.

JOSEPH B. LIPSCOMB, Professor of Finance and Real Estate, and Director Luther King Capital Management Center for Financial Studies. B.S. (Texas A&M), 1968; M.B.A. (Houston), 1972; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1978. Since 1977.

LARRY J. LOCKWOOD, Professor of Finance, Holder of the C.R. Williams Professor of Financial Services. B.S. (David Lipscomb Univ), 1975; M.A. (Western Kentucky), 1979; M.S. (Purdue), 1980; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1982. Since 1994.

GEORGE S. LOW, Associate Professor of Marketing. B.A. (Brigham Young), 1982; M.B.A. (Western Ontario), 1988; Ph.D. (Colorado), 1994. Since 1996.

REBECCA A. LUCE, Assistant Professor of Management. B.A. (Kent State), 1972; M.A. (Ibid.), 1973; J.D. (Univ of Akron), 1982; Ph.D. (Michigan State), 2002. Since 2000.

JANE M. MACKAY, Associate Professor of Management Information Systems/E-Business, and Director of the E-Business Program. B.S. (Massachusetts), 1968; M.L.S. (Texas Woman's Univ), 1974; Ph.D. (UT-Austin), 1987. Since 1986.

STEVEN C. MANN, Associate Professor of Finance. B.S. (Univ of Utah), 1983; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1994. Since 1994.

VASSIL MIHOV, Assistant Professor of Finance. B.A. (Graceland College), 1995; Ph.D. (Purdue), 2000. Since 2000.

WILLIAM C. MONCRIEF III, Professor of Marketing, Senior Associate Dean, and Holder of Charles F. and Alann P. Bedford Professor of International Business. B.S. (Mississippi), 1975; M.B.A. (Ibid.), 1978; Ph.D. (Louisiana State), 1983. Since 1982.

DONALD R. NICHOLS, Professor of Accounting. B.B.A. (North Texas State), 1963; M.B.A. (Ibid.), 1965; Ph.D. (Oklahoma), 1970. Since 1984.

GARY L. NICKELSON, Instructor of Management. B.A. (Texas Tech), 1969; J.D. (UT-Austin), 1972. Since 1976.

NANCY W. NIX, Director, Supply and Value Chain Center, and Assistant Professor of Professional Practice. B.S. (Salisbury State), 1980; M.B.A. (Temple) 1994; Ph.D. (Tennessee) 2001. Since 2001.

PATRICK NUSS. Lecturer of Information Systems/ E-Business, B.S. (De)Paul); M.B.A. (Northwestern); Since 2000.

LAWRENCE H. PETERS, Professor of Management. A.B. (Washington), 1968; M.S. (Southern Illinois), 1969; Ph.D. (Purdue), 1975. Since 1985.

DAVID S. PRESTON, Assistant Professor of Information Systems. B.S. (University of Florida), 1991; M.E. (University of Florida), 1993; M.B.A. (University of Georgia), 2000. Since 2004.

RANGA V. RAMASESH, Professor of Decision Sciences. B.E. (Univ of Mysore), 1968; M.E. (Indian Institute of Science), 1970; M.B.A. (Rochester), 1982; Ph.D. (Pennsylvania State), 1988. Since 1988.

OREL (TED) A. RHODES, Lecturer of Accounting. B.S. (Hardin-Simmons), 1957; MRE-BCM (Southwestern Baptist Theological), 1962; MCM (Southwestern Baptist Theological), 1971; M.B.A. (TCU), 1979. Since 1998.

ROBERT T. RHODES, Assistant Professor of Professional Practice. J.D. (Baylor), 1980; L.L.M. (Tulane), 1992. Since 1984.

MAURICIO RODRIGUEZ, Associate Professor of Finance and Chair Department of Finance. B.B.A. (George Washington Univ), 1988; M.B.A. (The American Univ), 1989; Ph.D. (Connecticut), 1994. Since 1994.

RICHARD A. SCHNEIBLE, JR., Assistant Professor of Accounting. B.S. (St. Bonaventure University), 1998; Ph.D. (Syracuse University), 2003. Since 2003.

NEAL SHAW, Assistant Professor of Information Systems. B.S. (Texas Tech); Ph.D. Texas Tech) 1999. Since 2002.

SHANNON SHIPP, Associate Professor of Marketing and Chair, Department of Marketing. B.S. (Tulsa), 1977; M.B.A. (Rensselaer), 1978; Ph.D. (Minnesota), 1990. Since 1988.

IRA SILVER, Associate Professor of Professional Practice in Managerial Economics. B.S. (The City College of New York); Ph.D. (The City College of New York). Since 2003.

MEENU SINGH, Assistant Professor of E-Business. B.E. (Rangoon Institute of Technology), 1970; M.S. (Western Illinois Univ), 1984; M.S. (Ibid.), 1989; Ph.D. (Univ of Kentucky), 2000. Since 2000.

MARY STANFORD, Associate Professor of Accounting. B.B.A. (UT-Arlington),1981; M.P.A. (UT-Arlington), 1984; Ph.D. (University of Michigan), 1994. Since 2002.

GREGORY K. STEPHENS, Associate Professor of Management and Chair, Department of Management. B.S. (Brigham Young), 1982; M.B.A. (Ibid.), 1984; Ph.D. (California-Irvine), 1992. Since 1990.

JOHN M. THOMPSON, III., Instructor of Management and Marketing. B.S. in Commerce (TCU), 1963; M.B.A. (Ibid.), 1969. Since 1983.

DOUGLAS VAN EATON, Lecturer in Department of Finance. B.A., Economics, (University of Washington), 1982; M.A. (Ibid.), 1982; Ph.D. and B.A., Finance, (Ibid.), 1993. Since 2001.

ROBERT L. VIGELAND, Professor of Accounting and Chair, Department of Accounting. B.S. (Lehigh), 1971; M.Ph. (Columbia), 1976; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1977. Since 1989.

STEPHANIE L. WADE, Lecturer in Business Law., B.B.A. (Boise State University), 1986; Juris Doctorate Degree (South Texas College of Law), 1993. Since 2002.

ANDREW C. WAISBURD, Assistant Professor of Finance. B.S. (Cornell), 1993; M.S. (Indiana Univ), 1998; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 2000. Since 2000.

WILLIAM F. WEMPE, Assistant Professor of Accounting. BS (McPherson College), 1986; MBA (Wichita State University ), 1989; Ph.D. (Texas A&M University), 1998. Since 2001.

CHARLES R. WILLIAMS, Associate Professor of Management. B.S.(Valparaiso), 1981; M.B.A. (Michigan State), 1986; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1990. Since 1991.

STUART A. YOUNGBLOOD, Professor of Management. B.S. (Purdue), 1972; M.S. (Ibid.), 1973; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1978. Since 1992.

ZACH G. ZACHARIA, Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management. B.S. (Calgary), 1985; M.B.A. (Alberta), 1993; Ph.D. (Tennessee), 2001. Since 2001.

College of Communication

William T. Slater, Dean
David E. Whillock, Associate Dean
Dorenda Kesler, Assistant to the Dean


ROBERT BOHLER. Director of Student Publications. B.A. (Valdosta State), 1979; M.A. (Ibid.), 1990. Since 2000.

BEVERLY HORVIT. Assistant Professor. B.A. (SMU), 1989; M.J. (Univ of Missouri-Columbia), 1996; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1999. Since 2003.

SUZANNE HUFFMAN, Associate Professor. B.A. (TCU), 1973; M.A. (Iowa), 1978; Ph.D. (Missouri), 1992. Since 1999.

STEVE LEVERING, Instructor. B.S. (Samford University), 1990. Since 2002.

JOHN MILLER. Instructor in Journalism. B.A. (Texas Christian University), 1969. Since 2003.

DOUGLAS ANN NEWSOM, Professor. B.J. (Texas-Austin), 1954; B.F.A. (Ibid.), 1955; M.J. (Ibid.), 1956; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1978. Since 1969.

JULIE O'NEIL, Assistant Professor. B.B.A. (UT - Austin), 1992; B.J. (Ibid.), 1992; M.A. (St. Mary's University), 1997; Ph.D. (University of Utah), 2001. Since 2001.

WILLIAM T. SLATER, Professor and Dean of the College. B.A. (Tufts University), 1972; M.A. (Stanford), 1973; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1977. Since 2002.

MAGGIE B. THOMAS, Associate Professor. B.A. (Baylor), 1966; M.S. (Texas A&M), 1985; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1988. Since 1991.

TOMMY G. THOMASON, Associate Professor and Chairman of the Department. B.A. (Ouachita Baptist University), 1970; M.A. (Texas A&M-Commerce), 1972; Ed.D. (Ibid.), 1984. Since 1984.

JOHN R. TISDALE, Assistant Professor. B.S. (Lamar University), 1983; M.A. (Ibid.), 1988; Ph.D. (University of North Texas), 1996. Since 2002.

JANICE WOOD, Assistant Professor . B.A. (Carson-Newman College), 1977; M.A. (University of South Carolina, Columbia), 1981. Since 2004.

MIKE WOOD, Instructor in Journalism. B.S. (Texas Wesleyan University), 1964; M.S. (TCU), 2002. Since 2002.


RICHARD J. ALLEN, Professor and Chair of the Department. B.F.A. (New York U.), 1981; M.F.A. (Indiana), 1984. Since 1993.

RONALD ANDREW HASKETT, Station Manager and University Instructional Staff. B.S. (East Texas State), 1979; M.S. (TCU), 1982. Since 1985.

JONATHAN KRASZEWSKI, Assistant Professor . B.A. (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) 1996; M.A. (Georgetown University), 1998. Since 2004.

CHARLES J. LaMENDOLA, Instructor in Radio-TV-Film and Studio/Video Production Supervisor. B.S. (Arkansas State), 1981; M.S. (Ibid.), 1988. Since 1994.

GREG MANSUR, Instructor. B.A. (Rhode Island College), 1991; M.A. (TCU) 2004. Since 2001.

JOAN M. MCGETTIGAN, Associate Professor. B.A. (Temple U.), 1981; M.A. (Penn State), 1985; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1994. Since 1997.

JOEL TIMMER, Assistant Professor. B.S. (Miami U.), 1988; J.D. (U of California-Los Angeles), 1993; Ph.D. (Indiana U), 2002. Since 2002.

DAVID E. WHILLOCK, Professor and Associate Dean of the College. B.A. (Hendrix College), 1976; M.A. (Arkansas), 1979; Ph.D. (Missouri), 1986. Since 1991.

Communication Studies

RALPH R. BEHNKE, Professor. B.A. (Missouri-Kansas City), 1959; M.S. (Wisconsin), 1963; Ph.D. (Kansas), 1966. Since 1974.

RYAN G. BURNS, Instructor. B.S. (TCU), 1995; M.A. (Texas Tech University), 1997; Ph. D. (U. of Oklahoma), 2002. Since 2002.

PAUL E. KING, Professor. B.S. (Hardin-Simmons), 1978; M.S. (TCU), 1980; Ph.D. (North Texas), 1985. Since 1980.

ANNE E. LUCCHETTI, Assistant Professor. B.A. (Albion College), 1989; M.S. (Purdue University), 1991; Ph.D. (University of Texas at Austin),1998. Since 1999.

WILLIAM G. POWERS, Professor. B.S. (Illinois State), 1970; M.S., (Ibid.), 1971; Ph.D. (Oklahoma), 1973. Since 1996.

CHRIS R. SAWYER, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department. B.A. (Houston Baptist University), 1976; M.S. (TCU), 1980; Ph.D. (University of North Texas) 1992. Since 1999.

MELISSA J. YOUNG, Associate Professor. B.A. (SUNY), 1991; M.A. (Ibid.), 1993; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1996. Since 1995.

School of Education

Samuel M. Deitz, Dean
Mary Lane, Assistant to the Dean
Henry J. Patterson, Associate Dean
Sherrie Reynolds, Director of Graduate Studies
J. Steven Hodnett, Director of Special Programs
Diana Woolsey, Director of Teacher Certification
Marilyn Tolbert, Director of KinderFrogs School
C. Dale Young II, Director of Field Experiences and Career Services

SUSAN E. ANDERSON, Associate Professor. B.S.Ed. (Virginia), 1983;
M.Ed. (Ibid.), 1986; Ed.D. (Ibid.), 1992. Since 1992.

CATHY C. BLOCK, Professor. B.S. (Lamar), 1970; M.S. (North Texas),
1974; Ph.D. (Wisconsin-Madison), 1976. Since 1977.

VICTOR J. BOSCHINI, JR., Professor and Chancellor. B.A. (Mount Union), 1978; M.A. (Bowling Green), 1979; Ed.D. (Indiana University), 1989. Since 2003.

SAMUEL M. DEITZ, Professor and Dean. B.A.E. (Florida), 1966; M.A.E.
(Ibid.), 1969; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1971. Since 2000.

JUDITH GROULX, Associate Professor. B.A. (Mount Holyoke), 1970;
M.S. (TCU), 1983; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1986. Since 1987.

M. FRANCYNE HUCKABY, Assistant Professor. B.A. (Austin), 1989;
M.Ed. (TCU), 1996. Since 2004.

ROBERT M. MANINGER, Assistant Professor. B.S.Ed. (Lubbock Christian
College), 1983; M.Ed. (Tarleton State), 1994; Ed.D. (North Texas), 2003.
Since 2004.

NANCY MEADOWS, Associate Professor. B.A. (Texas), 1972; M.Ed. (Ibid.),
1973; Ed.D. (Washington), 1988. Since 1991.

ETTA MILLER, Associate Professor. B.A. (Roosevelt), 1960; M.A.
(Chicago), 1966; Ed.D. (SUNY-Albany), 1974. Since 1972.

HENRY J. PATTERSON, Professor and Associate Dean. B.S. (Kansas
State Teachers), 1952; M.S. (Ibid.), 1956; Ed.Sp. (Ibid.), 1961; Ed.D.
(Arizona), 1968. Since 1971.

MARY M. PATTON, Associate Professor. B.S. (Texas), 1971; M.Ed.
(Ibid.), 1973; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1990. Since 1994.

DAN POWELL, Associate Professor. B.S. Ed. (TCU.), 1974; M.Ed.. (North Texas), 1977; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1982. Since 2004.

SHERRIE REYNOLDS, Professor. B.S. (Arizona), 1964; M.S. (Southern
Illinois), 1965; M.A. (Texas Woman's), 1976; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1983. Since

DONAL M. SACKEN, Professor. B.A. (Texas), 1970; J.D. (Ibid.), 1973; Ph.D. (Georgia), 1977. Since 1991.

CECILIA SILVA, Associate Professor. B.A. (Ohio State), 1975; M.A.
(California State-Los Angeles), 1982; Ph.D. (USC), 1990. Since 1995.

RANAE STETSON, Associate Professor, B.S. (Nevada-Las Vegas), 1982; M.Ed. (Ibid.), 1987; Ed.D. (Houston), 1991. Since 1996.

KAY B. STEVENS, Associate Professor, B.S. (North Texas), 1969;
M.S. (Kentucky), 1979; Ed.D. (Ibid.), 1989. Since 2002.

ELIZABETH R. TAYLOR, Associate Professor, B.S. (Abilene Christian),
1975; M.A. (Sul Ross), 1979; Ph.D. (St. Mary's), 1993. Since 1998.

CORNELL THOMAS, Associate Professor. B.S. Mus. Ed. (Missouri),
1978; M. Mus. Ed. (Jackson State), 1980; Ed.D. (Texas A&M-Commerce), 1990.
Since 1990.

WILLIAM VANDERHOOF, JR., Assistant Professor. B.A. (Susquehanna),
1955; M.S. (SUNY-Geneseo), 1966. Since 1969.

JANET WATKINS, Associate Professor. B.A. (Houston Baptist), 1969;
M.A.T. (TCU), 1975; Ph.D. (U. of North Texas). Since 1995.

MOLLY WEINBURGH, Associate Professor. B.A. (Agnes Scott), 1974;
M.A.T. (Emory), 1980; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1993, Since 2002.

C. DALE YOUNG II, Adjunct Instructor, Director of Field Experiences
and Career Services
. B.S. (TCU), 1966; M.Ed. (Ibid.), 1968. Since

Starpoint and KinderFrogs Schools

KRISTEN ADAMS, Instructor. B.A. (Trinity University), 1994; M.Ed.
(TCU), 2003. Since 2003.

SHELLEY F. COCHRAN, Instructor. B.S.Ed.(TCU), 1976; M.Ed. (TWU),
1979. Since 2003.

ROBIN N. DAVIS, Instructor. B.F.A. (UTA), 1974; B.S.Ed. (TCU),
1976; M.Ed. (North Texas), 1979. Since 1984.

RANELLA FRANKLIN, Instructor. B.S.Ed. (UNT), 1976; M.Ed. (Ibid.),
1979. Since 2003

KIMBERLY PAYNE, Instructor. B.S.Ed. (TCU), 1979; M.Ed (Ibid.),
1981. Since 1996.

MADELINE KING THOMAS, Instructor. B.S.Ed. (TCU), 1976; M.Ed. (Texas
Woman's), 1979. Since 1985.

MARILYN S. TOLBERT, Director of KinderFrogs School. B.S.Ed. (TCU),
1996. M.Ed. (Ibid.), 2000. Since 2003.

Upward Bound
J. STEVEN HODNETT, Director of Special Programs. B.S.E. (Southern
Arkansas); 1982 M.Ed. (Ibid), Since 1995.

College of Fine Arts

Scott A. Sullivan, Dean
H. Joseph Butler, Associate Dean and Director of Graduate Studies
Andie Piehl, Assistant to the Dean

Art and Art History

BABBETTE BOHN, Professor (Art History). B.A. (Northwestern), 1972; M.A. (Boston U.), 1975; M.Phil. (Columbia), 1978; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1982. Since 1988.

DAVID CONN, Professor (Printmaking, Drawing, Design). B.F.A. (Maryland Inst.), 1967; M.F.A. (Oklahoma), 1969. Since 1969.

LORI BOORNAZIAN DIEL, Assistant Professor (Art History). B.A. (Emory), 1992; M.A. (Tulane), 1996. Since 2001.

LEWIS A. GLASER, Professor (Graphic Design). B.A. (Western Michigan), 1977; M.F.A. (Syracuse), 1988. Since 1987.

LINDA DEE GUY, Professor (Printmaking, Drawing). B.A. (South Florida), 1974; M.F.A. (Maryland Inst.), 1976. Since 1976.

SHARON GOWENS, Assistant Art History Librarian. B.A. (TCU), 1972; M.A. (Southern Methodist), 2001. Since 1998.

SUSAN HARRINGTON, Associate Professor (Drawing, Painting, Life Studies). B.F.A. (Maryland Institute College of Art), 1972; M.A. (Purdue), 1977; M.F.A. (North Texas), 1984. Since 1988.

MARILYN IVY, Lecturer, (Art Education), B.F.A. (TCU), 1970; M.A. ((Texas Woman's), 2000. Since 2003.

CHRIS POWELL,Instructor (Ceramics, Sculpture), B.F.A. (Abilene Christian), 1980; M.F.A. (Bradley), 1983. Since 1984.

EDITH JANE RILEY, Art History Librarian. B.F.A. (Stephen F. Austin), 1974; M.A. (Southern Methodist), 1983. Since 1983.

CAMERON SCHOEPP, Associate Professor (Sculpture), B.F.A. (Pacific Lutheran), 1984; M.F.A. (TCU), 1987. Since 2003.

PAT SLOAN, Assistant Professor (Graphic Design), B.F.A. (Stephens College), 1970; M.F.A. (North Texas), 1978. Since 2004.

LUTHER A. SMITH, JR., Professor (Photography). B.A. (Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), 1972; M.F.A. (Rhode Island School of Design), 1974. Since 1983.

SCOTT A. SULLIVAN, Professor and Dean of the College of Fine Arts. B.A. (John Carroll U.), 1969; M.A. (Case Western Reserve U.), 1972; Ph.D., (Case Western Reserve U.), 1978. Since 2000.

MARK EDWARD THISTLETHWAITE, Professor and Holder of the Kay and Velma Kimbell Chair of Art History. B.A. (California - Santa Barbara), 1970; M.A. (Ibid.), 1972; Ph.D. (Pennsylvania), 1977. Since 1977.

RONALD WATSON, Professor (Drawing and Painting) and Chair of the Department. B.F.A. (Nebraska), 1964; M.F.A. (Ibid.), 1967. Since 1982.

JAMES WOODSON, Professor (Painting, Drawing, Life Studies). B.F.A. (TCU), 1965; M.F.A. (Texas-Austin), 1967. Since 1974.

Ballet and Modern Dance

FERNANDO BUJONES, Choreographer-in-Residence, American Ballet Theatre 1972-95. Gold medal for Highest Technical Achievement, Varna, Bulgaria 1974. International Guest Artist and choreographer. Artistic Director of Ballet Mississippi (1993; Ballet Monterrey, Mexico (1995); Orlando Ballet(2000).

LI-CHOU CHENG, Ballet Master in Residence. Former ballet master and soloist for the Beijing Central Ballet and principal teacher for the Boston Ballet. Since 1990.

ELIZABETH GILLASPY, Assistant Professor. B.B.A. (Texas Tech), 1985. M.F.A. (TCU), 1990. Secondary Certification - Dance (TCU), 1995. Since 1990.

ANDREA HARRIS, Assistant Professor. B.F.A. (TCU), 1991; M.F.A. (Ibid.), 1997; PhD Candidate (University of Wisconsin-Madison), 2004.

SUSAN DOUGLAS ROBERTS, Associate Professor. B.A. (TCU), 1979; B.F.A. (Ibid.), 1980; M.F.A. (Illinois), 1983. Since 1984.

ELLEN PAGE SHELTON, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department. B.F.A. (TCU), 1971. M.F.A. (Ibid.), 1978. Since 1973.


SHEILA M. ALLEN, Associate Professor of Voice. B.M. (Oberlin Conservatory), 1966; M.M. (Eastman School of Music, Rochester), 1967; D.M.A. (Ibid.), 1974. Since 1985.

DAVID BROCK, Assistant Professor of Voice. B.A. (Abilene Christian University), 1974; M.M. (New England Conservatory of Music), 1978. Since 2002.

JON BURGESS, Associate Professor of Trumpet. B.M. (Illinois), 1978; M.M. (Kansas), 1980; D.M.A. (Arizona) 1988. Since 2000.

H. JOSEPH BUTLER, Professor; University Organist; Associate Dean and Director of Graduate Studies. B.A. (Bowdoin), 1976; M.M. (New England Conservatory), 1978; D.M.A. (Eastman), 1985. Since 1996.

JESÚS CASTRO-BALBI, Assistant Professor of Cello. B.M. (Conservatoire National Supérieur, France) 1995; Artist Diploma (Indiana University), 1997; M.M. (Yale University School of Music), 1999; D.M.A. (The Julliard School), 2002. Since 2003.

RICHARD ESTES, Associate Professor and Director of Opera Theatre. B.M. (Stetson), 1970; M.M. (Catholic U.), 1974. Since 1992.

JOSÉ FEGHALI, Artist-in-Residence. Graduate of the Royal Academy of Music in London; Grand Prize Winner, Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, 1985. Since 1990.

BLAISE J. FERRANDINO, Associate Professor of Music Theory and Composition. B.M. (Ithaca College), 1980; M.M. (Syracuse), 1982; D.M.A. (Hartford), 1990. Since 1990.

BOBBY R. FRANCIS, Associate Professor of Music and Director of Bands. B.M.E. (Commerce), 1981; M.M.E. (Commerce), 1989. Since 2000.

GERALD R. GABEL, Associate Professor of Music Theory and Composition. B.M. (Northern Iowa), 1974; M.A. (California - San Diego), 1977; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1984. Since 1987.

MISHA GALAGANOV, Assistant Professor of Viola. B.M. (Jerusalem), 1994; Artist Certificate (SMU), 1996; M.M. (Rice), 1998; D.M.A. (Rice), 2003. Since 2000.

ROBERT GARWELL, Professor of Music. B.F.A. (Ohio U.), 1965; M.F.A. (Ibid.), 1967; D.M.A. (Oklahoma), 1977. Since 1989.

RICHARD C. GIPSON, Director. A.A. (Del Mar College), 1969; B.M. (University of Texas at Austin), 1971; M.M. (University of Texas at Austin), 1973; D.Ed/Music Education (Pennsylvania State University), 1978. Since 2002.

JOHN READ GIORDANO, Associate Professor. B.M.E. (TCU), 1960; M.M. (Ibid.), 1962; Diploma Superieure (Conservatoire Royal de Musique, Brussels), 1965. Emeritus Musical Director and Conductor of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. Since 1973.

ROSS GRANT, Interim Assistant Director of Bands. B.M.E. (Ouachita Baptist University), M.M.E. (North Texas State), Ph.D. (North Texas State). Since 2001.

GERMÁN AUGUSTO GUTIÉRREZ, Assistant Professor/Director of Orchestral Studies and Director of the Center for Latin American Music. Maestro en Musica (Tolima Conservatory), 1978; M.M. (Illinois), 1991; D.A. (University of Northern Colorado), 1997. Since 1996.

LEANNE HEDGES KIRKHAM, Director of Music Preparatory Program and Instructor in Piano B.M. (TCU), 1978; M.M. (Ibid.), 1981. Since 1981.

HAROLD MARTINA, Artist-in-Residence Institute of Fine Arts (Medellin, Columbia); Academy of Music (Vienna, Austria). Since 1999.

MICHAEL MECKNA, Professor of Musicology. B.A. (California State), 1978; Ph.D. (California), 1984. Since 1990.

SHERI NEILL, Assistant Professor of Music Education. B.M.E. (Texas Tech), 1970; M.Ed, (Stephen F. Austin University), 1983; Ph.D. (University of Missouri-Kansas City), 1998. Since 2001.

JOHN OWINGS, Herndon Professor of Piano. B.M. (UT-Austin), 1965; M.S. (Juilliard), 1970. Since 1990.

JANET W. PUMMILL, Staff Accompanist. B.M. (North Texas), 1964; M.M. (Illinois), 1968. Since 1992.

RONALD L. SHIREY, Professor of Choral Music. B.M. (Tulsa), 1955; M.M. (Ibid.), 1961. Since 1976.

JUDITH A. SOLOMON, Associate Professor of Piano. B.A. (Rutgers), 1965; M. Mus. (Yale), 1968. Since 1968.

CURT THOMPSON, Associate Professor of Violin. B.M. (Indiana), 1992: M.M. (Indiana), 1994; D.M.A. (Rice), 2003. Since 1997.

TAMÁS UNGÁR, Professor of Piano. A.Mus.A., L.Mus.A. (Sydney Conservatorium, Australia), 1965; D.M. (Indiana), 1983. Since 1978.

BRIAN WEST, Assistant Professor in Percussion. B.M.E. (North Texas), 1992; M.A. (Indiana U of Pennsylvania), 1994; D.M.A. (Oklahoma), 2003. Since 2001.

GARY WHITMAN, Associate Professor of Woodwinds. B.M.E. (North Texas), 1976; M.M.E. (Ibid.), 1978. Since 1989.

CURTIS W. WILSON, Professor of Music. B.M.E. (TCU), 1963; M.M. (Ibid.), 1966. Since 1976.

BRIAN YOUNGBLOOD, Assistant Director of Bands. B.M.E. (Abilene Christian) 1987; M.M. (East Texas State), 1992. Since 1999.


MICHELLE ALFORD, Costume Studio Supervisor. B.F.A. (University of North Texas), 1995. Since 2002.

ROBERT APREA, Technical Director. B.A. (Arkansas Tech University); M.F.A. (Texas Tech University). Since 2003.

JENNIFER ENGLER, Assistant Professor. B.F.A. (Emporia State University), 1995; M.F.A. (Michigan State University), 1998. Since 2003.

ANNE HEALY, Instructor. B.F.A. (University of Northern Iowa), 1984; M.F.A. (University of Miami), 1986. Since 2002.

LaLONNIE LEHMAN, Associate Professor. B.A. (TCU), 1972; M.A. (Ibid.), 1975. Since 1972.

NANCY MYERS McCAULEY, Associate Professor. B.S. (Illinois State University), 1966; M.F.A. (University of Wisconsin-Madison), 1971. Since 1979.

HARRY PARKER, Professor and Chair of the Department. B.F.A. (TCU), 1980; M.A. (University of Kansas), 1982; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1992. Since 2003.

ALEXANDER ROBERTSON, Scene Studio Supervisor. B.F.A. (TCU), 1999. Since 2003.

MICHAEL SKINNER, Assistant Professor. B.A. (West Texas State University) 1990, M.F.A. (University of Oklahoma), 1993. Since 1993.

THOMAS J. WALSH, Assistant Professor. B.A. (San Diego State University), 1979, M.F.A. (University of Texas-Austin), 1982, Ph.D. (University of Texas-Austin), 1996. Since 1999.

College of Health and Human Sciences

Rhonda Keen-Payne, Dean
Marinda Allender, Assistant Dean
Sharon Hudson, Assistant to the Dean
Sybil White, Assistant to the Dean for Graduate Studies

Harris School of Nursing

MARINDA E. ALLENDER, Instructor. B.S.N. (Virginia), 1978; M.S.N. (UT Arlington), 1985. Certified Pediatric Nurse. Since 1989.

KATHLEEN BALDWIN, Associate Professor and Director of HSN Graduate Studies. Diploma (West Pennsylvania Hospital School of Nursing, Pittsburgh), 1968; B.S. (Texas Woman's Univ, Dallas), 1981; M.S. (Texas Woman's, Dallas), 1984; Ph.D. (Texas Woman's Univ, Dallas), 1988. Gerontological Nurse Practitioner and Adult Nurse Practitioner. Since 1999.

DONELLE M. BARNES, Associate Professor. A.A. (Chabot Community College), 1976; B.S.N. (California State Univ, Los Angeles), 1979; M.S.N. (Indiana Wesleyan Univ), 1985; Ph.D. (Univ of California, San Francisco), 1996. Since 2002.

LAZELLE E. BENEFIELD, Associate Professor. Diploma (Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing, MD), 1972; B.S.N. (Univ of Florida), 1976; M.S.N. (Univ of Alabama), 1978; Ph.D. (Old Dominion Univ), 1989. Since 1993.

JIMMIE COMPTON BORUM, Lecturer. B.S.N. (Texas Woman's Univ), 1994; M.S. (Texas Woman's Univ), 1997. Since 2002.

PATRICIA J. BRADLEY, Associate Professor. Diploma (Butterworth Hospital, MI), 1974; B.S. (Ferris State Univ, MI), 1977; M.S.N. (Wayne State Univ, MI), 1981; D.N.S. (Indiana Univ), 1993. Since 1991.

PAULETTE BURNS, Associate Professor and Director of Harris School of Nursing. B.S.N. (Univ of Maryland), 1971; M.S. (Univ of Oklahoma), 1980; Ph.D. (Texas Woman's Univ), 1989. Since 2001.

CAROLYN SPENCE CAGLE, Associate Professor. B.S.N. (Mankato State), 1972; M.S. (Northern Illinois), 1976; Ph.D. (Texas Woman's Univ), 1983. Since 1978.

DENNIS CHEEK, Professor. A.S. (Yuba College), 1979; B.S.N. (California State Univ, Fresno), 1982; M.S. (Univ of California), 1988; Ph.D. (Univ of Nevada), 1996. Since 2003.

LINDA CURRY, Professor. A.A. (Florida), 1963; B.S.N. (Florida), 1965; M.N. (Florida), 1966; Ph.D. (North Texas State Univ), 1984. Since 1976.

MARILYN DURAN, Lecturer. Diploma (Baptist School of Nursing, Little Rock, AR), 1983; B.S.N. (Univ of Arkansas for Medical Sciences), 1991; M.S.N. (Arkansas State Univ), 1998. Since 2001.

PAMELA JEAN FRABLE, Assistant Professor. B.A. (Univ of Chicago), 1976; N.D. (Case Western Reserve Univ), 1982. Since 2000.

LINDA HARRINGTON, Assistant Professor. B.S.N. (Univ of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio), 1981; M.S.N. (UT Arlington), 1984; Ph.D. (Texas Woman's Univ), 1987. Since 2002.

DIANE ACKALL HAWLEY, Lecturer. B.S.N. (TCU), 1981; M.S. (Texas Woman's Univ), 1988; Ph.D. (New Mexico State Univ), 1998. Clinical Nurse Specialist in Medical-Surgical Nursing. Since 1998.

RHONDA KEEN-PAYNE, W. F. "Tex" and Pauline Curry Rankin Professor of Nursing and Dean of the College of Health and Human Sciences. B.S.N. (TCU), 1978; M.N.Sc. (Arkansas), 1981; Ph.D. (Texas Woman's Univ), 1985. Since 1982.

SUZY LOCKWOOD, Assistant Professor. B.S.N. (TCU), 1983; M.S.N. (UT Arlington), 1994; Ph.D. (UT Arlington), 2001. Since 1997.

LINDA L. MARTIN, Lecturer. B.S.N. (UT Arlington), 1980; M.S.N. (UT Arlington), 1997. Family Nurse Practitioner. Since 2001.

DEBRA MCLACHLAN, Lecturer. Diploma (Quincy City Hospital School of Nursing), 1975; B.S.N. (Univ of New Hampshire), 1980; M.S.N. (Boston College), 1984; Ph.D. (King's College), 2003. Adult Nurse Practitioner. Since 1997.

R. LEA MONTGOMERY, Instructor. A.D.N. (Angelo State Univ), 1991; B.S.N. (Angelo State Univ), 1993; M.S. (Texas Woman's Univ), 1996. Since 2001.

PATRICIA NEWCOMB, Lecturer. B.A. (Univ of Dallas), 1977; B.S.N. (TCU), 1983; M.S.N. (UT Arlington), 1989. Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Since 2001.

KRIS RIDDLESPERGER, Lecturer. B.E.S. (Univ of Missouri-Columbia), 1980; B.S.N. (TCU), 1985; M.S.(Texas Woman's Univ), 1989; Ph.D. (Texas Woman's Univ), 2000. Clinical Nurse Specialist. Since 1995.

DEBRA SCHMIDT, Lecturer. Diploma (Methodist Hospital School of Nursing, Lubbock, TX), 1976; B.S.N. (West Texas A&M Univ), 1980; M.S.N. (Univ of Texas, Arlington), 1991. Since 2003.

CHARLES ALAN WALKER, Associate Professor. B.S. (TCU), 1977; B.S.N. (TCU), 1983; M.S.N. (UT Arlington), 1989; Ph.D. (Texas Woman's Univ), 2000. Since 2001.

MARY BETH WALKER, Director of the Learning Center. B.S.N. (TCU), 1980; M.S. (Texas Woman's Univ), 1995. Women's Health Nurse Practitioner. Since 1996.

SUSAN WEEKS, Instructor. B.S.N. (William Jewell College), 1983; M.S. (Texas Woman's Univ), 1986. Clinical Nurse Specialist in Psych-Mental Health Nursing. Since 1994.

JO NELL WELLS, Assistant Professor. B.S.N. (Univ of Central Arkansas), 1974; M.S.N. (Wichita State Univ), 1981; Ph.D. (Texas Woman's Univ), 1998. Since 1998.

SUSAN WILSON, Associate Professor. B.S.N. (UTMB, Galveston), 1967; M.N. (Washington), 1970; Ph.D. (Texas A&M), 1985. Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. Since 1988.

Communication Sciences and Disorders

KAREN COLSON, Assistant Professor. B.S. (Middle Tennessee State Univ), 1978; M.S. (Univ of Tennessee), 1979; Ph.D. (Univ of Iowa), 1988. Since 2001.

LYNN K. FLAHIVE, Instructor. B.S. (Marquette), 1977; M.S. (Marquette), 1978. Since 1991.

TERESA DENNETT GONZALEZ, Lecturer. B.S. (Texas Woman's Univ), 1976; M.S. (Texas Woman's Univ), 1985. Since 1992.

AMBER DIERSING-LEEPER, Adjunct. B.A. (Texas Tech Univ), 1999; M.S. (Texas Woman's Univ), 2003. Since 2003.

JOAN S. KLECAN-AKER, Professor. B.S. (Middle Tennessee), 1968; M.A. (Memphis State), 1971; Ph.D. (Florida State), 1982. Since 1994.

JANET ROYER LANZA, Instructor. B.S. (TCU), 1975; M.S. (TCU), 1976. Since 1989.

JEAN P. MATNEY, Adjunct. B.S. (Univ of North Texas), 1952; M.A. (Texas Woman's Univ), 1977. Since 1990.

HELEN A. McCAFFREY MORRISON, Associate Professor. B.A. (Trinity Univ), 1974; M.S. (Oklahoma), 1976; Ph.D. (UT Austin), 1992. Since 1995.

SHARON B. RAPP, Adjunct. B.S. (Colorado State Univ), 1980; M.S. (Colorado State Univ), 1982. Since 1995.

WILLIAM J. RYAN, Associate Professor and Chair of Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. B.S. (SUNY), 1965; M.S. (Purdue), 1969; Ph.D. (Purdue), 1971. Since 1996.

CAROL H. SYMON, Instructor. B.S. (Purdue), 1971: M.S. (Purdue) 1972. Since 2000.

AMY VANN, Adjunct. B.S. (TCU), 1991; M.S. (TCU), 1992. Since 2001.

JENNIFER BARBER WATSON, Professor. B.S. (Northern Arizona), 1976; M.A. (Northwestern), 1979; Ph.D. (Northwestern), 1981. Since 1982.

ROSALYNA YARBROUGH, Adjunct. B.S. (TCU); M.S. (TCU), 1996. Since 2000.


T. ROSS BAILEY, Instructor. B.S. (TCU), 1976; M.Ed. (TCU), 1977. Since 1977.

STEPHEN L. BROTHERTON, Adjunct Assistant Professor. B.S. (TCU), 1978; M.D. (UT Southwestern), 1982. Since 1998.

CHRISTOPHER P. HALL, Instructor. B.S. (TCU), 1983; M.L.A. (TCU), 1989. Since 1984.

BERT M. FRANKS, Adjunct Assistant Profesor. B.S. (TCU), 1956; M.D. (UT Southwestern), 1960. Since 1998.

MATTHEW S. JOHNSON, Assistant Professor. B.A. (Notre Dame), 1993; M.A. (Univ of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), 1996; Ph.D. (Univ of Tennessee, Knoxville), 1998. Since 2001.

JOSEPH C. MILNE, Adjunct Assistant Professor. B.S. (BYU), 1983; M.D. (Baylor), 1987. Since 1998.

JOEL B. MITCHELL, Professor and Chair of Department of Kinesiology. B.A. (Lewis and Clark), 1978; M.A. (Maryland), 1983; Ph.D. (Ball State), 1988. Since 1988.

TODD NALDER, Instructor. B.S. (Wyoming), 1993; M.A. (Minnesota), 1995. Since 1999.

CAROL J. POPE, Associate Professor. B.S.Ed. (UT Austin), 1975; M.A. (Texas Woman's Univ), 1978; Ph.D. (Texas Woman's Univ), 1985. Since 1989.

DEBORAH J. RHEA, Associate Professor. B.S. (UT Arlington), 1980; M.Ed. (Houston) 1990; Ed.D. (Houston), 1995. Since 1999.

MEENA SHAH, Assistant Professor. B.Sc. (Robert Gordon's, Aberdeen, Scotland), 1982; Ph.D. (London Univ, London), 1986. Since 2001.

STEVEN R. SNOWDEN, Clinical Associate Professor. B.S. (Texas A&M), 1987; M.A. (Sam Houston State), 1988; Ph.D. (Texas A&M), 1991. Since 2003.

DAN L. SOUTHARD, Professor. B.A. (Buena Vista), 1969; M.A. (Iowa), 1977; Ph.D. (Iowa), 1980. Since 1980.

Social Work

ALAN DETTLAFF, Instructor. B.S.S.W. (TCU), 1995; M.S.W. (UT Arlington) 1999. Since 2001.

TRACY J. DIETZ, Associate Professor. B.S. (Wisconsin-Platteville), 1973; M.S.S.W. (Wisconsin-Madison), 1986; Ph.D. (Wisconsin-Madison), 1993. Since 1992.

DAVID A. JENKINS, Associate Professor. B.S. (Louisiana State), 1983; M.S.W. (Louisiana State), 1988; Ph.D. (Florida State), 1992. Since 1991.

LINDA S. MOORE, Professor and Chair of Department of Social Work. B.A. (Eastern Col), 1969; M.S.W. (Virginia Commonwealth), 1975; Ph.D. (Texas Woman's Univ), 1994. Since 1977.

College of Science and Engineering

Michael D. McCracken, Dean
Bonnie E. Melhart, Associate Dean and Director of Bachelor of General Studies Program
Kenneth M. Morgan, Associate Dean
Armida M. Guzman, Assistant to the Dean


GIRIDHAR R. AKKARAJU, Assistant Professor. B.S., Biochemistry, University of Bombay, Bombay, India, 1985. Ph.D., Biochemistry, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, 1997. Since 2002.

WAYNE J. BARCELLONA, Associate Professor. A.B. (Southern California), 1962; M.S. (Ibid.), 1965; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1970. Since 1973.

BLOOM, MARK, Instructor. B.S. (Dallas Baptist), 1994, M.S. (Baylor), 1997. Since 2003.

JOSEPH C. BRITTON, Professor. B.A. (TCU), 1963; M.A. (Ibid.), 1965; Ph.D. (George Washington), 1970. Since 1971.

ERNEST F. COUCH, Associate Professor. B.S. (Southern Methodist), 1959; M.A. (North Texas), 1962; Ph.D. (Tulane), 1967. Since 1967.

RAY W. DRENNER, Professor and Chair of the Department. B.A. (Kansas), 1972; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1977. Since 1977.

GARY W. FERGUSON, Professor. B.S. (Tulane), 1963; M.S. (Texas Tech), 1965; Ph.D. (Michigan), 1969. Since 1974.

PHILIP S. HARTMAN, Professor and Chair of The Health Professions Advisory Committee. B.S. (Iowa State), 1975; Ph.D. (Missouri), 1979. Since 1981.

JOHN D. HORNER, Professor. B.S. (Louisiana State), 1979; M.S. (New Mexico), 1983; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1987. Since 1990.

GAIL I. JONES, Lecturer. B.A. (Radford U.), 1971; M.S. (TCU), 1979; Ph.D. (North Texas), 1992. Since 1997.

GLENN C. KROH, Associate Professor. Assoc. Degree (Pennsylvania State), 1962; B.S. (Ibid.), 1966; M.S. (Ibid.), 1970; Ph.D. (Michigan State), 1975. Since 1975.

MICHAEL D. McCRACKEN, Associate Professor and Dean of the College of Science and Engineering. B.S. Ed. (Texas Tech), 1963; M.S. (Ibid.), 1965; Ph.D. (Indiana), 1969. Since 1971.

MISAMORE, MIKE, Assistant Professor. B.S. (Wisconsin), 1989; M.S. (Charlestons, S.C.), 1993; Ph.D. (Louisiana State), 1998. Since 2003.

LEO W. NEWLAND, Professor. B.S. (Texas A&M), 1964; M.S. (Wisconsin), 1965; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1968. Since 1969.

ANDREW PAQUET, JR., Associate Professor. B.S. (New Mexico), 1967; M.S. (Ibid.), 1970; Ph.D. (Arizona), 1974. Since 1975.


JOHN G. ALBRIGHT, Professor. B.A. (Wichita State), 1956; Ph.D. (Wisconsin), 1962. Since 1966.

JOSEPH A. BOBICH, Professor. B.S. (Michigan), 1965; Ph.D. (UCLA), 1971. Since 1973.

JEFFERY L. COFFER, Professor and Chair of the Department. B.S. (Wofford), 1982; M.S. (Wisconsin-Milwaukee), 1985; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1987. Since 1990.

TRACY A. HANNA, Associate Professor. B.A. (Brown), 1988; Ph.D. (California-Berkeley), 1994. Since 1998.

DALE A. HUCKABY, Professor. B.S. (Louisiana State), 1966; Ph.D. (Rice), 1969. Since 1969.

DAVID E. MINTER, Professor. B.S. (Stephen F. Austin), 1968; M.S. (Ibid.), 1970; Ph.D. (Texas-Austin), 1974. Since 1980.

JEAN-LUC G. MONTCHAMP, Associate Professor. Diploma of Engineering in Chemistry (School of Industrial Chemistry in Lyon, France), 1989; Ph.D. (Purdue), 1992. Since 1998.

ROBERT H. NEILSON, Professor. B.S. (Carnegie-Mellon), 1969; Ph.D. (Duke), 1973. Since 1978.

MANFRED G. REINECKE, Professor. B.S. (Wisconsin), 1956; Ph.D. (California-Berkeley), 1960. Since 1964.

WILLIAM H. WATSON, JR., Emeritus Professor and Green Emeritus Tutor. B.A. (Rice), 1953; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1958. Since 1957.

Computer Science

LISA J. BURNELL, Associate Professor. B.A. (Texas-Arlington), 1980; M.S. (Ibid.) 1990; Ph.D. (Ibid), 1995, Since 2001.

JAMES R. COMER, Associate Professor. B.S. (Texas-Arlington), 1971; M.S. (Ibid.), 1972; Ph.D. (Texas A&M), 1979. Since 1981.

BILLY J. FARMER, Instructor. B.S. (Howard Payne), 1979; M.S. (E. Texas State), 1995. Since 2002.

CHARLES J. HANNON, Assistant Professor. B.A. (Texas A&M), 1979; M.S. (Texas-Arlington), 1994; Ph.D. (Ibid), 2000. Since 2001.

BONNIE E. MELHART, Associate Professor and Associate Dean of College of Science and Engineering. B.A. (Wright State), 1972; M.S. (Southern Illinois), 1974; M.S. (California-Irvine), 1988; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1990. Since 1990.

C. THOMAS NUTE, Associate Professor. B.A. (California-San Diego), 1968; M.S. (Texas A&M), 1970; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1977. Since 1981.

L. DONNELL PAYNE, Associate Professor. B.S. (Sam Houston), 1973; M.S. (Ibid.), 1976; Ph.D. (Texas-Arlington), 1988. Since 1988.

J. RICHARD RINEWALT, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department. B.S.E.E. (Texas-Arlington), 1969; M.S.E.E. (Ibid.), 1971; Ph.D. (Illinois), 1976. Professional Engineer-Texas, 1982. Since 1986.


ROBERT R. BITTLE, Associate Professor. B.S. (Oklahoma State), 1980; M.S. (Purdue), 1983; Ph.D. (Iowa State), 1994. Since 1994. Professional Engineer-Texas.

EDWARD S. KOLESAR, Professor and Holder of the W.A. "Tex" Moncrief Jr. Chair of Engineering. B.S. (Akron), 1973; M.S. (Air Force Institute of Technology), 1978; Ph.D. (Texas-Austin), 1985. Professional Engineer-Texas. Since 1993.

TRISTAN J. TAYAG. Associate Professor. B.S.E.E. (Johns Hopkins), 1986; M.S.E.E. (Ibid.); 1987; Ph.D. (Virginia), 1991. Since 1997.

PATRICK L. WALTER, Senior Design Lecturer. B.S. (Penn State), 1965; M.S. (New Mexico), 1967; Ph.D. (Arizona State), 1978. Professional Engineer-New Mexico. Since 1995.

R. STEPHEN WEIS, Professor and William L. and Betty F. Adams Chair of Education. B.S.E.E. (U. S. Naval Academy), 1979; M.S.E.E. (Georgia Tech), 1984; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1987. Since 1992. Professional Engineer-Texas.

WALTON E. WILLIAMSON, JR. Professor and Chair of the Department. B.S.M.E. (Stanford), 1966; M.S.A.E. (Texas-Austin), 1967; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1970. Since 1999.


JOHN A. BREYER, Professor. B.S. (Cincinnati), 1970; Ph.D. (Nebraska), 1974. Since 1984.

ARTHUR B. BUSBEY, Associate Professor. B.S. (Texas-Austin), 1974; M.A. (Ibid.), 1977; Ph.D. (Chicago), 1982. Since 1985.

R. NOWELL DONOVAN, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Charles B. Moncrief Professor. B.Sc. (Newcastle), 1966; Ph. D. (Ibid.), 1972. Since 1986.

RICHARD E. HANSON, Herndon Professor and Chair of the Department. B.S. (Oklahoma State), 1975; M.S. (Ibid.), 1977; Ph.D. (Columbia), 1983. Since 1988.

KEN M. MORGAN, Professor, Director of Center for GIS and Remote Sensing, and Associate Dean of the College of Science and Engineering. B.S. (Indiana), 1973; M.S. (Arizona State), 1976; Ph.D. (Wisconsin), 1978. Since 1978.

LEO W. NEWLAND, Professor. B.S. (Texas A&M), 1964; M.S. (Wisconsin), 1966; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1969. Since 1969.

MICHAEL C. SLATTERY, Associate Professor and Director of the TCU Institute of Environmental Studies. B.A. (University of the Witwatersrand), 1988; M.S. (U. of Toronto), 1990; Ph.D. (Oxford), 1994. Since 1998.


DAVID F. ADDIS, Associate Professor. B.S. (Brown), 1964; M.S. (Rutgers), 1966; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1970. Since 1970.

VICTOR A. BELFI, Assistant Professor. B.A. (Rice), 1965; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1969. Since 1969.

H. G. DOLLAR, Instructor. B.S. (Texas-Arlington), 1966; M.A. (Ibid.), 1970. Since 2000.

ROBERT S. DORAN, John William and Helen Stubbs Potter Professor and Chair of the Department. B.A. (Iowa), 1962; M.A. (Ibid.), 1964; M.S. (U. of Washington), 1967; Ph.D. (Ibid.),1968. Since 1969.

ZE-LI DOU, Associate Professor. B.A. (Queens College, CUNY), 1987; Ph.D. (Princeton), 1993. Since 1994.

PENG FAN, Associate Professor. B.A. (National Taiwan Normal U., Taiwan), 1970; M.A. (National Tsing-Hua U., Taiwan), 1972; Ph.D. (Indiana), 1980. Since 1983.

GEORGE T. GILBERT, Associate Professor. B.A. (Washington U.), 1979; Ph.D. (Harvard), 1984. Since 1990.

RHONDA L. HATCHER, Associate Professor. B.A. (Colorado), 1980; A.M. (Harvard), 1982; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1987. Since 1990.

SCOTT NOLLET, Assistant Professor. B.S. (Minnesota), 1985; Ph.D. (California-Berkeley), 1994. Since 2000.

ALLISON C. OWEN, Instructor. B.A. (Kansas Wesleyn U.), 1981; M.L.S. (Texas Women's U.), 1983; M.A. (Ibid), 1987. Since 2000.

EFTON PARK, Professor. B.S. (Oklahoma), 1983; Ph.D. (SUNY-Stony Brook), 1988. Since 1992.

IGOR P. PROKHORENKOV, Associate Professor. B.S. (Moscow State U.), 1991; Ph.D. (Rice), 1997. Since 1998.

KEN RICHARDSON, Associate Professor. B.A. (Rice), 1986; M.A. (Ibid.), 1989; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1993. Since 1994.

KRISTI E. RITTBY, Instructor. B.S. (TCU), 1997; M.S. (Texas-Arlington), 2000. Since 2002.

SUSAN G. STAPLES, Associate Professor. B.S. (Case Western Reserve), 1983; Ph.D. (Michigan), 1988. Since 1995.

Nutritional Sciences

MARLYN DART, Assistant Professor. B.S. (Texas Woman's U.), 1980; M.S. (Ibid.) 1994; Ph.D. (Ibid.) 2001. Since 2001.

MARY ANNE GORMAN, Professor. B.A. (North Texas), 1970; M.Ed. (Ibid.), 1974; Ph.D. (Texas Woman's U.), 1983. Since 1983.

SARAH C. HAMPTON, Instructor. B.S. (Indiana University of Pennsylvania), 1985; M.S. (Hood College), 1991. Since 1999.

GINA J. HILL, Assistant Professor. B.S. (Texas Tech), 1998; M.S. (Ibid.), 1999; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 2003. Since 2003.

ANNE D. VANBEBER, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department. B.S. (Texas Tech), 1979; M.S. (Texas Woman's U.), 1982; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1991. Since 1992.

Physics and Astronomy

CURTIS C. BRADLEY, Assistant Professor. B.A. (Oregon State), 1985; M.A. (Rice), 1992; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1997. Since 1998.

WILLIAM R. M. GRAHAM, Professor. B.Sc. (Western Ontario), 1966; M.Sc. (Ibid.), 1968; Ph.D. (York) 1971. Since 1977.

DOUGLAS R. INGRAM, Instructor. B.A. (Texas-Austin), 1990; M.Sc. (U. of Washington), 1991; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1996. Since 1996.

PAMELA M. MARCUM, Associate Professor. B.S. (Florida Institute of Technology), 1987; M.S. (Ibid.), 1989; Ph.D. (Wisconsin), 1994. Since 1996.

BRUCE N. MILLER, Professor. B.A. (Columbia), 1963; M.Sc. (Chicago), 1965; Ph. D. (Rice), 1969. Since 1971.

C. A. QUARLES, W.A. "Tex" Moncrief Jr. Professor. B.A. (TCU), 1960; M.A. (Princeton), 1962; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1964. Since 1967.

C. MAGNUS L. RITTBY, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department. B.S. (U. of Sussex), 1980; Ph.D. (U. of Stockholm), 1985. Since 1990.

T. WALDEK ZERDA, Professor. M.S. (Silesian U.), 1971; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1978; D.S. (Poznan), 1983. Since 1987.


TIMOTHY M. BARTH, Professor and Chair of the Department. B.S. (St. Bonaventure), 1979; M.S. (Wesleyan), 1982; Ph.D. (Texas-Austin), 1986. Since 1990.

GARY W. BOEHM, Assistant Professor. B.A. (Utah State U.), 1989; M.S. (U. of Connecticut), 1992; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1996. Since 1999.

CHARLES F. BOND, JR., Professor. A.B. (North Carolina), 1975; Ph.D. (Duke), 1980. Since 1986.

DAVID R. CROSS, Associate Professor. B.A. (California-Fresno), 1977; M.A. (Michigan), 1984; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1985. Since 1985.

DONALD F. DANSEREAU, Professor. B.S. (SUNY-Buffalo), 1964; M.A. (Carnegie-Mellon), 1966; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1969. Since 1968.

JENNIFER J. HIGA, Associate Professor. B.S. (U. of Puget Sound), 1982; M.S. (Washington State), 1984; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1987. Since 1998.

TIMOTHY L. HUBBARD, Associate Professor. B.A. (Denver), 1984; Ph.D. (Dartmouth), 1988. Since 1995.

GEORGE R. KING, Assistant Professor. B.A. (Emory U.), 1983; M.S. (Washington State U.), 1985; Ph.D. (SUNY-Stony Brook), 1989. Since 1999.

CHARLES G. LORD, Professor. B.A. (U. of Rhode Island), 1976; Ph.D. (Stanford), 1980. Since 1987.

MAURICIO R. PAPINI, Professor. Licentiate (U. of Buenos Aires), 1976; Ph.D. (U. of San Luis, Argentina), 1985. Since 1990.

Christie K. Napa Scollon, Assistant Professor B.A. (Southern Methodist University), 1999; M.A. (Ibid), 1999; Ph.D. (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) 2004.

D. DWAYNE SIMPSON, Professor and Director, Institute of Behavioral Research. B.A. (Texas-Austin), 1966; Ph.D. (TCU), 1970. Since 1990.

Ranch Management Program

KERRY L. CORNELIUS, Assistant Director and Burnett Ranches Professor. B.S. (Tarleton State), 1985; Ranch Management Program (TCU), 1986; M.S. (Tarleton) 1995. Since 1995.

JEFFREY C. GEIDER, Assistant Director and Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Profesor. Ranch Management Program (TCU), 1981; B.G.S. (TCU), 1981; M.L.A. (TCU), 1999. Since 1997.

JAMES E. LINK, Director and John Biggs Professor. B.S. (Emporia State), 1972; Ranch Management Program (TCU), 1972; M.B.A. (TCU), 1980. Since 1976.

CLINTON H. PARSONS, Assistant Director and Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show Professor. B.S. (Texas A&M), 1996; M.S. (Colorado State),1998; Ph.D. (Texas Tech),2001. Since 2003.

Emeritus Faculty

ERNEST ALLEN, Emeritus Assistant Professor of French, German and Spanish

BILLIE SUE ANDERSON, Emeritus Assistant Professor of Kinesiology and Physical Education

MALCOLM D. ARNOULT, Emeritus Professor of Psychology

MYRTLE BAILEY, Emeritus Associate Professor of Home Economics

WILLIAM R. BAIRD, Emeritus Professor of New Testament

WILLADEAN WILLIAMS BALL, Emeritus Associate Professor of Nursing

CHARLES McVEY BECKER, Emeritus Associate Professor of Economics and Finance

BETTY S. BENISON, Emeritus Professor of Kinesiology and Physical Education

ARTHUR K. BERLINER, Emeritus Professor of Social Work

CONSTANTINO E. BERNARDEZ, Emeritus Instructor of Radio-Television-Film

CHARLES E. BLOUNT, Emeritus Professor of Physics

JOHN W. BOHON, Emeritus Associate Professor of History

PAUL F. BOLLER, Emeritus Professor of History

M. EUGENE BORING, Emeritus Professor of New Testament

RUDOLF B. BRUN, Emeritus Professor of Biology

MARCUS BRYANT, Emeritus Professor of Pastoral Care and Pastoral Psychology

M. KATHRYN NICHOLS CAIRNS, Emeritus Associate Professor of Nursing

COMER CLAY, Emeritus Professor of Political Science

LUTHER B. CLEGG, Emeritus Professor of Education

STEVEN G. COLE, Emeritus Professor of Psychology

BETSY F. COLQUITT, Emeritus Professor of English

GAIL C. DAVIS, Emeritus Professor of Nursing

GERALDINE F. DOMINIAK, Emeritus Professor of Accounting

H. KIRK DOWNEY, Emeritus Professor of Management

FLOYD DURHAM, JR., Emeritus Professor of Economics

AMBROSE EDENS, Emeritus Professor of Religion

ARTHUR J. EHLMANN, Emeritus Professor of Geology

R. TERRY ELLMORE, Emeritus Associate Professor of Radio-Television-Film

FRED ERISMAN, Emeritus Professor of English

JAMES A. FARRAR, Emeritus Associate Professor of Religion

RICHARD M. FENKER, JR., Emeritus Professor of Psychology

MICHAEL R. FERRARI, Chancellor Emeritus

RONALD B. FLOWERS, Emeritus Professor of Religion

JOHN W. FORSYTH, Emeritus Professor of Biology

BOB J. FRYE, Emeritus Professor of English

AGATHA GAIL GEAR, Emeritus Instructor of Art History

MONETTE GRAVES, Emeritus Associate Professor of Nursing

JANE GREENWELL, Emeritus Associate Professor of Home Economics

GERALD L. GROTTA, Emeritus Associate Professor of Journalism

RALPH R. GUENTHER, Emeritus Professor of Music Theory and Flute

HENRY E. HAMMACK, Emeritus Professor of Theatre

LAWRENCE HANLEY, Emeritus Professor of Music Education

R. JOYCE HARDEN, Emeritus Assistant Professor of Communication Pathology

GEORGE E. HARRIS, Emeritus Associate Professor of Physical Education

ELVIRA HERNANDEZ HARRIS-ROGERS, Emeritus Assistant Professor of Spansih

JAMES R. HENLEY, JR., Emeritus Associate Professor of Sociology

SANOA J. HENSLEY, Emeritus Assistant Professor of Accounting

BILLIE F. HIGHTOWER, Emeritus Assistant Professor of Nursing

MILDRED HOGSTEL, Emeritus Professor of Nursing

WINIFRED B. HORNER, Emeritus Professor of English

JAMES A. JACOBSEN, Emeritus Professor of Music Education and Director of Bands

JO ANN JAMES, Emeritus Associate Professor of Education

ALLENE JONES, Emeritus Assistant Professor of Nursing

HENRY C. KELLY, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry

TED K. KLEIN, JR., Emeritus Professor of Philosophy

NOAH A. KNEPPER, Emeritus Professor of Woodwinds

WILLIAM H. KOEHLER, Provost Emeritus

KENNETH T. LAWRENCE, Emeritus Associate Professor of Religion

MARJORIE D. LEWIS, Emeritus Associate Professor of English

RICHARD LINCOLN, Emeritus Associate Professor of Art

ANNE L. LIND, Emeritus Assistant Professor of Nursing

JOHN F. LOUD, Emeritus Associate Professor of Russian and Latin

HAROLD L. LUNGER, Emeritus Professor of Christian Ethics

RICHARD J. LYSIAK, Emeritus Associate Professor of Physics

PEGGY MAYFIELD, Emeritus Associate Professor of Nursing

MALCOLM D. McLEAN, Emeritus Professor of Spanish

GRADY McWHINEY, Emeritus Professor of History

MARGARET C. McWHORTER, Emeritus Assistant Professor of Design, Merchandising and Textiles

JOHN L. MERRILL, Emeritus Director of Ranch Management

ALISON FINNEY MORELAND, Emeritus Instructor of Nursing

HARRISON M. MOSELEY, Emeritus Professor of Physics

JAMES M. MOUDY, Chancellor Emeritus

A. FRANKLIN MURPH, Emeritus Professor of Decision Sciences

WALTER R. NAFF, Emeritus Assistant Professor of Ministerial Practice

JAMES W. NEWCOMER, Vice Chancellor Emeritus

LOIS TURNER NEWELL, Emeritus Assistant Professor of Home Economics

MARYLEE NORRIS, Emeritus Assistant Professor of Communication Pathology

ROBERT A. OLSEN,JR., Emeritus Brite Divinity School Librarian

ROGER C. PFAFFENBERGER, Emeritus Professor of Decision Sciences

VERA PHILLIPS, Emeritus Assistant Professor of Nursing

BEN H. PROCTER, Emeritus Professor of History

ELIZABETH PROFFER, Emeritus Dean of Students

KENNETH R. RAESSLER, Emeritus Professor of Music

JACK RASKOPF, Emeritus Associate Professor of Journalism

WILLIAM W. RAY, Emeritus Associate Professor of Geography

NORMAN REMLEY, Emeritus Professor of Psychology

FRANK T. REUTER, Emeritus Professor of History

ANTHONY RIVARES, Emeritus Professor of Spanish

NELL B. ROBINSON, Emeritus Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics

GLENN C. ROUTT, Emeritus Associate Professor of Theology

J. CY ROWELL, Emeritus Professor of Religious Education

NANCY C. SAYNER, Emeritus Associate Professor of Nursing

PATRICIA D. SCEARSE, Emeritus Professor and Dean of Harris College of Nursing

FERNANDO SCHAFFENBURG, Emeritus Professor of Ballet

IRA J. SCHANTZ, Emeritus Associate Professor of Voice

JAKE M. SCHRUM, Emeritus Associate Director of Ranch Management

E. LEIGH SECREST, Emeritus Professor of Decision Sciences and Emeritus Vice Chancellor for Fiscal Affairs

STANLEY ALLEN SELF, Emeritus Professor of Management

EMMET G. SMITH, Emeritus Professor of Organ and Church Music

J. DURWARD SMITH, Emeritus Associate Professor of Biology

WILLIAM SMITH, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry

MARJORIE T. STANLEY, Emeritus Professor of Finance

CAROL A. STEPHENSON, Emeritus Associate Professor of Nursing

DANNA E. STRENGTH, Emeritus Associate Professor of Nursing

BEN STRICKLAND, Emeritus Professor of Education

GEORGE T. TADE, Emeritus Professor and Dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communication

WILMA JEAN TADE, Emeritus Instructor in Communication Pathology

GARY TATE, Emeritus Professor of English

PRISCILLA W. TATE, Emeritus Associate Dean of AddRan College of Arts and Sciences

JOHN TOULIATOS, Emeritus Professor of Education

STANLEY TRACHTENBERG, Emeritus Professor of English

WILLIAM E. TUCKER, Chancellor Emeritus

C. RICHARD WAITS, Emeritus Professor of Economics

PAUL G. WASSENICH, Emeritus Professor of Religion

WILLIAM H. WATSON, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry

MARGIE J. WEST, Emeristus Professor of Art

HOWARD G. WIBLE, Emeritus Vice Chancellor

CLOTILDA WINTER, Emeritus Professor of Education

HARRIET RISK WOLDT, Emeritus Associate Professor of Cello and Theory

JOHN WOLDT, Emeritus Professor of Music History and Theory

DONALD E. WORCESTER, Emeritus Professor of History

B. STEPHANIE WOODS-RAND, Emeritus Associate Professor of Ballet

JOHN L. WORTHAM, Emeritus Professor of Economics

Texas Christian University