Academic Suspension

Students who have been placed on academic probation at any time during their matriculation at TCU will be subject to academic suspension if they fail to maintain a 2.00 cumulative GPA at TCU in any subsequent semester of attendance.

Students who are subject to academic suspension will have their academic progress reviewed by their academic dean and will be notified in writing as to the academic suspension decision and any special conditions for re-enrollment. A student's suspension may be for a single semester or for a full calendar year and may or may not include summer terms, at the discretion of the dean of the student's major. A second suspension will be for a minimum of a full calendar year.

Following suspension the student must apply for re-enrollment to the University. Re-enrollment requires the approval of the academic dean of the student's intended major. Credit earned from another college or university during a period of academic-related suspension may not be transferred to TCU. A student re-enrolled in the University following a period of suspension is automatically on probation.

Academic suspension will become part of their official transcript.

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