International Student Services

TCU has more than 500 international students from 90 different nations and more than 40 students of U.S. origin whose families reside outside of the United States. Two primary groups serve as organizations to promote international culture and experience: the International Student Association (ISA) and International Orientation Volunteers. ISA has between 40-60 members who meet regularly and sponsor events, trips and educational forums. Its membership is made up of international students from across the globe along with U.S. students with a global interest. The International Orientation Volunteers is an application-based group of U.S. and international students who work with new, incoming international students and help with programming throughout the year. The Office of International Student Services (817.257.7292) works with these organizations and collaborates with other divisions to promote the global priority of the TCU mission statement, while also serving as TCU's office for immigration matters.

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