Alcohol and Drug Education

The TCU Alcohol and Drug Education (ADE) Center is based on a philosophy of student development incorporating personal and community wellness. The center promotes healthy lifestyle choices and responsible decision making through programs, training and alternative activities.

The center's goals are to:

  • Enhance the academic mission of the University by ensuring that the abuse of alcohol and other drugs does not interfere with academic goal attainment;
  • Enhance student development of leadership skills by providing opportunities for students to positively influence the campus and community environment;
  • Enhance student responsibility to self, others and the world by assisting individuals in making responsible and ethical decisions regarding the use of alcohol and other drugs;
  • Clarify and enhance students sense of citizenship through active involvement in programs designed to educate and inform the TCU community about substance use and abuse; and
  • Continue to improve the efforts of the Alcohol and Drug Education Center and demonstrate effectiveness through needs assessment and evaluations.

Through the organization HyperFrogs and Frogs CARE, the center encourages students to develop a sense of responsibility for self, for others and for their University by assuming leadership in setting behavioral norms for the campus community.

The staff includes licensed professional counselors, who provide confidential assessments and short-term counseling, as well as experts in programming and training. Center staff take a comprehensive approach, focusing efforts on both effecting the environment and the individual. The scope of these efforts includes prevention, intervention and aftercare. Educational presentations target student organizations, residence halls, fraternity and sorority groups, student-athletes and academic classes. An extensive Wellness Resource Library containing books, journals, CD-ROMs and videotapes is maintained in the ADE Center.

Students who violate the University's alcohol policy are required to attend an initial one-on-one interview with a professionally trained counselor, followed by an educational session administered through the ADE Center. The content of the sessions focuses on accurate information on alcohol and other drugs, feedback regarding personal use, guidelines for responsible decision making with regard to alcohol use and strategies for helping others who may have problems. Students who receive additional violations attend a more comprehensive educational program.

Those interested in services available through the ADE Center are encouraged to visit the office or call 817.257.7100.

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