Frog Camp

Frog Camp is a three- to six-day experiential retreat that immerses new students in TCU history and traditions, helps them establish new friendships and guides them to acquiring the skills they need to be successful in college. Each new Horned Frog becomes a part of a "Frog Group" of no more than 15 students. Along with upper- class students and a member of the faculty or staff, Frog Group members find out what it means to be Horned Frogs and along the way, forge lasting bonds and friendships.

While each of the camps offers a different emphasis, all of the camps afford campers the same set of core experiences. These common activities are what make Frog Camp a powerful event. The camps differ in scheduled dates, location of the camp, and the type of challenge each Frog Group will face. For example, "Challenge" camp groups participate in a team-building challenge course and grimy games competition. "Quest" camp groups work on local community outreach projects like Habitat for Humanity and spend free time on a beautiful lake.

Frog Camp "Alpine" takes students to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to raft, hike and traverse a high-element challenge course. Frog Camp "Eco" focuses on helping college students live environmentally friendly lives on campus and works with the theme semester "Think Purple, Live Green." Frog Camp "London" partners with the Honors Program to take a group of Honors students across the pond to experience the history and culture of London.

And for those students interested in investigating their new home away from home, Frog Camp "Casa Nueva" explores the history, culture and excitement that Fort Worth has to offer. A variety of activities, including the Frog Camp Luau, Spirit Sessions and Frog Group Discussions, ensure that students will have the know-how and friendships they need to make the most of their college years.

Regardless of the camp a student chooses to attend, he/she will leave with a sense of what it means to be a Horned Frog and a new set of close friends.

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