Center for Professional Communication

Through the M.J. Neeley Center for Professional Communication (CPC), the Neeley School offers a unique approach to helping students become proficient in business communication. The Neeley School is rated consistently as one of the best business schools in the country for the development of strong communication skills.

The center directs activities in the following initiatives:

Neeley School Classroom Support. The center provides assistance to faculty as they incorporate communication skills in their classes. Also, it provides coaching and assistance to students as they develop the business communication skills essential to managerial success.

CPC Technology Initiative.The Neeley School encourages students to embrace newer communication technologies in an effort to improve efficiency and effectiveness in their business interactions. To that end, the CPC provides the only video conference center devoted to student use.

CPC Workshops. The CPC offers workshops focusing on specific communication skills such as effective presentations, presentation graphics, dealing with communication anxiety, team writing, listening, intercultural communication and more.

Neeley Culture of Communication Excellence.A focus on communication is integrated across the Neeley School curriculum so that assignments within all the core and degree areas emphasize communication skills as well as course content. The Neeley School seeks to model outstanding communication in all activities.

Communication resources are housed in the M.J. Neeley Center for Professional Communication, located on the first floor of Charles Tandy Hall. Facilities include video conference facilities, document cameras to transmit graphic displays, computers adapted for video transmission and large-screen monitors. The CPC has specially equipped team rooms for classroom recording, practice, teamwork or private review. The CPC's media station offers specialized graphics software, optical scanning, digital video editing and more than 1,000 professional copyright-free business photographs for use in student projects. Selected software training packages are provided by the CPC for business writing improvement, presentation development and other computer-assisted instruction.

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