Communication Studies Course Subcategories

Communication in Human Relations

COMM 10123

Basic Speech Communication

COMM 20103

Business and Professional Speaking

COMM 20113

Interpersonal Communication

COMM 20133

Instructional Communication

COMM 20193

Human Information Processing

COMM 30103

Argumentation and Debate

COMM 30123

Parliamentary Debate

COMM 30133

Group Discussion

COMM 30153


COMM 30163

Organizational Communication

COMM 30173

Advanced Public Speaking

COMM 40103

Communication in Business and the Professions

COMM 40123


Communication Studies

COMM 20223

Exploring Human Communication

COMM 30213

Special Issues in Interpersonal Communication

COMM 30223

Power and Influence in Interpersonal Communication

COMM 30243

Communication in Lasting Relationships

COMM 30283

Communication Inquiry

COMM 40213

Perspectives on Ethics in Communication

COMM 40233

Communication in Group Leadership

COMM 50223

Nonverbal Communication

General Courses

COMM 10433

Freshman Seminar in Communication Studies

COMM 30003

Honors Seminar: Current Developments in Communication Studies

COMM 30253

Communicating Interculturally

COMM 30970

Independent Study

COMM 40003

Honors Research Paper

COMM 40113

Conflict Management

COMM 40143

Communication and Career Success

COMM 50233

Measurement of Communication

COMM 50970

Special Problems in Communication Studies

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