Attendance Expectations and Official Absence Policy

Regular and punctual class attendance is essential, and no assigned work is summarily excused because of absence, no matter what the cause. Records of class attendance are the responsibility of the faculty, and every course syllabus should clearly state the instructor's policy on class attendance and how attendance affects a student's final evaluation in the course. Students who miss an instructional experience are expected to meet with faculty to discuss their absence as soon as possible.

When a student is absent to represent the University (as in athletics, chorus, band, national or state meetings or organizations represented at TCU), then an Official University Absence may be granted by the Office of Campus Life. Faculty/staff who wish to have an activity sanctioned for Official University Absence status must submit the names of all students, including date and hours absent from campus, to the Office of Campus Life no later than one week prior to the date of the activity.

Students are encouraged to use the resources of the Office of Campus Life if an emergency situation occurs or if assistance is needed to resolve individual concerns.

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