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Through the generous gifts and bequests of friends over the years, the University has accumulated endowment funds with a market value nearing 1 billion dollars.

A significant portion of this is the result of a magnificent gift by Mrs. Mary Couts Burnett in 1923. The Burnett Fund makes up a major portion of the University's endowment.

Another large portion of the University endowment was made available through the bequest of the late Milton E. Daniel of Breckenridge, who was chairman of the Board of Trustees at the time of his death in 1958. His entire estate was left in trust to the University.

Bequests by B.M. and Frances Britain of Amarillo, brought more than $15 million to the University's endowment in 1991-92.

Fully endowed chairs, several professorships, lectureships and many endowed scholarships have been contributed by individuals, charitable foundations, and churches.

Chairs and Professorships

A named academic position may be created by an endowed amount consistent with recently adopted guidelines.

The Abell-Hanger Professorship of Gerontological Nursing was endowed for the Harris College of Nursing as the result of a challenge grant offered by Mrs. George T. Abell '26 and the Abell-Hanger Foundation. The holder of the professorship is Dennis Cheek.

The William L. and Betty F. Adams Chair of Education was established in the School of Education by an endowment from Mr. and Mrs. William L. Adams. The chairholder is Molly Weinburgh.

The Charles F. and Alann P. Bedford Professorship of International Business was established through a bequest gift from Dr. Alann P. Bedford, who was awarded the honorary Doctor of Laws degree in 1973. She was a TCU Trustee 1975-1988. This position aids the Neeley School in emphasizing the increasingly global nature of business. The holder of the professorship is William C. Moncrief III.

The John Biggs Professorship in Ranch Management was established from a gift from the E. Paul and Helen Buck Waggoner Foundation in 1992. The holder of the professorship is currently vacant.

The Stan Block Chair in Finance was established in the M.J. Neeley School of Business in 2001 through the generous gifts of M.J. Neeley School of Business alumni and friends. The chair is held by Stanley B. Block.

The A.A. Bradford Chair of Religion was established by Mrs. L.K. Helen Bradford, in memory of her husband, A.A. "Jack" Bradford, an alumnus and trustee of TCU. The holder of the chair is David M. Gunn.

The I. Wylie and Elizabeth M. Briscoe Professorship was established in Brite Divinity School in honor of the Briscoes. The holder of the professorship in Hebrew Bible is Toni Craven.

The Harold Glen Brown Lecturer in Pastoral Ministry was established in Brite Divinity School by Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Leibrock of Midland, Texas. This position is held by Bryan G. Feille.

The Herman Brown Chair of Political Science was created through an endowment grant by The Brown Foundation, Inc. of Houston to recognize distinguished achievement in the field of political science. The chair is held by Donald W. Jackson.

The Philip J. and Cheryl C. Burguieres Distinguished Professorship in Communication Studies was established by Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Burguieres of Houston, Texas. Holder of the professorship is Ralph R. Behnke.

The Burnett Ranches Endowed Professorship in Ranch Management was established in 1990 by the Anne Burnett and Charles Tandy Foundation. The holder of the professorship is Kerry L. Cornelius.

The Charles Fischer Catholic Professorship of New Testament was established in Brite Divinity School in 2004 with a gift from an anonymous donor and provides material support to Brite's vision as an ecumenical seminary. The position is held by Carolyn Osiek.

Cecil H. and Ida Green Distinguished Emeritus Tutor was funded by an endowment from Drs. Cecil H. and Ida Green. This position provides an opportunity to name an emeritus tutor from among the ranks of TCU's emeritus faculty on a year-to-year basis. The position is held by William H. Watson of the Chemistry Department and Ronald B. Flowers of the Religion Department.

Cecil H. and Ida Green Honors Chair, established by Drs. Cecil H. and Ida Green of Dallas, enables the University to bring to its campus many nationally known visiting scholars, scientists, writers and other career persons on a rotating appointment program.

The Luther Henderson University Chair in Leadership was established in the M.J. Neeley School of Business by an estate gift from Mr. Luther A. Henderson. The chairholder is Christine M. Riordan.

The Harold D. and Imogene Herndon Professorship of Geology was contributed by Dr. and Mrs. Herndon in 1978. The holder of the professorship is Richard E. Hanson.

The Harold D. and Imogene Herndon Professorship of Musicwas established in 1978 by a gift from Dr. and Mrs. Herndon. The professorship is held by John Owings.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Professorship was established in the TCU Ranch Management Program by the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Educational Fund. The holder of the professorship is Eric Brast.

The Lyndon B. Johnson Chair of United States History was created through an endowment grant by The Brown Foundation, Inc. of Houston to honor the late president of the United States and to recognize distinguished achievement in the field of U.S. history. The position is presently held by Mark T. Gilderhus.

The Kay and Velma Kimbell Chair of Art History was established through an endowment grant by the Kimbell Art Foundation in 1994. The chair is held by Mark E. Thistlethwaite.

The Addie Levy Professorship of Literature was created through a bequest of Mr. Dan A. Levy. The annual income from the trust fund is used to provide this professorship of world literature. The holder of the professorship is Linda K. Hughes.

The Robert and Maria Lowdon Chair of Business Administration was established by an endowment from Robert and Maria Lowdon to bring to the M. J. Neeley School of Business a nationally prominent scholar in the field of business. The chair is held by Christopher B. Barry.

The Erma and Ralph Lowe Chair in Texas History, the first at any institution of higher education in the state, was created through an endowment gift from the Mary Ralph Lowe Foundation of Houston to honor Ms. Lowe's parents. The chair is presently held by David Gregg Cantrell.

Alberta H. and Harold L. Lunger Professorship of Spiritual Resources and Disciplines honors two lifelong ministers and teachers. Alberta Lunger was the first woman to be awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree by TCU. Harold Lunger was Professor of Christian Ethics in Brite Divinity School 1956-1977. The holder of the professorship is Susan J. White.

The Charles B. Moncrief Chair of Geology was established by Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Moncrief, Jr., in honor of their son, Charlie Moncrief '72, in 1984. The chair is held by R. Nowell Donovan.

The W.A. "Tex" Moncrief, Jr., Founding Chair of Engineering was established in 1991 by Mr. and Mrs. Moncrief. The holder of this position is Edward S. Kolesar, Jr.

The W.A. "Tex" Moncrief, Jr. Chair of Physics was also established by Mr. and Mrs. Moncrief in late 1984. The chair is held by C.A. Quarles.

The M.J. Neeley Professorship of Marketing was established in 1981 to advance and strengthen the marketing program in the Neeley School of Business. The professorship is held by Charles W. Lamb, Jr.

The Neville G. Penrose Chair of Latin American Studies was established in 1985 by an anonymous gift to honor Dr. Penrose's interest in Latin American/United States relations. The holder of the chair is Susan E. Ramirez.

The John William and Helen Stubbs Potter Professorship of Mathematics was established by a gift from Deedie Potter Rose and Rusty Rose in honor of Mrs. Rose's parents. The holder of the professorship is Robert S. Doran.

The Lillian Radford Chair of Rhetoric and Composition was established by a gift from the Rupert Radford Estate Trust and a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. The holder of this position is Richard L. Enos.

The W.F. "Tex" and Pauline Curry Rankin Professorship of Nursing was established at Harris College of Nursing by W.F. "Tex" and Pauline Curry Rankin. The holder of the professorship is Rhonda Keen.

Director and Jean W. Roach Chair of Laboratory Schools was established in 2005 through the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. John V. Roach and the Roach Foundation to recognize the academic leadership in special education of the director of TCU's two laboratory schools, KinderFrogs School and Starpoint School. The position is currently held by Marilyn Tolbert.

Dean and John V. Roach Chair of the M.J. Neeley School of Business was established in 2005 through the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. John V. Roach and the Roach Foundation to recognize the academic leadership and national prominence of the dean of the M.J. Neeley School of Business. Dr. Daniel Short is the current dean and chairholder.

The Deedie Potter Rose Chair of Art History was established in 2004 through a generous gift by Deedie Rose Potter to bring to the Department of Art and Art History a nationally prominent scholar in the field of contemporary art. The chair is held by Frances J. Colpitt.

The Rosalyn and Manny Rosenthal Chair of Judaic Studies was created by a gift from E.M. "Manny" Rosenthal and his wife Roz in 1997. The endowment supports a chairholder who serves as a faculty member in Brite Divinity School and direct teaching and research in Jewish Studies for Brite and TCU. Current chairholder is W. David Nelson.

The Saul B. Sells Chair of Psychology was established by a bequest of the late Dr. Sells, who founded TCU's Institute of Behavioral Research in 1962. The position is held by D. Dwayne Simpson.

The Lorraine Sherley Professorship of Literature was created through a bequest by Dr. Lorraine Sherley, a former professor in TCU's English Department. The professorship was established in 1984 and is held by Bertram H. Fairchild, Jr.

The Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show Professorship in Ranch Management was established in 1998 by the Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show. The holder of the professorship is Chris Farley.

The Granville T. and Erline H. Walker Professorship in Homiletics was established in 1991 in honor of the ministries of Granville and Erline Walker. The professorship is held by Joseph R. Jeter, Jr.

The John F. Weatherly Professorship of Religion was established in 1959 through an endowment gift by the A.D. Weatherly family. The position is currently held by Claudia Camp.

The Robert A. Welch Chair of Chemistry was established by The Robert A. Welch Foundation of Houston to recognize distinguished achievement in the field of chemistry. The chairholder will be named.

The Eunice and James L. West Chair of American Enterprise was initiated by their 1980 gift. The chair provides the holder with the opportunity to communicate-through teaching, public outreach and research-an accurate and objective understanding of the purposes, functions and operations of American business organizations. The chair is currently vacant.

The Eunice and James L. West Chair of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management in the Neeley School of Business is held by Nada Sanders.

The C.R. Williams Professorship of Financial Services was established by the family of C.R. Williams to bring an outstanding scholar in the financial services area to the M.J. Neeley School of Business. The post is held by Larry J. Lockwood.

The J. Vaughn and Evelyne H. Wilson Professorship in Accounting was established in 2006 through a bequest of Mr. James V. ┐Tony┐ Wilson, Jr., ┐63. Mr. Wilson named the professorship in honor of his parents. Holder of the Professorship is In-Mu Haw.

The J. Vaughn and Evelyne H. Wilson Professorship in Marketing was established in 2006 through a bequest of Mr. James V. ┐Tony┐ Wilson, Jr. ┐63. Mr. Wilson named the professorship in honor of his parents. Holder of the professorship is William Cron.

The Betty S. Wright Chair in Applied Ethics was created from the estate of Betty S. and Hal James Wright ┐32. Chairholder is Richard Galvin

The Hal Wright Chair in Latin American Economics was created from the estate of Betty S. and Hal James Wright ┐32. Chairholder is W. Charles Sawyer.

Named Lectureships

The following named lectureships, either annually funded or endowed, have been established:

The Earl E. Dyess Lectureship in Marketing was established by Jack Blanton, Jr., in honor of his father-in-law.

The Frost Foundation Lectureship for Global Issues was established by the Denver-based Frost Foundation. This endowed lectureship provides for a series of speakers of international stature who can discuss, from personal or professional experience, topics related to preparing students and faculty members to live and work in a global society.

The Gates of Chai Lectureship was endowed through the generosity of Gates of Chai, Inc., in memory of Larry Kornbleet and family members of Stanley and Marcia Kornbleet Kurtz who perished in the Holocaust.

The JoAnn Houston Outstanding Contemporary Lecture Series honors JoAnn Houston, a School of Education staff member and longtime educator who died in 1995. Memorial gifts from family and friends and additional funding by the University established this endowed lecture series. The School of Education coordinates bringing to campus outstanding educational thinkers on contemporary concerns.

The McFadin Lectures are supported annually from the McFadin Fund.

The Joseph Morgan Physics Lectureship is funded by the generosity of alumni and friends of the Physics Department at TCU. It was created in memory of Dr. Joseph Morgan, an honored teacher and noted author who drew regional and national attention to the University.

The W.F. "Tex" and Pauline Curry Rankin Lectureship in Nursing was established in 1998. This endowed lectureship brings to campus national leaders in interdisciplinary areas related to health and nursing.

The Ruth Evelyn Sanders Memorial Lectureship was established in 1994 through a bequest gift by Dr. Ruth Evelyn Sanders, TCU '39 and longtime educator. A chemistry major at TCU, Dr. Sanders directed that her gift establish a lectureship in that discipline.

The Oreon E. Scott Lectures, funded by the Oreon E. Scott Foundation, provide for an outstanding lecturer on "Crucial Current, National, and International Issues from the Christian Point of View."

The Nancy Quarles Stuck Art History Lecture Fund is provided by Mrs. Hosmer B. Stuck of Fort Worth. One of TCU's first recipients of a bachelor's degree in art history, Nancy Stuck directed her gift to that discipline. The fund helps expand the scope of the Art History Program.

The Wells Sermons are financed by the East Dallas Christian Church honoring its former minister, Dr. L.N.D. Wells.

The Speaker Jim Wright Symposia Series Endowment was created to support an annual symposium that examines, from a nonpartisan and non-ideological perspective, a contemporary political issue. Outstanding scholars and practitioners from around the country are brought to the TCU campus to participate in this one or two-day event.

Research and Departmental Funds

The Carl T. and May Anna Anderson Fund for Geology was established by Mr. and Mrs. Anderson '41 '41 to provide budget support for the Department of Geology. This endowed fund is used to provide scholarship assistance, instructional equipment purchases, reference materials, field trips, and for support of the instructional budget.

The Theodore Beasley Faculty Fellowships in the Neeley School of Business were established by The theodore and Beulah Beasley Foundation, Inc. to honor the memory of Theodore Beasley.

The Robert and Jerita Buschman Fund for Theatre was established by Mr. Robert Buschman and Ms. Jerita Foley Buschman to provide budget support for the Theatre Department and especially for theatre production activities.

the Electra Carlin Art Department Endowment was established in 2001 by a bequest from Mrs. Carlin's estate. The fund underwrites exhibitions of Texas artists.

The Center for Civic Literacy Endowment was created in 2006 through gifts from Teri Baker O'Glee '78 and the Brown Foundation. The endowment benefits activities of TCU's Center for Civic Literacy.

The William M. Dickey Entrepreneur in Residence Fund was established by a gift from the estate of Houston real estate developer William M. Dickey. Currently, David Minor holds the Entrepreneur in Residence position.

The Duncan Faculty Fellowship in the Neeley School of business was established in 2006 through a bequest from the estate of Robert Roy Cuncan '40 and Margaret F. Duncan '41.

The Vera Turbeville Edelbrock Art Endowment was created in 2000 by a bequest from Mrs. Edelbrock's estate.

The Fogelson Honors Forum was established through a gift from the estates of Buddy Fogelson and his wife Greer Garson. The Forum brings renowned speakers, eminent scholars and professional practitioners to campus to address TCU students, staff and faculty as well as the Fort Worth-Dallas community.

The Robert E. Glaze Endowment Fund was established through a gift from Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Glaze of Dallas.

The Mark Henderson Art History Endowment was established through a gift from Mr. Henderson of Los Angeles, California to provide support for students and faculty in the Art and Art History Department.

The Lucile Maxine Houston Endowed Fund was established through a bequest from Ms. Houston to benefit the Harris College of Nursing.

The Mary E. Hughes Student Loan Fund was established through a bequest from Ms. Hughes to fund student loans at TCU.

The Ranch Management Institute was founded by gifts from two anonymous donors and from the William A. and Elizabeth B. Moncrief Foundation and Edward P. Bass. The Institute's mission is to encourage networking and continuing education among the Ranch Management Program's graduates and cattle industry leaders, and to expand the existing program's reach internationally.

The Jim and Wyn Jacobsen Band Fund was funded by the TCU Ex-Bandsmens' Association in honor of Jim Jacobsen, former TCU band director, and his late wife, Wyn.

The Luther King Capital Management Funds were established by Luther King of Dallas to benefit the M.J. Neeley School of Business.

The Herbert and Mamie LaGrone Teacher Education Student Leadership Fund was established by the late Mamie LaGrone in memory of her husband, Herbert, retired dean of the School of Education.

The W.A. "Tex" Moncrief, Jr. Athletic Endowment was established in 1984 by Mr. Moncrief to benefit TCU's football and golf programs.

The Alma and Robert D. Moreton Award for Research in Nursing was established in 2000 by Mrs. Alma Moreton '44 in honor of her husband, Dr. Robert D. Moreton.

The Ann L. Rhodes Artist-in-Residence Endowment Fund was established in 1997 by Ann L. Rhodes of Fort Worth for an artist-in-residence in the theater department.

The Dorothy and Clarence Scharbauer, Jr. Student Life Fund was established by Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Scharbauer, Jr. of Midland to enhance and expand student programs.

The Thistlethwaite Family Memorial Travel Grant was established in 2005 by Dr. Mark Thistlethwaite and his family in memory of Aline and Lote Thistlethwaite. The fund enables undergraduate studio art majors to travel for educational purposes to museums, galleries and special exhibitions.

The Sue Wheeler Smith Memorial Fund for Visiting Organists was established by Emmet Smith, retired music faculty and his family and friends in memory of his late wife.

The Hosmer B. Stuck Fund for Business Research was established in memory of Mr. Stuck '41 by his widow to finance research projects of faculty members in the M.J. Neeley School of Business.

The Wassenich Award for Mentoring in the TCU Community was established by Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wassenich of Dallas.

The Marion C. and F. Peter Zoch III and Family Endowment for the Center for Academic Services was established by Mrs. Marion C. Zoch of Mountain Home, Texas, and her late husband, Peter, for annual equipment needs of the Center for Academic Services.

Endowed Scholarships

Only the annual interest is used on endowed scholarships; the principal of the fund is held in permanent trust. The scholarships are administered by the Scholarship and Financial Aid Office unless stated otherwise.

Abell-Hanger Foundation Scholarship

Abilene Ex-Students Chapter Scholarship

Glenn P. Albers Scholarship

Tom and Bea Alexander Scholarship

Samuel Alvarez Memorial Scholarship

Harvey Anderson Scholarship in Music

L. D. Anderson Memorial Ministerial Scholarship

M. D. Anderson Foundation Nursing Scholarship

M. D. Anderson Foundation Scholarship for Pre-Medical Students

Rose W. and Raymond E. Anderson Memorial Scholarship

Bonnie Lee Arnett Memorial Scholarship

Jim F. Atchison Church Vocation Scholarship

Russell Alan Aycock Memorial Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Noel Bailey Special Education Scholarship

Brooke Dewey Baird Memorial Scholarship

Katherine Knight Baker Scholarship

Jesse Clyde and Thomas Wiley Ball Ministerial Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Bancroft Disciples Scholarship

Josephine Harrold Barnes Trust

Louis H. and Madlyn B. Barnett Fellowship

Edwin J. Barts Insurance Scholarship

Alan and Genelle Basye Scholarship

Raymond H. Bazemore Memorial Scholarship

Hal and Nancy Bearden Scholarship

Theodore and Beulah Beasley Foundation Scholarship

Amanda Jean Beaty Scholarship

Dorothy Mays Bell Graduate Scholarship for Speech-Language Pathology

Edward A. Bell Scholarship

Happy Bell Scholarship

Heather Alter Bellomy Memorial Scholarship

Ethel Evans Bennett Scholarship

Dr. Arthur K. Berliner Scholarship

Bermont Family Undergraduate Jewish Student Scholarship

Elaine Salisbury and Stephen Bing Scholarship

Roy and Anna Biser Memorial Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Blanks Memorial Scholarship

Beatrice Bolen Piano Scholarship

R. E. "Bob" Bolen Scholarship

Bonds Ranch Scholarship for Ranch Management

Bruce Lowell Boswell Scholarship

Ed and Margie Boswell Scholarship

Edith and V. W. Boswell Scholarship

Robin Elise Boyer Memorial Scholarship

Marci K. Bozarth Scholarship in Women's Golf

Leon H. Brachman and Louis H. Barnett Scholarship

Minda and Malcolm Brachman Honors Study Abroad Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Soloman Brachman Scholarship

Nelson Louis Brackin Scholarship

Tom and Bess Braniff Scholarship

Buster Brannon Basketball Scholarship

Miss Jimmie Katherine Bratton Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Weldon Brigance Trust Scholarship

I. Wylie Briscoe Disciples Scholarship

I. Wylie and Elizabeth Briscoe Scholarship

Malcolm Samuel Briscoe Scholarship

Broiles Journalism Scholarship

Bill Brown Memorial Scholarship

Elmer A. Brown Athletic Training Scholarship

Leigh Ann Brown Memorial Scholarship

Walter E. Bryson Scholarship

Ross Buford Memorial Scholarship

Edmund W. and Elizabeth G. Burke Scholarship

Jim Hillard Camp Scholarship

Ross and Winnie Day Cannon Scholarship

Curtis K. Canter Memorial Scholarship

Lou Miller Canter Memorial Scholarship

Robert L. and Sallie Carlock Scholarship

Brion T. Carlson Scholarship

Geneva Zulette Carson Scholarship

Gertrude Fears Castleberry Scholarship

Tom S. Cate, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Thornton Cecil Memorial Scholarship

Barney and Edyth A. Lacy Chapman Scholarship

I. B. Chapman, Sr., Scholarship

Shirley Gibson Chapman Scholarship

Chisholm Trail Round-Up Endowed Scholarship

Floyd "Zeke" and Joan Gardner Chronister Scholarship

Ted A. Chuman, DDS Memorial Scholarship

Addison Clark-Randolph Clark Ministerial Scholarship

Jerry P. and Martha C. Clark Geology Scholarship

Warren Clark Disciples Scholarship

Class of 1933 Scholarship

Class of 1967 Scholarship

Harriet V. Clay Scholarship

Betsy Clement Scholarship

Jack and June Clements Memorial Scholarship

E.D. Cleveland Scholarship

Joe B. Cobb Memorial Scholarship

Mary Magee Cobb and Julia Magee Hartley Scholarship

Robert Glenn Coffin Music Scholarship

Bryant F. Collins Memorial Scholarship

Landon A. Colquitt Scholarship

Earl E. Combest Scholarship

E. Constantin, Jr. Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Conway Memorial Scholarship

Charles Coody/Phi Delta Theta Golf Scholarship

Raymond H. and Stephen R. Copeland Scholarship

Richard and Lillie Corley Endowed Scholarship

Kimberly Kash Ray Corona Scholarship

Corpus Christi Ex-Students Scholarship

Arthur H. Courtade Memorial Scholarship

Russell A. and Leila Park Cox Scholarship

Willie Craft Memorial Scholarship

Donald and Katherine Cram Scholarship

Laura Lee Crane Scholarship

Bill Crawford Athletic Scholarship

J. Malcolm and Kati Mai Crim Scholarship

Ann Cross Memorial Scholarship

C. C. and Mildred Cross Scholarship

DeRue Armstrong Curtis Memorial Scholarship

Curtis Family Scholarship

Melvin O. Dacus and Kathryne P. Dacus Memorial Performance Award in Musical Theatre

Dan Danciger Memorial Scholarship

Davidson Foundation Business Scholarship

C. J. "Red" Davidson Scholarship

John Perryman Davidson II Scholarship

Bronson and Cathie Davis Endowed Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Davis Scholarship

George and Rachel Deahl Memorial MinisterialScholarship

Roberta Smith Deason Scholarship

Dickinson Middle Income Scholarship

Scott Dike Memorial Scholarship

Robert Parker Dimmitt Memorial Scholarship

Nancy Savage Doherty Scholarship

Donovan-Knox Journalism Scholarship

James C. Dooley Memorial Scholarship

Sam Y. Dorfman Memorial Scholarship

Jeffrey B. Dudderar Memorial Scholarship

Minnie Cahill Dunn Scholarship

C. H. Dyar Memorial Scholarship

F. W. and Bessie A. Dye Scholarship

Frank B. and Vera Turbeville Edelbrock Scholarship

Ambrose Edens Scholarship

Ellwood Foundation Pre-Medical Scholarship

Mary Mitchell Engle Music Scholarship

Bonne Enlow Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. M. E. Ensminger Scholarship in Ranch Management

Richard Michael Etnyre Scholarship

Leslie P. Evans Memorial Scholarship

W. A. Eyre and C. Johnson Scholarship

The Faculty/Staff Holiday Card Scholarship

Thomas Kinder Farris Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie P. Fears Scholarship

Fine Arts Guild and Foundation Scholarship

First Christian Church of Post, Texas, Disciples Scholarship

First Christian Church of San Angelo Disciples Scholarship

First Christian Church of Sherman Scholarship

Bess Fish Athletic Scholarship

Bess Fish Scholarship for Humanities

Bess Fish Scholarship for Nursing

Truett W. and Queenelle Flache Scholarship

Charles T. and Mary L. Floyd Scholarship

Fort Worth Star Telegram/George Dolan Memorial Scholarship

Fort Worth Wildcatters Association Endowed Scholarship

Tom and Iva Foster Scholarship

Bayard H. Friedman Scholarship Endowment for Tennis

William M. Fuller Ranch Management Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Fuqua Scholarship

Robert E. and Patty Gartman Scholarship

E. K. Gaylord Memorial Scholarship

David Gentry Memorial Ministerial Scholarship

Albert and Mamie George Scholarship

Thelma Stewart George Memorial Scholarship

Tom D. Gholson Scholarship

John Gilliland Scholarship

Jeanette and Arthur I. Ginsburg Scholarship

Marcus and Martine Ginsburg Scholarship

Charles Goodnight Scholarship

Ida M. Green Fellowship

Kay Hubbard Green Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Green Scholarship

Lollie S. Greene Scholarship

Greenville Christian Church Scholarship

Robert P., Jr., and Ann C. Gregory Scholarship

Robert S. Grimes and Maud Fite Grimes Scholarship

Phyllis M. and John M. Grimland, Jr. Middle Income Scholarship

Hardy Grissom Memorial Scholarship

Robert W. Groom Scholarship

A. E. Grugett Memorial Scholarship

Lynn Swann Haag Memorial Scholarship

Hall Family Pre-Med Scholarship

Hallberg Foundation Scholarship

Cora Bivins Halsell Scholarship

Betty Hammack Memorial Scholarship

William J. Hammond Memorial Scholarship

Gene Haney Memorial Scholarship

Dick Hanley Memorial Scholarship

Roland L. Harper Memorial Golf Scholarship

Granville Harrison Scholarship

Hoy and Helen Harrison Scholarship

Ashley Huffman Hawkins Scholarship in Women's Golf

John B. Hawley Memorial Scholarship

Sue Terrell Hawley Memorial Scholarship

Haywood Scholarship

Dick and Judy Hazlewood Loyalty Scholarship

William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship

Danny Waggoner Hemlay Academic Achievement Award

Madeleine Hemley Music Scholarship

Luther A. Henderson Scholarship

Hendrick Home for Children Scholarship

David B. Hendricks II Memorial Scholarship

Harvey and Elizabeth Herd Scholarship

Harold D. and Imogene Herndon Middle Income Scholarship

Willis G. Hewatt Scholarship

Hewatt-Rankin Pre-Med Scholarship

Larry D. Hickey Memorial Scholarship

F. E. Hill Company Ranch Scholarship

James C. Hill Scholarship

R. Hunter Hill Scholarship

Charles R. Hoffman Scholarship in Jazz Studies

Ben Hogan Colonial Country Club Endowed Golf Scholarship

Holiday Greeting Fund

Hooks Family Memorial Scholarship

Charles and Mildred Horan Voice Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Jeff L. Horn Scholarship

Lucile Houston Endowed Scholarship

Houston TCU Women's Club Scholarship

Josephine Terrell Hudson and Edward R. Hudson Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Huff Memorial Ministerial Scholarship

Stephen B. and Lola Lollar Huff Scholarship

Dr. Simeon H. and Virginia Enloe Hulsey Scholarship

Robert D. and Marjorie E. Hunsucker Scholarship

A. R. and Anna Hunt Ministerial Scholarship

Interfraternity and Panhellenic Council's Endowed Scholarship Fund for KinderFrogs

Keith Irwin Memorial Ranch Management Scholarship

Dana Louise Ivancevich Memorial Scholarship

Amy Miears Jackson Scholarship

J. I. and Nelda Jackson Scholarship

Jarvis-Love Bible Class Missionary Scholarship

Dan Jenkins Sportswriting Scholarship

Merlin Jenkins Memorial Scholarship

Mona Outlaw Johnson Scholarship

Herbert J. Jones Scholarship

Jesse H. Jones and Mary Gibbs Jones Scholarship

Millard B. Jumper III Memorial Scholarship

Melinda Mann Justice Memorial Scholarship

Joe and Sadie Keevil Disciples Scholarship

Noel L. Keith Memorial Scholarship

Dee J. Kelly Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur M. Kidd Scholarship

William P. and Elva Killingsworth Scholarship

Carl B. and Florence E. King Foundation Scholarship

Ruby Stoker Kirkpatrick Disciples Scholarship

Willard M. Kirkpatrick Memorial Disciples Scholarship

Lili Kraus Piano Scholarship

George W. Lacy, M.D., Memorial Scholarship

Herbert and Mamie LaGrone Teacher Education Student Leadership Scholarship

LaHood Family Scholarship

Landers Machine Company of Fort Worth Scholarship

Jane Langdon Music Scholarship

John W. Large Memorial Scholarship

Florina Adele Lasker Scholarship

Kenneth T. Lawrence Scholarship

W. Dewey Lawrence Scholarship

Lennox Foundation Scholarship

George F. and Mary L. Leone Scholarship

Jno. and Moreene Lillard Scholarship

Bob Lilly Scholarship

Lucy Harris Linn Nursing Scholarship

Chester P. and Faye Reeder Long Memorial Scholarship

G. Malcolm and Ann D. Louden Scholarship

Mary Sypert Clark Lovejoy Scholarship

Leo Mack Scholarship

Homer L. and Juliet Jane Magee Scholarship

Mindy Lynn Maher Memorial Scholarship

Mabel I. Major Memorial Scholarship

Mabel I. Major and Rebecca W. Smith Lee Scholarship

Barbara Gardner Manly Scholarship

E. Claude Manning Scholarship

Marathon Oil Company Scholarship

Kiersten M. Marshall Scholarship

Janford S. Mason Memorial Scholarship

Ada and "Mac" McArron Middle Income Scholarship

Stanley and Beverly McBrayer Scholarship

T. Smith McCorkle Memorial Scholarship

Ann Marie and Robert Neal McDonald Scholarship

Ella C. McFadden Scholarship

Ethel Verda McFarland Music Scholarship

Will McFarland Athletic Scholarship

Warren McKeever Memorial Scholarship

Moses B. McKnight Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Malcolm D. McLean Scholarship

Bruce McMillan, junior, Memorial Nursing Scholarship

McMillan-Shank Memorial Scholarship

R. M. and Atwood Means Scholarship

Jean and Frank Medanich Scholarship

Jack W. and Maurine Melcher Scholarship

Amos W. Melton Memorial Scholarship

Nancy C. Melton Scholarship

John L. Merrill Ranch Management Scholarship

Mrs. Leslie P. Merritt Memorial Scholarship

L. R. "Dutch" and Maggie Meyer Scholarship

Miller Brewing Company Scholarship

Maude Young Miller Memorial Scholarship

W. C. "Jack" Miller Memorial Scholarship

Michael Boyd Milligan Scholarship

Sean Michael Milligan Scholarship for Handicapped Students

Dr. Charles D. Minnis Scholarship

Robert W. and Frances L. Mitchell Scholarship

John Robert Moffett Memorial Scholarship

Lewis W. Mondy Scholarship

L.A.J. and Betty Monroe Endowed Basketball Scholarship

Sheri Mooney Memorial Scholarship

Ferdinand and Mary Herd Moore Ministerial Scholarship

Robert Maxey Moorman Memorial Scholarship

Robert and Alma Moreton Scholarship

Halford J. Morlan Scholarship

Brooks Morris Violin Scholarship

Charles "Lefty" and Judy A. Morris Scholarship

Irene Rae Morris Scholarship

Morris-Wolf Athletic Scholarship

Morris-Wolf Disciples Scholarship

Myrtie Ashley and John Thomas Morrison Scholarship

Osie B. Leifeste Musick Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Mussett Disciples Scholarship

Judge John C. Myrick Ministerial Scholarship

Alice and M. J. Neeley Special Education Scholarship

Newby Family Scholarship

Colonel Ben M. D. Newsom and Geraldine Starr Newsom Scholarship

A. C. Nicholson Scholarship

Nordan Fine Arts Scholarship

North Texas Steel Company Scholarship

Tommy Norwood Memorial Scholarship

Alice Taylor Nowlin Scholarship

Oaklawn Foundation Scholarship

T. Reed Oatman Scholarship

Wayland and Carolyn Oatman Scholarship

J. W. and Minnie O'Bannion Scholarship

David O'Brien Memorial Scholarship

M. C. Overton Scholarship

William Collier and Bernice Hodge Pate Scholarship

Jay W. and Bessie Paxton Nursing Scholarship

Clay B. Peebles Scholarship

Doris Smith Penrose Memorial Scholarship

Perkinson Scholarship

Robert E. Peterson Memorial Scholarship

Petroleum Accountants Society of Fort Worth Scholarship

Charles and Bertie Sanders Pettit Scholarship

Steve Pieringer Memorial Scholarship

Vera Stephenson Pilcher Scholarship

L. A. Pires-York Rite Masonic Scholarship

Meredith Anne Pogson Scholarship

James W. Porter Scholarship

Sandra Scott Porter Scholarship

Rose Ella McCollum Porterfield and Austin L. Porterfield Scholarship

Linda Carol Possenti Memorial Scholarship

Leo Potishman Tennis Scholarship

Clayton L. and Jewel Carr Potter Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Marguerite Potter Memorial Scholarship

Pauline Polk Potts Memorial Scholarship

Lay and Mattie Powell Scholarship

William Elmo Powell Memorial Scholarship

William W. Powell Scholarship

David Preston Memorial Scholarship

Coma Lee and Margaret Q. Pribble Scholarship

Sue Beall and J. Maurice Price, Sr. Scholarship

Ben H. Proctor Scholarship

Mrs. Opal Weatherly Purvines Scholarship

Don W. Rader, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Rupert and Lillian Radford Scholarship

Kenneth R. Raessler Scholarship

Catherine Haizlip Ragsdale Scholarship

Roger A. Ramsey Middle Income Scholarship

Ranch Management Alumni Scholarship

Polly Curry Rankin Nursing Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. George A. Ratliff Scholarship

Ratliff-Bedford Memorial Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. George A. Ray Ministerial Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. D. A. "Pete" Redding Scholarship

Cecil D. Redford Memorial Scholarship

Redman Foundation Graduate Education Scholarship

Dave C. Reed Scholarship

Mabel Clark Reed Business Scholarship

Mabel Clark Reed Disciples Scholarship

Norman M. and Maureen Corder Reed Scholarship

H. Roy and Vaulta Reynolds Scholarship

Thelma Robinson Reynolds Scholarship

Claud H. Richards Scholarship

Jean Wiggin Roach Scholarship

John V. Roach Scholarship

Phil Roach Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. A. W. Roark and Mary Elizabeth Roark Scholarship

Joan Rogers Scholarship

Robert M. Rogers Memorial Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar S. Rosenberg Scholarship

Arch H. Rowan Memorial Scholarship

Stella S. Rowan Nursing Scholarship

Ryan Foundation Scholarship

Frances Sadler Scholarship

M. E. Sadler Scholarship

David Baldwin Sanders Endowed Scholarship

Robert Marne Sanford Scholarship

Santa Gertrudis Scholarship

Patricia D. Scearse Scholarship

Clarence and Kerry Scharbauer Scholarship

Kurt Alan Schember Memorial Scholarship

George T. Schmaling Memorial Scholarship

V. C. and Elisabeth Schorlemmer Disciples Scholarship

Jake M. Schrum Scholarship

R. J. Schumacher Accounting Scholarship

Gayle and Mary Beth Scott Scholarship

Scott-Rankin Geology Scholarship

Neil Sealy Memorial Scholarship

Peter and Phyllis Shaddock Scholarship

Louis H. Shaffman Scholarship

Hilton John Shepherd Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Sherer Scholarship

Lorraine Sherley, Frederick Henderson Sherley and Quincy Coffman Sherley Scholarship

Wayne H. and Janet Largent Sherley Scholarship

Shipp Family Scholarship

William Everett and Eloise Norman Shipp Endowment for the Harris College of Nursing

Harry B. and Mabelle Short Scholarship

Sigma Theta Tau, Inc. Scholarship

Robert M. Singleton Memorial Scholarship

Mary Skipper Scholarship

Amber Roberts Slotnik RTVF Scholarship

Alice T. Smith Scholarship

Emily Guthrie Smith Scholarship

Lucy Smith Scholarship

Margaret K. Smith Memorial Scholarship

Rebecca W. Smith Scholarship

Wilma Miller Smith and Clarence B. Smith Scholarship

Florence Ware Snively Scholarship

Southwestern Company Scholarship

Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show Scholarship

Ellis M. Sowell Scholarship

Marvolene Bowe Speed Scholarship

Alma W. O'Gorman Staples Nursing Scholarship

A. Tremon Starr Scholarship

Helen Martha Steen Honorary Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Hamlett Stivers Memorial Scholarship

Strake Family Scholarship

E. P. Stuermer Family Scholarship for Disciples Scholarship

Blake Knowlden Sturman Scholarship at Starpoint

Lynell Burgess Suggs Memorial Scholarship

George C. and Sue W. Sumner Scholarship

Hatton Sumners Foundation Partial Tuition Grant

Hatton Sumners Foundation Washington Internship Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Sweeney Memorial Scholarship

Dr. George Tade Scholarship

Wilma Jean and George T. Tade Scholarship for Communication Sciences and Disorders

Dr. Robert and Kathryn Talbert Memorial Scholarship

Tandy Corporation Educational Scholarship

Charles T. Tandy Scholarship

Priscilla W. Tate Scholarship

TCU Permian Basin Alumni Scholarship

TCU/Raymond Gafford Memorial Golf Scholarship

Jim and Maida Thokey Disciples Scholarship

Anna Belle P. Thomas International Students Music Fund

Meredith Fraker Thompson Memorial Scholarship in Finance

Wray and Sally Thompson Golf Scholarship

Carol Thornton Scholarship

Jeanette Tillett Scholarship

Martha Maples Timmerman Music Scholarship

Charles W. Tindall - Tandy Corporation Scholarship

T. E. Tomlinson Memorial Ministerial Scholarship

Wendall and Percine Towery Memorial Scholarship

Jim Trinkle Scholarship

Ethel G. Tucker Memorial Scholarship

Harriet Tubman-Texas American Bank Minority Scholarship

Glen and Elizabeth Turbeville Scholarship

Nancy B. Chambers Underwood Scholarship

James L. Utley Memorial Scholarship

Warren and Lulu Veale Memorial Scholarship

Don J. Ver Duin Memorial Scholarship

April M. Vieweg Memorial Scholarship

Mary Poteet Wagley Disciples Scholarship

Edward McShane and Mary Waits Scholarship

Howard A. Walbridge Engineering Scholarship

W. Earl and Louise Waldrop Scholarship

James A. and Susie V. Walker Scholarship

Jewell and Anna B. Wallace Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Clay Waller Ministerial Scholarship

Charles G. Walls Scholarship

George S. Walls, Sr. Scholarship

F. Howard and Mary D. Walsh Graduate Piano Scholarship

F. Howard Walsh, Jr. Middle Income Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. F. Howard Walsh Scholarship

John B. Walton Scholarship

Sandy Ware Scholarship

Sue and Logan Ware Scholarship

Bea Warren Nursing Scholarship

Paul and Ruth Wassenich Disciples Scholarship

W. R. Watt Memorial Scholarship

A. D. and Mozelle B. Weatherly Scholarship

Wells Fargo Endowed Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. James L. West Scholarship

Fred Whitaker Middle Income Scholarship

G. R. White Scholarship for Ranch Management

Wichita Falls Ex-Students Scholarship

Harry L. Wiggins Scholarship

Louise V. Wiggins Scholarship

Garner L. and Lula Leverett Wilde Scholarship

Arthur Willey Fund Scholarship

Dorothy and Arthur Willey Scholarship

Jay D. Williams Scholarship

Gretchen Minyard Williams and Liz Minyard Scholarship

Jim Willmon/Bill Rea Scholarship

Jo Brice Wilmeth, Jr. Scholarship

Michael M. Winesanker Scholarship

William M. and Hortense T. Winton Scholarship

Otto E, Theresa and Herbert Wise Scholarship

B. B. Wolford Estate Scholarship

H. Fitzhugh Wolford Ministerial Scholarship

Woodland Christian Church Scholarship

Sam and Marie "Sissie" Woodson Memorial Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Woods Scholarship

Hazel Tucker Woodward Scholarship

Ruby Lee Foster Wooten Scholarship

Ed and Ona Wright Athletic Scholarship

L. C. Wright Scholarship

Pete Wright Scholarship

Suzanne Elise Yarbro Memorial Scholarship

Coy Young Memorial Scholarship

Youngblood-Proffer Scholarship

Samuel P. Ziegler Art Scholarship

Charles T. and Clara Shelton Zlatkovich Scholarship

Texas Christian University