Computer Information Technology Requirements for the B.S. degree with a major in Computer Information Technology
Requirements for a minor in Computer Information Technology
Honors Program
Student Organizations
Pass/No Credit Option
Courses of Instruction


Computer Information Techonology is available as a major on the B.S. degree and as a minor on the B.A. and B.S. degrees.

Requirements for the B.S. degree with a major in Computer Information Technology

Forty semester hours of Computer Information Technology and Computer Science to include COSC 10403, 20203, 20803, 30603; CITE 30103, 30153, 30333, 30363, 30533, 40643, 40993 and 7 hours of approved COSC or CITE electives. No more than 4 hours of CITE 20970 may be counted toward these requirements.

Additional requirements include:

MATH 10043 or INSC 20153
MATH 10123
MATH 10283 or 10524
COMM 10123 or 20103
INSC 20263
MARK 30153
MANA 30153
INSC 30153

A minimum of 124 semester hours is required for this degree.

Requirements for a minor in Computer Information Technology

Eighteen hours of COSC and CITE courses including: COSC 10403, COSC 20203, COSC 20803, CITE 30533, and an additional 6 hours selected from 30000 and 40000 courses.

Honors Program

Computer Science and Computer Information Technology majors who are members of the Honors Program and who have a minimum 3.5 GPA in the major may pursue Departmental Honors by enrolling in COSC 50970 during the fall of their senior year and preparing a Senior Honors Project.

Student Organizations

Association for Computing Machinery. The department sponsors a student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), an international organization for computer scientists.

IEEE/CS. The department sponsors a student chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers/Computer Society, an international organization for computer scientists.

Upsilon Pi Epsilon. The department sponsors a chapter of Upsilon Pi Epsilon, the International Honor Society for the Computing Sciences.

Sigma Xi. The department is a sponsor of the TCU chapter of Sigma Xi, the Honor Society for Research in the Natural Sciences.

Pass/No Credit Option

Students declaring a major in Computer Information Technology may not elect the Pass/No Credit option in any CITE or COSC classes with the exception of CITE 40453. There are no P/NC restrictions in the minor.

Courses of Instruction

CITE 10003 Applying Technology to Disasters, Failures, and Other Dangerous Things. This course focuses on how we can develop technological solutions to problems by applying the scientific method to the study of major technological accidents and failures. The lecture material will be augmented by laboratory experiences where the student will be able to experiment with some common everyday complex systems and study their failures under carefully controlled conditions.

CITE 10303 Internet for Everyone. Introduction to the layout and design of Web Pages and Web Sites, along with the effective use of image editing tools, email, and search engines. Legal issues will be discussed. This course is intended for non-majors. Students cannot receive credit for both CITE 10303 and INSC 10013.

CITE 10433 Freshman Seminar in Computer Information Science. Topics may vary each time the course is offered.

CITE 20503 Multimedia Authoring. Prerequisites: COSC 20203. A general introduction to the history, theory, and technologies that relate to electronic communication. Topics will include the fundamental multimedia elements of text, graphics, sound, video, and animation. Students will participate in team projects designed to create materials for publication on the Internet and CD-ROM.

CITE 20970 Topics in Computer Information Technology. Prerequisite: COSC 20203. Topics of current interest. May be repeated for credit when the topic changes. (1-3 semester hours)

CITE 30103 System and Network Administration. Prerequisites: COSC 20203. Overview of operating system services and objectives. Installation and maintenance of Unix, Windows, and Macintosh operating systems. Issues in heterogeneous and homogeneous network maintenance and resource sharing. Introduction to scripting.

CITE 30153 Interface Design and Scripting Fundamentals. Prerequisites: COSC 20203. Fundamental principles of interface design. Using scripts to assemble existing programs into new applications. Topics include GUI and web site design, and cgi-bin applications utilizing platform independent scripting languages.

CITE 30333 Database Administration. Prerequisite: COSC 30603. Introduction to the database administration in both small and large-scale database operations. Course focuses on the setup, analysis and maintenance of relational databases used in modern applications.

CITE 30363 Web Technologies. Prerequisite: COSC 30603 or consent of instructor. This course will provide an overview of current web technologies. The student will study both client-side and server-side technologies and will learn about web authoring, site management, and distributed web-based applications. The course will include a review of XHTML, CSS, client and server-side processing followed by in-depth coverage of JSP and Java Servlets, database connectivity, and distributed web applications. XML, web streaming technologies, topics on the wireless web will also be included. Projects will be required that demonstrate the student's understanding of these technologies and that utilize several of the commercially available software packages.

CITE 30533 Computers, Technology and Society. Prerequisite: none. In addition to the benefits from the introduction of new technologies, the costs and risks of such changes should be considered. Building on an overview of informal logic, class discussions will examine the social, political, legal, and ethical aspects of technology, with an emphasis on computer technology. Experimental activities and selected readings will provide a basis for the discussion. Credit will not be given for both COSC 10433 and CITE 30533.

CITE 30703 Instructional Systems Development. Prerequisites: CITE 30153. This course provides students with a foundation in the history, theory, organization, technologies and instructional procedures used in distance education/training. Various delivery systems that pertain to distance learning will be investigated as will future trends in training/instructional applications.

CITE 40353 Computer Hardware Concepts. Prerequisites: COSC 20203 and MATH 10123. Introduction to the design and operation of hardware systems that include embedded microcontrollers and/or microprocessors, and the programming techniques required to control hardware systems. After providing an overview of analog and digital circuit theory, the course focuses on the design and operation of the interfaces between the controller(s)/processor(s) and the rest of the hardware.

CITE 40453 Computing Internship. Prerequisites: Junior standing, 2.5 GPA in major, and approval of department chair. Practical experience in computer and information science. Must include a minimum of 260 work hours in approved practical experience situation. Includes 7-8 hours of class meetings. This course may only be taken pass/no credit. Open to CISC, CITE and COSC majors only.

CITE 40643 Issues in Project Management. Prerequisites: Credit for, or concurrent enrollment in COSC 30603. This course presents an introduction to the issues involved in managing projects that are technology-based. Principles of project development, trade-off issues through the project life-cycle, and professional ethics will be covered. Team projects are included.

CITE 40773 Administering Computer Resources. Prerequisites: CITE 30103. Tasks of the computer center manager are studied in the context of the role of administrative decision maker. Management processes, models for tradeoff decisions, behavior concepts, leadership, team dynamics, and infrastructures are covered. Both centralized and distributed models with multiple platforms and networked delivery are considered.

CITE 40913 Advanced Topics in Computer Information Technology. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor. Advanced topics of current interest. Students will study current literature. May be repeated for credit when the topic changes.

CITE 40993 Senior Development Project. Prerequisite: CITE 40643. Senior computer information technology majors are required to demonstrate their mastery of several computer science and information technology topics and their ability to communicate the results of their efforts to others. They are required to identify and analyze a computer development task, develop and implement a workable solution for its development, and then document the results of their efforts.

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