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Board of Trustees

An educational corporation first chartered by the State of Texas on April 11, 1874, the University is controlled by a Board of Trustees. They may number from 24 to 50, at least one-sixth of whom and not more than one-half less one, shall be members in good standing of some local congregation of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The trustees nominate and elect their own members as terms expire or vacancies occur. Members serve for four-year terms. In June 2007 members were:

Term Expires Annual Spring Meeting 2011

F. Howard Walsh, Jr., Since 1983, Fort Worth
Ann M. Jones, Since 1988, Albany
J. Kelly Cox, Since 1990, Midland
Kay Fortson, Since 1995, Fort Worth
Alan D. Friedman, Since 1997, Dallas
Patricia Penrose Schieffer, Since 1999, Washington, D.C.
Matthew K. Rose, Since 2002, Fort Worth
Mary Ralph Lowe, Since 2003, Fort Worth

Term Expires Annual Spring Meeting 2010

Ronald W. Clinkscale, Since 1985, Fort Worth
William E. Steele III, Since 1986, Fort Worth
J. Roger King, Since 1992, Fort Worth
Jerry J. Ray, Since 1992, Austin
Allie Beth Allman, Since 1998, Dallas
Brenda A. Cline, Since 1998, Fort Worth
Roy C. Snodgrass III, Since 1998, Austin
Lou Hill Davidson, Since 2002, Washington, D.C.
J. Roger Williams, Since 2002, Weatherford
Mark L. Johnson, Since 2002, Fort Worth
John Wooldridge, Since 2006 (Alumni Assn. Rep.), Houston

Term expires Annual Spring Meeting 2009

A. R. "Buddy" Dike, Since 1985, Fort Worth
Clarence Scharbauer III, Since 1990, Midland
Kade L. Matthews, Since 1993, Clarendon
Lissa N. Wagner, Since 1993, Midland
Robert J. Wright, Since 1993, Dallas
Billy Rosenthal, Since 1997, Fort Worth
Peter L. Bermont, Since 2001, Miami, FL
John F. Davis III, Since 2001, Dallas
Ronald C. Parker, Since 2001, Plano
Sarah Hales Smith, Since 2001, Austin
Kenneth J. Huffman, Since 2005, Newtown Square, PA

Term Expires Annual Spring Meeting 2008

Robert A. Buschman, Since 1975, San Antonio
G. Malcolm Louden, Since 1980, Fort Worth
J. Luther King, Jr., Since 1992 (Chairman of the Board 2005-), Dallas
Roger A. Ramsey, Since 1992, Houston
Joan G. Rogers, Since 1996, Fort Worth
Edgar H. Schollmaier, Since 1996, Fort Worth
Charlie L. Geren, Since 2000, Fort Worth
Marcia Fuller French, Since 2004, Fort Worth
Nick A. Giachino, Since 2004, Chicago, IL
Amy E. Roach, Since 2004, Fort Worth
Jan Tucker Scully (Alumni Assoc. Rep.), Since 2004, Fort Worth
Rick L Wittenbraker, Since 2004, Houston
Kit Tennison Moncrief, Since 2005, Fort Worth

Ex-Officio Members

R. Vance Dell, President TCU National Alumni Board, Fort Worth
Dani Loving Cartwright, Regional Minister, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the Southwest, Fort Worth

Emeritus Board Members

R. Denny Alexander, Fort Worth
Louis H. Barnett, Fort Worth
Eugene W. Brice, Fort Worth
Ben J. Fortson, Fort Worth
Marvin Gearhart, Fort Worth
Spencer Hays, Nashville, TN
Dee J. Kelly, Fort Worth
R. Bruce LaBoon, Houston
John W. Long, Austin
Frank J. Medanich, Dallas
L.A.J. Monroe, Houston
J. C. Pace, Jr., Fort Worth
John V. Roach, (Chairman of the Board, 1990-2005), Fort Worth
Deedie Potter Rose, Fort Worth
Mary Louise Rowand, Fort Worth
Ruth Carter (Mrs. John) Stevenson, Fort Worth
Vernell Sturns, Fort Worth
Edwin F. Whited, Santa Fe, NM
S. Patrick Woodson III, Fort Worth

Honorary Board Members

Anne W. Marion, Fort Worth
W.A. "Tex" Moncrief, Jr., Fort Worth

Officers of the Board

Chair J. Luther King, Jr.
Vice Chair Clarence Scharbauer III
Secretary Karen M. Baker

Chancellor's Cabinet

Victor J. Boschini, Jr., B.A., M.A., Ed.D -- Chancellor & Professor of Education
R. Nowell Donovan, B.Sc., Ph.D. -- Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs & Charles B. Moncrief Chair of Geology
Brian G. Gutierrez, B.B.A., M.P.A. -- Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration
Larry D. Lauer, B.A., M.A., -- Vice Chancellor for Marketing and Communication & Assistant Professor of Communication
Donald B. Mills, B.A., M.Div., Ph.D. -- Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Donald J. Whelan, Jr., B.S., EMIB -- Vice Chancellor for University Advancement
Daniel B. Morrison, Jr., B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D. -- Director of Athletics
James R. Hille, B.S., M.B.A., C.F.A. -- Chief Investment Officer
Karen M. Baker, B.A. -- Assistant to the Chancellor
Tracy Syler-Jones, B.A. -- Associate Vice Chancellor for Marketing and Communication
Michael H. Scott, B.F.A., M.B.A. -- Director of Scholarships and Financial Aid

Academic Administrators

Raymond A. Brown, B.A., M.A. -- Dean of Admissions
Ruben D. Chanlatte, B.A., M.B.A. -- Associate Provost for Technology Support
Samuel M. Deitz, B.A.E., M.A.E., Ph.D. -- Dean of School of Education
David T. Edmondson, B.B.A., M.S.D.D. -- Associate Provost of Information Services
Paulette Burns -- B.S.N, M.S., Ph.d. -- Dean of Harris College of Nursing
Michael D. McCracken, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. -- Dean of College Science and Engineering
Bonnie E. Melhart, B.A., M.S., Ph.D. -- Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Computer Science
Leo W. Munson, B.A., M.S., Ph.D. -- Associate Provost for Academic Support
June Koelker, B.A., M.L.S., M.B.A., Ph.D. -- Dean of the Library
F. Andrew Schoolmaster, III, B.s., M.A., Ph.D. -- Dean of AddRan College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Ann C. Sewell, B.A., M.A., M.B.A., Ph.D.-- Associate Provost for Academic Planning
and Budgeting
Daniel G. Short, B.S., M.B.A., Ph.D. -- Dean of M.J. Neeley School of Business
William T. Slater, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. -- Dean of College of Communication
Scott A. Sullivan, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. -- Dean of College of Fine Arts


Raymond A. Brown, B.A., A.M. -- Dean of Admission
D. James Atwood, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. -- Assistant to the Dean
Betsey Hayes, B.A., M.Ed. -- Assistant Director of Admission, California
Victoria Herrera, B.A., M.L.A. -- Regional Director of Admission - Houston
John Householder, B.S., M.B.A. -- Director of Operations
Tyrone Jimmison, B.S. -- Admission Counselor
Joael Kelly, B.S. -- Director of Transfer Admission
Sandra Mackey -- Director of Administrative Services
Michael Marshall, B.A. -- Admission Counselor
Mike Mooneyham, B.B.A. -- Admission Counselor
Candace Morrison, B.S. -- Admission Systems Administrator and Business Analyst
Elizabeth Perkins, B.S. -- Director of Admission Marketing and Communication
Jill Sangl, B.S. -- Assistant Director of Admission, Chicago
Karen Lind Scott, B.S., M.L.A. -- Director of International Admission
Brittney Smith, B.A. -- Admission Counselor
Emily Sullivan, B.S. -- Admission Counselor
Brooke Vining, B.A., M.Ed. -- Assistant Director of Admission
Wes Waggoner, B.A., M.B.A. -- Director of Freshman Admission
Carrie Wright-Brown, B.S., M.L.A. -- Assistant Director of Admission

Affirmative Action

Darron Turner, B.S. M.S. -- AA Officer
Jill Laster B.A., M.Ed., A.R.M. -- Deputy AA Officer

Assessment Office

Catherine Wehlburg, B.S., M.Ed., Ph.D. -- Director


Daniel B. Morrison, Jr., B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D. -- Director of Athletics
Monica Ray -- Executive Assistant to the Athletic Director
Courtney Holm -- Special Events Coordinator for Athletics
Jack Hesselbrock, B.S., M.B.A. -- Associate Director of Athletics
Davis Babb, B.S. -- Associate Director of Athletics
Marcy Girton, B.S., M.A., M.S. -- Associate Director of Athletics
T. Ross Bailey, M.Ed. -- Associate Director of Athletics
Scott Kull, B.B.A., M.A. -- Associate Director of Athletics
Kyle Brennan, B.A., J.D. -- Director of Compliance
Kyle Yates, B.S. -- Compliance Coordinator
Mark Cohen, B.A. -- Director of Media Relations
Drew Harris, B.A. -- Associate Media Relations Director
Brandie Davidson, B.S., M.L.A., Media Relations Assistant
____________________ -- Assistant Media Relations Director
____________________-- Director of Marketing
Kelly Imig, B.S. -- Assistant Director of Marketing
Brent Lubahn, B.B.A. -- Assistant Director of Marketing
_________________ -- Assistant Director of Marketing
Tommy C. Love, B.A. -- Athletics Business Manager
Jeanette Bradley -- Assistant to the Business Manager
Chris Uchacz, B.A., M.A. -- Director of Athletic Academic Support
Donna Shepherd -- Assistant to Academic Support
Laurie Fetter, B.A., M.A. -- Athletic Academic Advisor, Learning Specialist
Shawn Worthen, B.B.A. -- Athletic Academic Advisor
Judy Golden, B.S., M.L.A. -- Athletic Academic Advisor
Kathy Raines, B.A., M.A. -- NCAA CHAMPS Life Skills Coordinator
Sam Haraldson, B.S., M.D. -- Team Physician
Chris Hall, B.S., M.L.A. -- Director of Sports Medicine
Kristen Monahan Brooks, B.S., M.S. -- Assistant Athletics Trainer
David Gable, B.S., M.S. -- Assistant Athletics Trainer
Andrew Klock, B.S., M.E.S.S. -- Assistant Athletics Trainer
Danny Wheat, B.S. -- Assistant Athletics Trainer
Sean Conner, B.S. -- Athletics Ticket Operations Manager
Chip Heiss, Jr., B.S. -- Customer Relations Manager
Phyllis Ballinger, B.S., M.E. -- Ticket Office Assistant
Don Sommer, B.S., M.S., M.S.C.C. -- Director of Strength and Conditioning
Matt Parker, B.S. -- Strength and Conditioning Coach
Joe Walker, B.A., M.S. -- Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Brandon Johnson, B.S. -- Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Kyle Wallis, B.S. -- Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Mike Martin, B.S. -- Video Coordinator
Sam Cromley, B.S. -- Assistant Video Coordinator

ISP Sports
Rudy Klancnik -- General Manager
Jaclyn Rodriquez -- Senior Account Executive
Jake Baskin -- Account Executive

Jim Schlossnagle, B.A. -- Head Baseball Coach
Todd Whitting, B.S. -- Assistant Baseball Coach
Matt Siegel, B.S. -- Assistant Baseball Coach
Mike Dilley, B.A., M.L.A. -- Director of Baseball Operations

Basketball - Men's
Neil Dougherty, B.A., M.Ed. -- Head Men's Basketball Coach
Chris Crutchfield, B.S., M.A. -- Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
Rick Callahan, B.S., M.S. -- Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
Jeff Luster, B.S. -- Assistant Men's Basketball Coach

Basketball - Women's
Jeff Mittie, B.A., M.S. -- Head Women's Basketball Coach
Larry Tidwell, B.A., M.Ed. -- Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
Tricia Porter, B.B.A., M.L.A. -- Director of Basketball Operations
Yolanda Wells-Broughton, B.A., M.S. -- Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
Tonya Benton, B.S. -- Assistant Women's Basketball Coach

Gary Patterson, B.A., M.A. -- Head Football Coach
Mike Sinquefield, B.G.S. -- Director of Football Operations
Drew Myers, B.A., M.E.D., Assistant Director of Football Operations
Jarrett Anderson, B.A., M.L.A. -- Assistant Football Coach
Richard Bumpas, B.S. -- Assistant Football Coach
Dick Winder, B.S., M.S. -- Assistant Football Coach
Charles McMillian, B.S. -- Assistant Football Coach
Chad Glasgow, B.S. -- Assistant Football Coach
Mike Schultz, B.A.-- Assistant Football Coach
Dan Sharp, B.A., M.L.A. -- Assistant Football Coach
Eddie Williamson, B.A., M.A. -- Assistant Football Coach
Tony Tademy, B.S. -- Assistant Football Coach

Golf - Men's
Bill Montigel, B.A., M.S. -- Men's Golf Coach

Golf - Women's
Angie Ravaioli-Larkin, B.A. -- Women's Golf Coach
Nicole Harris, B.A. -- Assistant Women's Golf Coach

Karen Monez, A.A. -- Women's Rifle Coach

Dan Abdalla, B.A. -- Head Soccer Coach (Women's)
Mark Plakorus, B.S. -- Assistant Soccer Coach (Women's)
Michelle Royal, B.S., M.Ed. -- Assistant Soccer Coach (Women's)

Richard Sybesma, B.S., M.L.A. -- Head Swimming Coach (Men's and Women's)
Kristina Straface, B.A. -- Assistant Swimming Coach (Men's and Women's)
Erin Goodhart, B.A. -- Assistant Swimming Coach (Women's)

Tennis - Men's
Joey Rive, B.S. -- Men's Tennis Coach
Jeff Beaman, B.S. -- Assistant Men's Tennis Coach

Tennis - Women's
Dave Borelli, B.A., J.D. -- Head Women's Tennis Coach
Jeff Hammond, B.A. -- Assistant Women's Tennis Coach

Darryl Anderson, B.S., M.S. -- Head Track Coach
D'Andre Hill, B.A. -- Assistant Track Coach
Patrick Cunniff, B.A. -- Assistant Track Coach
John Kenneson, B.S., M.Ed. -- Assistant Track Coach
James Thomas, B.S. -- Assistant Track Coach

Prentice Lewis, B.A. -- Head Women's Volleyball Coach
Jason Tanaka, B.A. -- Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach
Linda Hampton, B.S. -- Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach

Stacey Schirato, B.S. -- Showgirls
_______________ -- Cheerleading

Business Services

Travis Cook -- Director of Business Services
Patti Sellers -- Telecommunications Coordinator
Glen Bradford -- Manager Printing Services
Glen Hulme, B.A., M.L.A. -- Manager Mailing Services & Post Office
Vince Pankey, B.F.A. -- Conference Services Manager

Center for Academic Services

Marsha Ramsey, B.S., M.A. -- Director
Stacy Moore-Helms, B.A., M.Ed. -- Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities
April Brown, B.S., M.Ed. -- Academic Advisor
Cheryl Cantu-Mireles, B.S., M.Ed. -- Academic Advisor
Kathleen Sullivan Porter, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. -- Academic Advisor
Donna Schonerstedt, B.A. -- Academic Advisor

William H. Koehler Center for Teaching Excellence

Jeff King, Ed.D -- Director
Romana Hughes, B.A.A.S. -- Coordinator of eLearning Initiatives
Wade Couturiaux, B.S. -- Instructional Design Assistant
Kerrie Conover, B.F.A. -- Instructional Design Assistant

Chancellor's Office

Karen M. Baker, B.A. -- Assistant to the Chancellor
Ann Louden, B.A., M.L.A. -- Chancellor's Assistant for External Relations
Vacancy -- Assistant to the Chancellor
Sheri Miller, B.S.H.E., M.B.A. -- Chancellor's Special Events Coordinator

Extended Education

David Grebel, B.A., M.Div., M.A. -- Director
Julia Lovett, B.S., M.Ed. -- Assistant Director
Susan M. Harris, B.S. -- Coordinator, Special Programs
Judith Shannon, B.A. -- Coordinator, Special Programs

Finance and Administration

Brian G. Gutierrez, B.B.A., M.P.A., C.P.A. -- Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration/Treasurer
Richard (Dick) P. Hoban, B.B.A., C.P.A -- Assistant Treasurer

Financial Analysis and Property Management

Donna M. Traylor, B.S., C.P.A. -- Director

Financial Services

Wendy Crowley, B.S. -- Director of Student Financial Services
Brad Davis, B.B.A., C.P.A. -- Student Financial Systems and Collections Administrator
Roger Fuller, B.A. -- Director of Purchasing
Peg Meroney -- Director of Financial Operations
Henry Sanchez, B.B.A., M.B.A. -- Financial Systems Administrator
Tammy Tanner, B.B.A., M.S.A., C.P.A. -- Director of Accounting
Cheryl Wilson, B.B.A., C.P.A. -- Associate Vice Chancellor and Controller

Honors Program

Peggy W. Watson, B.A., M.A, Ph.D. -- Director
Katie Quinn, B.A., -- Academic Program Coordinator

Human Resources Office

Jill Laster, B.A., M.Ed., A.R.M. -- Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources and Risk Management
Patricia J. Jolley, B.S., M.L.A., C.C.P. -- Director of Compensation
Elaine Brown, B.B.A., C.C.P., P.H.R. -- Compensation Manager
Shari Barnes, B.S., M.L.A. -- Director of Employee Relations/Conflict Resolution Facilitator
Debby Watson, B.S. -- Director of Payroll Services
Susan Oakley, B.S., M.L.A. -- Human Resources Manager/Employment and Training
Tracy R. Thompson, B.S. -- Human Resources Manager/Benefits Coordinator
Darrell Littleberry, B.A., C.P.A. -- HRMS Administrator
Jenny Dick, B.B.A. -- HRIS Manager

Risk Management
Randal L. Cobb, B.S. -- Director of Safety
Jonathan G. Brown, B.S. -- Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator
Hao Tran, B.S., M.L.A. -- Workers' Compensation Coordinator

Institute of Behavioral Research

D. Dwayne Simpson, Ph.D. -- Director
Norma Bartholomew, M.A., M.Ed. -- Research Associate
Kirk Broome, Ph.D. -- Research Scientist
Donald F. Dansereau, Ph.D. -- Associate Director
Patrick M. Flynn, Ph.D. -- Deputy Director
Jack Greener, Ph.D. -- Research Scientist
George W. Joe, Ed.D. -- Associate Director
Danica Knight, Ph.D. -- Research Scientist
Kevin Knight, Ph.D. -- Research Scientist
Janis T. Morey, M.Ed. -- Research Associate
Grace Rowan-Szal, Ph.D. -- Research Scientist

Institutional Research

Susan G. Campbell, B.A. -- Director
Catherine L. Coghlan, A.B., M.S.S.W., Ph.D. -- Assistant Director

Instructional Services

Larry E. Kitchens, B.S., M.Ed. -- Director

Intensive English Program

Kurk Gayle, B.A., M.A. -- Director
Barbara Alvarez, B.S., M.A. -- Instructional Staff
Tom Crowell, Ph.D. -- Instructional Staff

International Studies: TCU Abroad

Jane Kucko, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. -- Director
Tracy Williams, B.A., M.A., A.B.D. -- Associate Director
Susan Layne, B.A., M.A. -- London Centre Coordinator
Lisa Thompson, B.A., M.S., M.A. -- London Centre Director
Lisa Ellor, B.A. -- Study Abroad Coordinator

Marketing and Communication

Larry Lauer, B.A., M.A. -- Vice Chancellor
Tracy Syler-Jones, B.A. -- Associate Vice Chancellor
Gorland Mar, B.F.A.-- Director of Publications
Margaret Kelly, B.A.-- Executive Director of Community Projects
Victor Neil, B.S. -- Director of Website Management
Dee Dodson, B.A. -- Senior Director of Advancement Communications
Nancy Bartosek, B.A. -- Director of Editorial Services
David Murph, B.A., M.Div., Ph.D. -- Director of Church Relations
Elizabeth Perkins, B.S. -- Director of Admission Marketing
Shawn Kornegay, B.S. -- Assistant Director of Communications
Sandra Hawk Record, B.A. -- Internal Communications Manager
Lisa Albert, B.S. -- Communications Specialist
John K. Maddox, B.A. -- Senior Art Director
Ma'lisa Yost Mann, B.S. -- Development Communications Editor
Allie Regan, B.F.A. -- Art Director
Tracy Bristol, B.F.A. -- Art Director
Rick Waters, B.S. -- Assistant Director of Editorial Services
Mark Wright, B.A. -- News Editor
Elaine Tubre, B.A., M.S. -- Assistant Director of Website Management
Kurt McQuiston, B.F.A., M.F.A. -- Web Graphic Designer/Developer

Mary Couts Burnett Library

June Koelker, B.A., M.L.S., M.B.A., Ph.D. - Dean of the Library
Cari Alexander, B.A., B.A., M.M., M.L.S. --Music Librarian
Brenda Barnes, B.S., M.S.L.S. -- Head of Reference
Charles Bellinger, B.S., M.A., PhD., M.S.L.S -- Brite Librarian
Walter Betts, B.M., MLS -- Systems Librarian
Diana Boerner, B.A., M.L.I.S. -- Reference/Business Librarian
Kerry Bouchard, B.A., M.F.A., M.L.S.--Director of Library Systems
Sara Dillard, B.A., M.A., M.S.L.S. -- Catalog Librarian
Vinita Dobson, B.A., M.S.L.S. -- Catalog Librarian
Claire Galloway, B.A., M.L.S. -- Archivist
Dennis Gibbons, B.A., M.L.S. -- Head, Collection Development
Stephanie Folse, B.A., M.A., M.L.I.S. -- Information Technology Librarian
Susan Hawk, B.A. M.A. -- Electronic Services Librarian
Tracy Hull, B.A., M.A., M.S.L.S -- Associate Dean of the Library
Michael Lampley, B.A., M.L.I.S. -- Periodicals Librarian
James Lutz, B.A., B.A., M.S.L.S. -- Director of Library Administrative Services
Dennis Odom, B.A., M.L.S. -- Head, Acquisitions
Roger Rainwater, B.A., M.A., M.L.S. -- Head, Special Collections
Laura Ruede, B.M., M.L.S. -- Van Cliburn Archivist
Cheryl Sassman, B.S., M.B.A. -- Head, Circulation
Sandra Schrag, B.A., M.L.S., M.S. -- Head, Interlibrary Loan
Sally Sorensen, B.A., M.S.L.S. -- Head, Cataloging
Laura Steinbach, B.F.A., M.F.A., M.L.S.-- Instruction Librarian
Michael Strom, B.A., M.A., M.L.I.S. -- Senior Archivist
________ -- Head, Government Information

Physical Plant

Willett R. Stallworth, P.E., B.S., M.S. (2) -- Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities
Richard T. Bryan, B. Arch, M.U.P. -- Associate Director, Operations
Harold J. Leeman, Jr., P.E., LEED AP, B.S., M.S.C.E. (2) -- Associate Director, Major Projects
David C. Mestemaker, B.S., M.A. -- Assistant Director of Physical Plant, Resources
Hollis Dyer, B.S. -- Assistant Director of Physical Plant, Building Maintenance
Robert Sulak, B.S. -- Assistant Director of Physical Plant, Landscaping and Grounds
Rex Bell, A.A. -- Assistant Director of Physical Plant, Mechanical Maintenance
George Bates, P.E., B.S., E.E. -- Assistant Director of Physical Plant, Electrical
Joseph Laster -- Director, Facility Services
Shelton Riley, B.A.F. -- Assistant Director, Facility Services
Paul Alan Hood, C.I.E., B.S. Eng. Tech. -- Project Engineer
David Hoyler, A.I.A., LEED AP, B.S. Arch. -- Project Architect
Donald W. Bruner, B. Arch. -- Project Manager
Jesus Rangel, Jr., P.E., B.S., M.B.A. -- Project Manager
Patrick Mucker, LEED AP, B.S. -- Project Manager
Lisa Aven, B.S. Interior Design, --Interior Designer
Lisa Hall, B.S. Interior Design -- Interior Designer
Dan Dehart, B.A.A.S. -- Purchasing Manager

Provost's Office

R. Nowell Donovan, B.Sc., Ph.D. -- Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Donna M. Johnson -- Assistant to the Provost and Vice Chancellor
Cindy Odiorne -- Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs


Patrick Miller, B.A., M.A. -- Registrar
Mary W. Kincannon, B.S. M.L.A. -- Associate Registrar
Vanessa Lanzarotti, B.G.S., M.B.A. -- Associate Registrar
Pamela J. Sanguinet, B.S., M.A., M.Ed. -- Manager, Academic Progress Services
Tiffany T. Wendt, B.S., M.B.A. -- Academic Audit Developer/Analyst

Research and Sponsored Projects

Jan M. Fox, B.B.A. -- Coordinator

Scholarships and Student Financial Aid

Michael H. Scott, B.F.A., M.B.A. -- Director
Victoria K. Chen, B.A., M.L.A. -- Associate Director
S. Kaye Derrick, B.S. -- Assistant Director
Melet Leafgreen, B.M., M.L.A. -- Assistant Director
Jolene Alonso, B.S.B. -- Assistant Director
Kathryn Blackham, B.B.A., M.L.A. -- Financial Aid Advisor
Trudy Conner, B.B.A. -- Financial Aid Advisor
Bianca Allen, B.A. -- Financial Aid Advisor
Debbie Mar -- Graduate Advisor

Student Affairs

Campus Life
Susan Adams, B.S., M.S. -- Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Dean of Campus Life
Mike Russel, B.S., M.Ed., M.B.A. -- Associate Dean of Campus Life
Glory Robinson, B.S., M.Ed. -- Associate Dean of Campus Life
James Parker, B.A., M.Ed. -- Assistant Dean of Campus Life
Tracy Tucker, B.S., M.L.A. -- Assistant Dean of Campus Life
Brook Somerton Scogin, B.F.A, B.S., M.A., -- Assistant Dean of Campus Life
Sarah Williamson, B.A., M.A., -- Assistant Director for Fraternity and Sorority Life
Kelsey Lemm, B.A., M.A., -- Program Coordinator for Fraternity and Sorority Life
John Schutts, B.S., M.Ed. -- Program Coordinator for Fraternity and Sorority Lfie
Larry Markley, B.A., M.A. -- Director of Student Center
Natalie Boone, B.S., M.S.Ed. -- Assistant Director of Student Center/Programming Council Advisor
Kim Appel, B.B.A., --Activities Coordinator
John Singleton, B.A., M.Ed. -- Director of International Student Services
Robert Soulliere, B.A., M.L.I.S, Assistant Director/Resource Librarian of International Student Services
Liz Branch, B.A., M.L.A., Student Advisor and Program Coordinator

Campus Police
Steve McGee, B.B.A., J.D. -- Chief
J.C. Williams -- Assistant Chief

Career Services
Patricia Bergmaier, B.S., M.S. -- Executive Director
Ann Reynolds, B.A., M.L.A. - Director
Kimshi Hickman, B.A., M.S. -- Associate Director
Vincent Battles, B.S., M.L.A., -- Associate Director
Vanden Thong, B.S., M.S. -- Assistant Director
Jenny Cureton, B.S., M.S. -- Assistant Director
Nicole Kinworthy, B.A., Recruitment Coordinator

Health Services
___________-- Director

Health Center
Mary Rae, M.D., F.A.C.E.P. -- Physician
Burton W. Schwartz, A.B., M.D., F.A.A.P. -- Staff Physician
Jane Torgerson, M.D., F.A.C.E.P -- Staff Physician
Johnnie Ireland, R.N.C., W.H.N.P. -- Nurse Practitioner
Wendell Geiger, P.A.-C, M.P.A.S. -- Physician Assistant Health Services
Georgia Payne, R.N.-- Head Nurse

Counseling Center
Linda Wolszen, Ph.D. -- Director
Robert Knipstein, M.D. -- Psychiatrist
Monica Kintigh, Ph.D. -- Licensed Counselor
John Koechel, Ph.D. -- Clinical Psychologist

Inclusiveness and Intercultural Services
Darron Turner, B.S., M.S. -- Associate Dean for Student Development
Greg Trevino,B.B.A., M.L.A. -- Assistant Director, Intercultural Education and Services
L. Deanne Chandler, B.A., M.A., Program Coordinator

Residential Services
Craig Allen, B.S., M.A. -- Director
Robin Williamson, B.S., M.Ed. -- Associate Director of Administration
Dave Cooper, B.S., M.S., Associate Director of Residence Life
Richard Oliver, B.G.S. -- Assistant Director of Facilities

Student Development Services
Barbara Brown Herman, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. -- Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Dean of Student Development
Kay Higgins, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. -- Associate Dean of Student Development and Director of Parent Programs, and Transfer Student Liaison
Cynthia Walsh, B.A., J.D. -- Assistant Dean of Student Development and Director of Center for Ethical Leadership and Responsible Citizenship
Carrie Zimmerman, B.A., M.Div. -- Assistant Dean of Student Development and Director of Gender Programs/Mentors/Allies
Charles Dunning, B.A., M.Ed. -- Director, TCU Transitions Program, Senior Year Liaison
Karen Anisman, B. A., M.A., -- Assistant Director, Center for Civic Literacy
John-Mark Day, B.A., M.S. -- Assistant Director, TCU Transitions/Sophomore Year Liaison
Sumer Jordan, B.S., M.S. -- Associate Director, TCU Transitions/Junior Year Liaison
Rosangela Klier Boyd, B.A., M.Ed, Ph.D, --Director, Center for Community Involvement and Service-Learning
Rebecca Murray, B.S., M.S. -- Assistant Director, TCU Transitions/First Year Liaison
Laura Thomas, B.S., M.A.-- Assistant Director, Center for Ethical Leadership and Responsible Citizenship
Peter Thompson, B.A , M.A. -- Assistant Director, Center for Community Involvement and Service-Learning
Forrest Lane, B.S., M.S. -- Assitant Director, Center for Ethical Leadership and Responsible Citizenship/Student Organizations
Natasha Chapman, B.A., M.Ed, Ph.D. -- Associate Director, Center for Ethical Leadership and Responsible Citizenship

Campus Recreation
Steve Kintigh, B.A., M.S. -- Director
Mary Ellen Milam, B.S., M.S. -- Associate Director
Cristina Carpenter, B.S., M.A. -- Associate Director for Programming
Kristin McAfee, B.A. -- Assistant Director - Outdoor Recreation
Jay Iorizzo, B.S., M.S. -- Assistant Director - Facility Management
Michael Hackemack, B.A. -- Assistant Director Intramural Sports
Chistopher Fiocchi, B.S., -- Assistant Director Aquatics
Stacy Cintron, B.S., M.S. -- Assistant Director Fitness and Wellness

Alcohol and Drug Education
Angela Taylor, B.S., M.S. Ph.D. -- Director of Alcohol and Drug Education and Associate Dean of Student Development
Kimberly "Sparkle" Greenhaw, B.S., M.Ed. -- Associate Director of Alcohol and Drug Education
Yvonne Lin Giovannis, B.A., M.Ed.,Assistant Director

Student Affairs Information Services
Emily Burgwyn, B.S., M.S. -- Director
Craig Elders, B.B.A.
Jeffrey Larremore, -- B.B.A., M.I.S. -- Coordinator of Web Services

University Ministries
Angela Kaufman, B.A., M.Div. -- University Minister
Charles Calabrese, B.A., M.Div., M.S. -- Roman Catholic Minister
John Gilbert, B.A., M.Div. -- Wedding/Chapel Coordinator

TCU Press

Judy Alter, B.A., M.S., Ph.D. -- Director
Susan Petty, B.A. -- Editor

Technology Resources

Technology Resources
Bryan Lucas, B.B.A -- Acting Director

Information Security Services
James Mayne, B.S., B.A., B.S., M.S. -- Director
Barbara Savak, B.G.S., M.L.A. -- Information Security Engineer

Enterprise Application Services
Joshua Harmon, B.A. -- Acting Director
Ben Crenshaw, B.S. -- Associate Applications Developer
Susie Davis, B.B.A., M.B.A., C.P.A. -- Systems Analyst
Bob Hansard, B.A., M.A. -- Systems Analyst
Joy Holekamp, B.B.A. -- Systems Analyst
Cindy McPherson, B.F.A, M.L.A. -- Programmer/Analyst
Michael Perales, B.B.A. -- Application Developer I
Michael Selman, B.B.A. -- Systems Analyst
Steve Taylor, B.S. -- Systems Analyst
Greg Wendt, B.S., M.B.A. --Systems Analyst
Yolanda Winston, B.B.A., M.L.A. -- Systems Analyst
Richard Yantis, B.B.A. -- Technical Project Leader

Technical Services
Bryan Lucas, B.B.A. -- Director
Karen Bowerman, B.S. -- Senior Client Server Specialist
Craig Carlson, B.B.A -- Database Administrator
Lane Duncan, B.A., M.Div. --Assistant Database Administrator
Jon K. Eidson, B.S., M.B.A. -- Senior Database Administrator
Tony Fleming, B.S. -- Senior Network Engineer
Philip Howell, -- Lead Server Administrator
David Jewett -- Client Server Specialist
Warner Kimbrell --Network Engineer
Aaron Munoz, B.S., B.A., CISSP -- Client Server Administrator
Reed, Richard, B.S.--Wireless Network Engineer

Customer Services
Kim Weber, B.S. -- Director
Ann Bailey, B.B.A -- Customer Services Consultant
Susan Bartlett, B.B.A. --Customer Services Consultant
Carlene Coover, B.S., M.B.A.--Training Consultant
Alan Crume, B.S., D.D --Customer Services Consultant
Cathleen Dawson-Jackson, A.A. -- Customer Services Consultant
Sean Gillaspy, B.S. -- Customer Services Consultant
Rebecca Glass, B.S. -- Customer Services Consultant
Lenelda Pennington, B.S. -- Help Desk Coordinator
Ivan F. Taylor, B.S., Ph.D. -- Customer Services Consultant

University Advancement

Donald J. Whelan, Jr., B.S., EMIB -- Vice Chancellor

Advancement Operations
Roby V. Key, B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D. -- Associate Vice Chancellor of Advancement Operations
Gay Donohoo, B.S. -- Senior Director of Advancement Services
Yvonne Mann, B.B.A. -- Associate Director of Development Information Services
Cheryl Gray, B.A. - Gift Processing Manager and Director of Matching Gifts
Trey Lawyer - Technical Services Analyst
Dorothy Morris -- Administrative Services Manager
Veleria Cowsen -- Data Control Manager
Paul Ly, B.S. -- Web Technology Manager
Alice Carter, B.A., M.A. -- Director of Advancement Research
Andrea Heitz, B.A., M.S., M.T.S. -- Research Officer
Virginia Schmidt, B.A. -- Research Officer
Robin Richey -- Research Officer

Alumni Relations
Kristi Hoban, B.S., M.S. -- Associate Vice Chancellor of Alumni Relations
Rebekah Waits, B.B.A. -- Director of Alumni Relations
Laura Chudy, B.B.A. -- Associate Director of Alumni Relations
Jason Eagar, B.B.A., B.S. -- Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
Karen Nichols, B.S., M.T. -- Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
Brandt Reed, B.B.A., E-Bus -- Web Services Coordinator
Melissa Austin-Weeks, B.S.N. -- Special Events Coordinator

Athletic Fund Raising (Frog Club)
Davis Babb, B.S. -- Associate Director of Athletics, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Athletic Fund Raising
John Denton, B.A. -- Director of Frog Club
Marissa Schenke, B.S., M.Ed -- Assistant Director of Frog Club

Donor Relations and Special Projects
Nancy Petruso, B.A. M.A. -- Senior Director of Donor Relations and Special Projects
Sandra Tuomey, B.S. -- Director of Donor Relations
Nancy Madsen, B.J., M.L.A. -- Associate Director of Donor Relations
Lynn Taylor, B.A. -- Clark Society Liaison and Event Planner
Amy Cohorn, B.B.A. -- Scholarship/Stewardship Coordinator

University Development
David Nolan, B.A., M.A. -- Associate Vice Chancellor of University Development
Dennis Alexander, B.S. -- Director of Foundation Relations
Penny Bishop, B.S. -- Director of Corporate Relations
April Culver, B.S., M.A. -- Director of Parent Relations
Merrilee Kuylen, B.A., C.P.A. -- Director of Planned Giving
Cindy Hayes, B.A., M.S. -- Director of Annual Fund
Amy Daniel -- Director of Phonathon
Janine Kraus -- Gift Officer Student Programs
Julie Whitt -- Gift Officer Reunion & Pool Renewals
Daniel G. Grigg, B.S. -- Assistant Vice Chancellor of Regional Development
Diane Murray -- Development Director of Central US, East & Central Texas
Karen Cochran, B.S. -- Development Director of West TX & Eastern US
Adam Baggs, B.A., M.P.A. -- Assistant Vice Chancellor of School/College Development
Brian Allen, B.B.A. -- Development Director of Business
Kathy Limmer, B.A. -- Development Director of Addran
DeVonna Tinney, B.B.A. -- Development Director of Communications
Michele Case, B.A., M.A. -- Development Director of Education
Valerie DeSantis, B.A. -- Development Director of Science & Engineering
Chandler Smith, B.J. -- Development Director of Fine Arts

William L. Adams Center for Writing

Steven Sherwood, B.S., M.F.A., Ph.D. -- Director
David Kuhne, B.A., M.F.A., Ph.D. -- Associate Director
Harry Antrim, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. -- Visiting University Professor
Cheryl Carithers, B.A., M.A. -- Instructional Staff
Billie Sue Hara, B.A., M.A. -- Instructional Staff
Cynthia Shearer, B.A., M.A. -- Instructional Staff

Texas Christian University