Neuroscience Requirements
Pass/No Credit Option

Available as a major on the B.S. degree.

This interdisciplinary major is built upon the understanding of basic principles in neuroscience. Neuroscience blends areas within Psychology, Biology and Chemistry which converge on the understanding of the brain and its relationship to the behavior and physiology of living organisms. A total of 132 semester hours is required. Students may obtain information and/or advisement from the Department of Psychology.


The program consists of the following requirements:

1. BIOLOGY-20 hours

A. Required Courses, 8 hours:

BIOL 10504 Principles of Life Sciences
BIOL 10514 Principles of Life Sciences

B. Minimum of 12 hours selected from:

BIOL 30303 Microbiology
BIOL 30404 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
BIOL 30603 Cellular, Molecular and Developmental Biology
BIOL 40123 Genetics
BIOL 40203 Histology
BIOL 40404 General Animal Physiology

2. CHEMISTRY-23 hours

A. Required Courses, 18 hours:

CHEM 10113-10125 General Chemistry or
CHEM 10123-20123 Chemistry
CHEM 30122 Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 30123-30133 Organic Chemistry
CHEM 30132 Organic Qualitative Analysis

B. Minimum of 6 hours selected from:

CHEM 50133 Biochemistry
CHEM 50143 Biochemistry
CHEM 50502 Biochemistry Laboratory
CHEM 50993 Neurochemistry

3. PSYCHOLOGY-23 hours

A. Required Courses, 8 hours:

PSYC 10514 Principles of Behavior I
PSYC 10524 Principles of Behavior II

B. Minimum of 6 hours selected from:

PSYC 30363 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 30414 Experimental Psychology: Learning
PSYC 30423 Experimental Psychology: Perception
PSYC 30433 Experimental Psychology: Motivation
PSYC 30503 Behavioral Research

C. Minimum of 9 hours selected from:

PSYC 30463 Physiological Psychology
PSYC 30483 Neuropsychology
PSYC 50463 Fundamentals of Neuroscience
PSYC 50472 Laboratory in Physiological Psychology and Neuroscience
PSYC 50482 Laboratory in Physiological Psychology and Neuroscience
PSYC 50513 Psychopharmacology

4. PHYSICS-8 hours

PHYS 10154 General Physics I
PHYS 10164 General Physics II

5. MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTER SCIENCE-Minimum of 6 hours selected from

MATH 10043 Elementary Statistics
MATH 10524 Calculus I
COSC 10403 Introduction to Programming

Pass/No Credit Option

Pass/No Credit is acceptable for couses in the major and minor, if any.

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