The Division of Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs at TCU provides programs, activities and services that enhance the student experience. TCU offers a rich learning environment, and, through a variety of experiences, students engage in an intensive process of intellectual, personal, moral and social development. The division holds a special, but not exclusive, responsibility to assure that the co-curricular learning experiences of students are of high quality, are directed to the development of students, and meet both institutional and individual student needs.

The division complements the academic mission of TCU. Through programs, activities and services, the division strives to assure that graduates are prepared to assume roles as productive citizens. Therefore, there is an emphasis on leadership, the ability to accept responsibility and behave responsibly, understanding the global economy and a diverse society, civic engagement, developing opportunities for critical thinking and application of classroom learning, and preparing students for life transitions.

The Division of Student Affairs provides services central to a quality student career, including residential services, health services, career services, dining services, parking services and public safety.

The following units and departments comprise the Division of Student Affairs, which is under the leadership of the vice chancellor for student affairs:

  • Residential Services (Housing and Residence Life, Dining Services);
  • Health Services (Health Center, Counseling Center, Psychological Services, Health Education);
  • Student Affairs Information Services (Identification Card Center, Card Access);
  • Inclusiveness and Intercultural Services (Inclusiveness Conference, Leadership Retreat for Students of Color, High School Conference, Mentoring for Students of Color Program, Intercultural Banquet);
  • Campus Life (Educational Discipline, Student Activities, Student Center, Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, International Students);
  • Student Development Services (Academic Orientation, Frog Camp, Transitions Program, Leadership Development, Center for Civic Literacy, Men and Women's Programs, Alcohol and Drug Education, Parents Program, Community Involvement and Service Learning,);
  • University Career Services (Job Search Assistance, Developmental Programs, Resume Preparation, Graduate School Application Process)
  • University Recreation Center (Intramurals/Sports Clubs, Outdoor Programs, Fitness and Wellness, Aquatics); and
  • Campus Police (Security, Crime Prevention and Parking).

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