Student Financial Aid

Texas Christian University provides an extensive, individually designed financial aid program. There are certain principles that guide the administration of the various programs administered by the TCU Office of Scholarships and Student Financial Aid. These principles are:

  • Financing a university education is a joint venture between the family and TCU.
  • Eligibility for Title IV federal financial assistance, TCU-funded and state financial aid programs is based upon information on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), as provided by the family.
  • Academic scholarships are based upon the academic achievement of the students. Those who have excelled academically are given the largest share of TCU-funded dollars.

Applicants for assistance must be admitted to the University before aid is committed. Those students qualifying for academic scholarships will be reviewed by the Academic Scholarship Committee and notified of the results in March or November depending upon the date of entrance to the University.

Applicants for financial assistance programs must submit the FAFSA no later than March 15 for fall entry and September 1 for spring entry. These dates ensure that this information will arrive at TCU prior to the deadline of May 1 and November 1, respectively. The FAFSA is available at or from high school guidance offices; the TCU financial aid office; or, in the case of transfer students, other college financial aid offices. Financial assistance files completed after May 1 or November 1 will be reviewed; however, there may be a reduction in the aid offering due to budget limitations. (Deadlines for ranch management applicants, student-athletes and fine arts performance majors may be extended due to University recruitment practices and for transfer students whose admission is pending due to the availability of final transcripts.) All individuals whose FAFSA is selected for verification will be required to submit a copy of the parents' and student's federal income tax return, W-2s, Schedule Cs and a verification worksheet to substantiate the application. Additional documents may be required in individual cases.

Students generally receive aid from a variety of sources. Scholarships, federal, state and institutional grants, work and/or loans are combined or packaged to form the financial assistance award. Approximately 75 percent of the current TCU student body is receiving financial assistance. Questions regarding the University's aid program may be directed to:

Director of Scholarships and Student Financial Aid
Texas Christian University
TCU Box 297012
Fort Worth, TX 76129

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