Re-Enrollment of Former Students

Students previously enrolled and in acceptable academic standing in an undergraduate degree program who wish to re-enter TCU after absence of a full fall or spring semester must apply for re-enrollment and pay an application fee. Official transcripts from each college or university attended since the last enrollment at TCU must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar (see exception under Re-enrollment following Suspension). Eligibility for re-enrollment will be determined upon review and assessment of the student's entire record.

Former TCU students originally awarded an academic scholarship who are applying for re-enrollment may petition for the restoration of that scholarship or may be eligible to compete for a transfer academic scholarship if coursework has been completed at another university. Students may not receive a scholarship that exceeds the original TCU scholarship.

Non-immigrant students should apply for re-enrollment at least two months prior to registration in order to meet all requirements of the Office of International Student Affairs.

Re-Enrollment Involving a Change of Major

When a student is re-enrolled with a change of major, the Office of the Registrar will initiate the Change of Major form. Permission to change major requires approval of the dean of the new major. All entrance requirements specific to the new major must also be met. (Refer to the section titled Requirements for Graduation in this catalog.)

Re-Enrollment Following Suspension

All students suspended from TCU for academic or disciplinary reasons must apply for re-enrollment through the Office of the Registrar. No enrollment will be permitted following a period of suspension until re-enrollment is approved by the Office of the Registrar after consultation with the appropriate dean. (Refer to the section titled Academic Probation and Suspension in this catalog.)

A student suspended from TCU may not transfer credit that was earned at another college or university during the period of enforced suspension, but must submit all transcripts of any work attempted or completed during that period.

A student may not re-enter TCU while on academic suspension from another college or university.

Re-Enrollment Following Extended Separation from the University

A student accepted for re-enrollment after a 10-year separation from TCU may petition to have all prior coursework at TCU (selected course exclusion is not permitted) excluded from the TCU GPA calculation and credit toward graduation. The petition should be filed no later than the end of the first semester of re-enrollment in a degree program and be addressed to the registrar who will seek the approval of the appropriate academic dean. If the petition is granted, it is irrevocable. Excluded courses and corresponding grades will still appear on the official transcript but will not be included in calculation of the GPA, will not be counted as meeting credit-hour requirements for graduation and will not be used to satisfy course requirements.

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