Neeley School Academic Policies

Admission to Neeley School and Advancement to Upper- Division Courses

  • Each year there are more qualified applicants to the Neeley School than can be instructed and accommodated by existing faculty and facilities. In order to provide a personal and quality educational experience the school must limit undergraduate admission. Admission is competitive. As a result, a student may be admitted to TCU but not to the Neeley School. There are three methods of admission into the Neeley School of Business:
  • Freshman. The TCU Office of Admission makes the decisions on all freshman applicants. To be considered for admission, students must indicate business as their primary area of interest on the admission application. Students who are granted regular admission to the University as pre-business must complete additional requirements to be considered for advancement to one of the six business majors and upper-division courses.
  • External Transfers. The TCU Office of Admission makes the decisions on all transfer applicants. Students seeking to transfer to TCU from another institution should indicate business as their primary area of interest on the admission application. To be considered for admission as pre-business transfer students from a four-year university, students should have at least a 3.0 transfer GPA. Community college transfer applicants should have a minimum 3.25 transfer GPA to be considered. Transfer students admitted as pre-business must meet additional requirements to advance to upper-division courses.
  • Internal Transfers. An internal transfer student is one who is enrolled in another degree program at TCU. Students who wish to change their major to business must submit an application to the Neeley Student Resource Center by April 15 to be considered for admission as pre-business the following fall. Admission decisions are made by the Neeley School at the end of each academic year. Admission is highly competitive and space is limited. A student with a GPA of less than 3.25 is unlikely to be admitted. Internal transfer students who are accepted as pre-business must meet all additional Neeley School admission requirements to be considered for advancement to upper-division business courses.

Additional Neeley School Requirements

Students entering TCU as pre-business majors must complete a minimum of 24 credit hours in the first year at TCU and obtain a minimum 2.5 GPA in order to continue as pre-business students beyond the first year. In addition, pre-business students must complete four of the following courses in the first year: ECON 10223, 10233; MATH 10283; ENGL 10283; one TCU Core Curriculum requirement; or others only as recommended by adviser. To declare a business major, all students must formally apply to the Neeley School. Students will typically apply in their sophomore year for admission to upper-level courses in their junior year. Admission is competitive and not guaranteed. Upon acceptance, students will select from one of the functional area majors.

To be considered for admission to the Neeley School students must:

  • Maintain a minimum TCU cumulative GPA of 2.5 ( must have at least a 3.0 to be competitive);
  • Complete lower-division requirements with a minimum 2.5 GPA;
  • Pass Microsoft Office Specialist Exams in Word, PowerPoint and Excel; and
  • Successfully complete interview.

Academic Advising

All business students in the Neeley School are assigned an academic adviser by the Neeley School Resource Center (NSRC). The center is open daily to answer the questions of all prospective and continuing students in the school. The NSRC coordinates advising, monitors academic progress of students, receives academic appeals, processes all transfer coursework, handles the changing of majors within the Neeley School, works with CLEP Test applications, directs study abroad procedures and Neeley School international programs, and audits intent to graduate forms for graduating business majors. In addition the NSRC coordinates the admission process to the Neeley School.

Pass/No-Credit Policy

Pre-business students or business majors may take up to six semester hours of courses on a Pass/No-Credit (P/NC) basis. However, no lower division business core course nor upper-division business courses (30000-40000 level) may not be taken as P/NC and applied to the BBA degree, unless the course is taught only on a P/NC basis. In accordance with university policy no course applied to a student's major may be taken as P/NC.

Course Prerequisites

Course prerequisites include admission to the Neeley School as a business major, class standing, previous coursework, demonstrated computer skills competency, grades in previous coursework, and/or permission of the instructor. All course prerequisites should be observed and followed when enrolling in a course. The ultimate responsibility for knowing the prerequisite for a course lies with the student and is noted in this catalog. Course prerequisites are noted in the Courses of business course descriptions section of this catalog and are listed at

Transfer Policies

Continuing TCU students will sometimes take courses at other universities and then transfer those credits to TCU. TCU requires prior written approval of the NSRC to take courses at another school for application to a student's BBA degree. Course credit will not be transferred into the Neeley School if prior approval by the NSRC has not been obtained.

  • No more than 12 semester hours (except those earned in an approved study abroad program) may be transferred from other institutions once a student enrolls at TCU.
  • No credit may be transferred from a community college once 54 cumulative semester hours have been earned.
  • For pre-business students and declared majors, all business lower-division sequence requirements courses, upper-division business core and major course requirements must be taken at TCU.

Non-Availability of Evening Program

Although the Neeley School does offer some courses in the evening, an evening-only program is not available. Students wanting to take only evening courses should be aware that all required courses may not be offered during the evening.

Certification for Business Teaching

The M.J. Neeley School of Business cooperates with the College of Education by offering business courses for the academic specialization requirements for certification of high school business teachers. More information is available through the College of Education.

Academic Appeal Process

A student seeking an exception from any policy stated in the M.J. Neeley School of Business section of this catalog should submit a formal appeal to the assistant dean of undergraduate programs for consideration. The Neeley School regards the appeal to be a professional communication and will review it based on that expectation. Contact the Neeley Student Resource Center for more information regarding the appeal process.

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