Sophomore Year

The Sophomore Year emphasis is on ethics and leadership. Among the many choices students have to develop an understanding of the subject is a course within the TCU Leadership Center titled, Ethical Leadership. There are also credit-hour classes in a number of different disciplines where the subject is addressed. Other activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Sophomore Splash and Sophomore Day Football Game: These events further acquaint students with the members of the class, addressing issues of class identity and retention.
  • The Major/Minor Fair and the Student/Faculty Meet `n Greet: This event help students be more educated about the disciplines available to them. The Meet 'n Greet encourages students to feel comfortable talking with faculty about the discipline and possible future implications.
  • Sophomore Spotlight: A very popular program sponsored by the University Career Center, Sophomore Spotlight helps students begin to explore possible career options.
  • Inward Bound: Inward Bound is a leadership class that encourages students to explore their values and beliefs, and learn about the importance and methods of practicing reflection.

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