BBA Core Curriculum Requirements

Components of the BBA Degree

The BBA program in the Neeley School of Business comprises four blocks of coursework.

TCU Requirements for Bachelor of Business Administration

Core Curriculum

39 to 63 hours

Business Core Curriculum

36 hours

Major Course Requirements

18-24 hours

Free Elective Courses

Hours will vary depending upon Major(s)

Of the four blocks of coursework, the core curriculum and the business core are required of all business students regardless of their major. The major course requirements and the number of free electives vary, depending on choice of major(s).

  1. Core Curriculum Requirements: Students seeking the Bachelor of Business Administration degree must fulfill all of the core curriculum requirements listed below:
    1. Essential Competencies: 18 semester hours
      • Written Communication: 6 hours (ENGL 10803, 20803)
      • Mathematical Reasoning: 3 hours (MATH 10283 or 10524)*
      • *Credit is not allowed for both MATH 10283 and 10524
      • Oral Communication: 3 hours
      • Writing Emphasis: 6 hours (3 hours must be in the major)
    2. Human Experiences and Endeavors: 27 semester hours; courses in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences must be satisfied in at least two different areas (as defined by course prefixes).
      • Humanities: 9 hours
      • Social Sciences: 9 hours to include macroeconomics and microeconomics
      • Natural Sciences: 6 hours
      • Fine Arts: 3 hours
    3. Heritage, Mission Vision and Values: 3 semester hours in each category. Approved courses from the experiences and endeavors core; the major and the minor, may also satisfy requirements.
      • Religious Traditions
      • Historical Traditions
      • Literary Traditions
      • Cultural Awareness (must be taken at TCU)
      • Global Awareness (must be taken at TCU)
      • Citizenship and Social Values (must be taken at TCU)

        With the exception of the lower-division sequence requirements, students are not expected to complete one entire group or block of courses prior to proceeding to the next block. Instead, the courses are woven together into an integrated sequence of learning steps.

  2. Lower-Division Sequence Requirements: 36 semester hours; these courses must be completed the semester in which the student submits his/her application for admission to the Neeley School and before beginning upper-division business core courses (30000-level or above, except MARK 30153).

    Lower-Division Sequence Requirements

    1. Successful completion of the 12 required courses:

      ENGL 10803 Introductory Composition (Core Requirement)

      ENGL 20803 Intermediate Composition (Core Requirement)

      MATH 10283 Introductory Applied Calculus (Core Requirement) or *MATH 10524 Calculus 1 (Core Requirement)

      ECON 10223 Introductory Microeconomics (Core Requirement)

      ECON 10233 Introductory Macroeconomics (Core Requirement)

      ** INSC 20263 Business Information Systems (Business Core)

      MANA 20153 Legal Environment of Business (Business Core)

      ACCT 20153 Principles of Financial Accounting (Business Core)

      ACCT 20163 Principles of Managerial Accounting (Business Core)

      INSC 20153 Statistical Analysis (Business Core)

      BUSI 20173 Foundations of Business (Business Core)

      BUSI 20153 Ethical Decision Making (Business Core)

      * Credit will not be awarded for both MATH 10283 and 10524.

      ** COSC 10203 is not a substitute for EBUS 20263 and can only be used for free elective credit toward a BBA degree.

    2. Attainment of a minimum GPA of 2.50 in the lower-division sequence requirements courses, with at least a "C" average in two English composition courses.
    3. Attainment of a TCU cumulative GPA of at least 2.50 at the end of the sophomore year, defined by the University as the semester or term in which the 53rd semester hour is completed.
  3. Upper-Division Business Core Courses: 30000-level or above except MARK 30153 courses are interwoven with the major courses throughout the student's junior and senior years. Business students complete MANA 40153 during the last two semesters.

    Upper-Division Business Sequence Requirements

    MANA 30153 Organizational Management

    MARK 30153 Marketing Management

    FINA 30153 Financial Management

    INSC 30153 Manufacturing and Services Operations or INSC 30313 Supply Chain Management*

    MANA 40153 Strategic Management—must be taken after completion of all other upper-division core courses. (Students may enroll in MANA 40153 concurrently with only one other upper-division core course by permission of the Department of Management.)

    *Students may not receive credit for both INSC 30153 and 30313

    ** Students must complete a tentative plan for graduation to be filed with appropriate forms in the Neeley Student Resource Center, preferably by the second semester junior year.

  4. Major Course Requirements: 18-24 semester hours
    1. Each major in the Neeley School has a different set of major course requirements. These are described in detail in the Neeley School major programs section.
    2. Students must take six hours of writing emphasis courses in their major, with the exception of finance majors, who require nine hours. Writing emphasis courses are designated in the Neeley School of Business major programs section.
  5. Free Electives: Credits hours will vary depending on choice of major(s). See an academic adviser in the Neeley Student Resource Center for more information, particularly if selecting more than one major or a major and an emphasis or minor.

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