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Graduate Admission Philosophy
Completed Application Checklist for Admission
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The mission of the School of Education is to develop effective, ethical educators with a passion for learning. We meet that mission at TCU by offering excellent graduate programs taught in small classes by professors who know our students well and are able to design experiences so that each student can grow personally and professionally and become leaders in their field.


The School of Education offers a Master of Education, a Ph.D.,and a MBA/Ed.D. Master of Education degrees are offered in Elementary Education, Counseling, Secondary Education, Special Education, Educational Foundations, and Educational Administration.

TCU's School of Education offers a Ph.D. in Educational Studies: Science Education. This Ph.D. prepares students to engage in high quality original scholarship. Recipients will have the knowledge and skills to assume college faculty positions with responsibility in teaching undergraduate/graduate science education courses and community college level science courses, and participate in science education research or district and state-level leadership positions in science education.

TCU's School of Education and the M. J. Neeley School of Business have created a comprehensive program that integrates a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a Doctorate in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.) effectively combining the best of business and educational disciplines.

Graduate Admission Philosophy

The graduate programs in the School of Education reflect the complexity of Education as a professional field and, thus, require a holistic approach to the admissions process. No one criterion or set of criteria adequately predicts the probability of a student's success in these graduate programs or the professional endeavors that they are studying.

With this in mind, the University Admissions standards stated in the graduate catalog will be used as a benchmark. Students who do not meet these standards may provide alternative evidence in the form of GRE scores, scores on the Miller Analogies Test, or strong advocacy from a faculty member familiar with the student's work (if the student has taken courses at TCU).

In addition to the University standards, the School of Education understands that the serious responsibility educators assume in the lives of children requires consideration of the applicant's legal and ethical conduct and emotional stability.

Graduate education assumes competence and knowledge at a baccalaureate level. The School of Education asks that all applicants provide evidence of sufficient undergraduate preparation and competence for the degree sought.

Completed Application Checklist for Admission

Because applications are considered in light of multiple criteria, incomplete applications cannot be accepted. A complete application consists of:

1. The completed Application Form from the website or hard copy.
2. An essay stating your reasons for applying to the Graduate Program. (200 words or less)
3. One official transcript from each college or university previously attended, sent directly to the Office of Graduate Studies from the university or college. (TCU transcripts not required)
4. One letter of recommendation attesting to your character and ethical conduct from a person who knows you well. (Include contact information for follow-up).
5. Two letters of recommendation attesting to your competence, character and ethical conduct in professional settings. (Include contact information for follow-up).
6. Official TOEFL scores for non-native English speakers.
7. Evidence of current criminal record search.
8. For the Counseling Program, a personal interview.
9. (For the major in Science Education only) recent acceptable Graduate Record Examination scores,
10. (For major in Science Education only) a writing sample, 10-15 pages, exclusive of notes and works cited, that demonstrates appropriate academic writing skills needed for success in a graduate program
11. Application fee of $50 (Made payable to TCU).

An online TCU School of Education application form may be accessed through

*TCU Students selected to pursue the Three-Two Option should contact the Office of Graduate Studies in the School of Education for an application.

Admission Deadlines

The following deadlines are for consideration of complete applications:

November 16 -- last day to complete applications for spring admission.

March 16 -- last day to complete applications for summer admission.

July 16 -- last day to complete applications for fall admission.

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