Financial Aid General Policies

  1. Students may receive more than one TCU-funded award. However, the annual aggregate of the combined awards may not exceed the value of full tuition for the hours enrolled up to 36 credit hours. Institutional funds may only be applied to tuition costs unless specifically designated as Room and Board Grants. Note: With the exception of the Pell Grant, most federal and state grant programs are also limited to paying tuition costs.
  2. Any aid granted by the University may be withdrawn at any time for unsatisfactory conduct.
  3. If invited to participate in the Honors Program, scholarship recipients are encouraged to do so.
  4. All students receiving financial aid from sources outside the University must notify the Office of Scholarships and Student Financial Aid of the amount and source of such aid.
  5. Most financial aid awards are granted for one year and may be renewed if the recipient meets required stipulations. All reapplications and required documents must be received prior to May 1 to ensure funding.
  6. Maximum duration of TCU-funded awards will be eight semesters or a total of 128 TCU semester hours of undergraduate study, whichever occurs first. A ninth semester of aid is allowed for students in a program requiring more than 128 hours for a baccalaureate degree.
  7. Students who receive financial eligibility-based assistance through TCU may not receive funds from any additional source that will exceed their eligibility. Any student who has been "over-awarded" will have his/her awards reduced by the Office of Scholarships and Student Financial Aid so that all aid received will comply with federal and state guidelines. When possible, this reduction takes place in either the employment or loan programs.
  8. TCU-funded assistance is restricted to tuition costs for first-degree undergraduates. (Exceptions are made for the Ranch Management, Piano Certificate or Artist Diploma programs and for recipients of Alumni Half-Tuition, City of Fort Worth Grant and Professional/Personal Development Grant.)
  9. Academic scholarships may only be applied to tuition costs. Students receiving awards from other sources that are restricted to tuition charges must choose which award(s) to accept in the event these funds exceed tuition.
  10. To be eligible for TCU-funded aid, a student must have a TCU cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better and must register for at least 12 semester hours, unless the aid is designated for part-time students. Note: Twenty-four semester hours of "letter-grade" credits each academic year (fall/spring) are required for academic scholarship renewal. See renewal requirements in the section titled Academic Scholarships in this catalog.
  11. To be eligible for federal and state aid, a student must have a TCU cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better and must register for at least six semester hours.
  12. Students must maintain the requirements outlined in the Undergraduate Student Financial Aid Statement of Satisfactory Academic Progress in order to apply for and receive financial aid.
  13. With the exception of TCU International Summer Study programs, grant assistance is generally not available during the summer terms.
  14. Graduating seniors in their last semester may register as part-time students. Aid is offered on a pro-rated basis. The student must register for at least six hours of credit.
  15. Students participating in the TCU London Centre or TCU-sponsored international programs are eligible for all TCU-administered aid. Students participating in the Institute of European Studies (IES) or the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) are eligible for all TCU-administered aid except Federal Work/Study, Federal Perkins Loan and Nursing Student Loan. State and federal aid, other than Federal Work/Study, Perkins Loan and Nursing Student Loan, is available for other U.S. university programs and non-U.S. university programs if the student receives TCU credit for the study abroad coursework.

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