First-Year Seminars

Texas Christian University is an educational community where faculty members promote active learning and encourage personal growth and individual achievement. One means of moving toward achievement of these goals is embodied in the first-year seminars offered to first-year students during the fall semester of each academic year.

A common goal of each seminar is to help students develop the intellectual skills and self confidence necessary for success in a university setting. Guided by scholars who are often senior faculty members, students learn to approach learning experiences with creativity, self expression and independent thinking. Activities in seminars often include discussion of ideas, research on special projects, and fieldwork that can lead to increased communication and critical-thinking skills for students.

First-year seminars, offered in a variety of disciplines, are listed in the Schedule of Classes prepared each semester by the registrar. Course descriptions appear in a special publication that is distributed during summer orientation sessions for first-year students. Students may enroll in only one seminar.

The seminars are structured to provide an intensive, personalized learning experience that will enhance the first-year student's sense of belonging to the academic community. Limited enrollment in first-year seminars allows for personal contact between students and faculty. Furthermore, the interactive format allows students to get acquainted more easily, leading not only to academic orientation, but also to social integration within the University.

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