Education Major or Minor Declaration

To declare a major or minor in the College of Education, students must meet the following requirements:

  • TCU students must have a 2.5 or better GPA.
  • Transfer students must bring a 2.5 or better GPA to TCU to declare an education major and have a 2.5 or better GPA on 12 hours of coursework at TCU before applying for admission to the College of Education.
  • Entering freshmen have no specific requirements to declare an education major, but must have a 2.5 or better GPA to apply for admission to the College of Education.
  • All education majors and minors must maintain high professional standards and acceptable academic performance (a minimum 2.5 GPA overall and a grade of "C" or better in all content areas and education coursework).

Pass/No-Credit Policy

The University Pass/No-Credit (P/NC) Policy states that students may take up to two courses (eight hours maximum) on a P/NC basis. No course applied to the student's major, minor or associated requirements may be taken on the P/NC basis. Courses offered with only the P/NC option will not be counted toward this limit on the number of P/NC hours. Students in the College of Education may not take any education course required for teacher certification or in the student's teaching content area on the P/NC basis, with the exceptions of student teaching and the professional practice seminar.

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