Enviromental Earth Resources Requirements for a B.S. degree with a major in Environmental Earth Resources
Pass/No Credit Option


Administered by the Department of Geology and available as a major on the B.S. degree. Intended for students seeking a degree that combines environmental geology, GIS, and satellite imagery for mapping earth resources.

Requirements for a B.S. degree with a major in Environmental Earth Resources

34 hours in Geology and 17 hours from related science/math departments.

A. Required Geology/Enviromental Science courses-20 hours

ENSC 10143 Principales of Environmental Science
GEOL 10113 Understanding the Earth
GEOL 30213 Mineralogy
GEOL 30423 Structural Geology
GEOL 40393 Environmental Earth Resources
GEOL 50712 Environmental Geology
GEOL 50721 Geographic Information Systems
GEOL 50731 Remote Sensing Technology
GEOL 50901 Computer Applications in Geology

B. 14 more required hours from the following options:

ENSC 40193 Environmental Stewardship Seminar
GEOL 30113 Weather and Climate
GEOL 30133 Earth History I
GEOL 30143 Earth History II
GEOL 30153 Geology of National Parks
GEOL 30203 Catastrophes, Controversies, Genesis and Geology
GEOL 30223 Petrology
GEOL 30233 The Rock Cycle
GEOL 30243 Sedimentology
GEOL 30323 Introduction to Marine Science
GEOL 40413 Map Interpretation
GEOL 40493 Geomorphology
GEOL 40893 Senior Thesis
GEOL 40970 Special Problems in Geology
GEOL 50361 Basic Well Log Interpretation
GEOL 50423 Petroleum Geology
GEOL 50493 Physical Hydrology
GEOL 50593 Hydrologic Modeling
GEOL 50863 Spatial Analysis
GEOL 50602 Preparation of Environmental Impact Statements
GEOL 50723 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
GEOL 50741 Image Processing
GEOL 50751 Image Interpretation
GEOL 50773 Introduction to Environmental Law
GEOL 50783 Environmental Chemistry
GEOL 50883 Introduction to Environmental Engineering Technology
GEOL 50912 Statistical Applications for Microcomputers
GEOL 50922 Mapping Applications for Microcomputers

C. Additional associated requirements -17 hours:

BIOL 10003 Contemporary Issues in Biology
CHEM 10113 General Chemistry
COSC 10403 Introduction to Programming
MATH 10524 Calculus I
PHYS 10154 Physics I

D. Approved electives: In science, math or computer science as approved by the advisor.

The total hours required for the B.S. degree with a major in Environmental Earth Resources is 132 semester hours.

Pass/No Credit Option

Courses in the major and minor, if any, must be taken for letter grades

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