TCU has a monthly billing cycle. Payment in full for each semester's charges is due no later than the due date specified on the first statement on which the charges for the semester appear. If full payment is not made, an optional monthly payment plan is available for the fall and spring semesters. A minimum payment of 20 percent of total semester charges is due in each monthly installment. No advance notice is required to participate in the payment plan option. However, finance charges will be assessed monthly on unpaid balances under the payment plan. More detailed information about the payment plan option is available from the director of student financial services. The payment plan option is not available for summer sessions.

Payment deadlines must be met or the student may be denied advance or current registration. The ability to register in subsequent semesters may be denied if the student account is in arrears. Transcripts will not be released nor will a degree be awarded unless the student has satisfied all financial obligations to the University, including loans made through the University.

Student accounts must be current to be eligible to make residential housing reservations and to make charges to student accounts using the student's University identification card.

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