Audit Enrollment (Course Visitor)

Occasional visitation of classes by students is allowed with the consent of the instructor. Any extended attendance requires enrollment as an audit. Auditors are admitted to classes on a space-available basis only. An audit fee is charged. TCU Scholars (See Recognitions section) are given the opportunity to audit one class (for which auditing is permitted) without fee within 12 months after notification of eligibility. TCU Scholars are expected to follow the established regulations for auditors. The following regulations are applicable:

  1. Certain classes—laboratory and clinical classes; ranch management day classes; laboratory sections of lecture classes; activity and performance classes, such as in studio art, music and ballet—may not be audited. (Evening ranch management classes may be audited at full tuition and fees.)
  2. The only period during which students may register for an audit or change a credit class to audit is from the second day of late registration to the last day of late registration as published in the University calendar. It is recommended that prospective students consult the instructors of courses in which they are interested before they register. Students wishing to audit graduate courses must be admitted for graduate study and have written approval of either the instructor of the course for which they wish to register or the dean of the school/college in which the course is taught.
  3. Classroom recitation and participation may be restricted at the discretion of the instructor; no grade is assigned and no credit is awarded.
  4. If credit is desired, the student must register for and repeat the regular course after paying regular tuition.
  5. The student's name will appear on the instructor's class roll. In order for "AU" to appear on the transcript, however, the instructor must certify at the end of the semester that the student has attended as an auditor. Audits not approved by the instructor as a final grade will be omitted from the student record.

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