Communication Studies 3/2 Program

Communication studies majors may earn both a Bachelor of Arts or Science degree and a Master of Science degree in five years. Students may apply for the program after completing at least 106 semester hours and satisfying the core curriculum and other degree requirements with the exception of 18 hours of elective courses. Students will complete 18 hours of graduate-level courses during their fourth and fifth years of study satisfying the requirements for the bachelor and master's degrees.

To be eligible for the 3/2 program, students must formally apply for admission to the Department of Communication Studies graduate program and meet the general requirements for admission to graduate study, including outstanding GPA, letters of recommendation and acceptable scores on the GRE verbal and quantitative sections. Prospective 3/2 students must contact their adviser in the Department of Communication Studies or the director of graduate studies for preliminary advisement early in their undergraduate program.

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