General Studies Program Degree Requirements
Pass/No Credit Option


A program leading to a Bachelor of General Studies (B.G.S.) degree is available for students whose educational goals may not be realized by traditional degree programs of the University. This program does not include a major or minor but does require that a student satisfy all general university requirements and have an emphasis of at least 24 hours. Emphasis areas are restricted to those that allow non-majors to take advanced level (30000 level or above) courses. Degree plans must be approved by the Director of General Studies.

Degree Requirements

In addition to satisfying the TCU Core Curriculum Requirements, students must take:

1. A total of 124 semester hours with at least 45 semester hours taken at TCU.

2. A minimum of 24 semester hours in an emphasis area approved by the Director of General Studies.

3. Thirty-six semester hours at the advanced level (30000 level or above) with 24 or more of these advanced hours being taken at TCU. A minimum of 12 semester hours must be in the emphasis area.

The last 30 semester hours for the degree must be taken at TCU.

Pass/No Credit Option

Courses in the emphasis area must be taken for letter grades.

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