Teacher Education Program Retention

Students must maintain acceptable academic performance (a minimum 2.5 GPA overall and a grade of "C" or better in content area and education courses), as well as high professional standards, in order to advance in the program and to student teaching. The College of Education is dedicated to identifying and intervening to assist students who demonstrate difficulties maintaining these standards.

Any faculty member who has a concern with a student's performance and/or professionalism may initiate the Academic Performance and Professionalism Warning (APPW) process. The process operates as follows:

  1. The faculty member fills out the APPW form describing the concerns and indicating potential strategies and solutions to resolve the problem.
  2. A conference between the student and two faculty members is required to complete the APPW form. During the conference, the parties discuss the student's understanding of the concerns, generate potential solutions and agree upon a course of action. The APPW contract is signed by the student and faculty. If the student fails to respond or attend a conference, faculty will complete the form and notify the student via certified mail.
  3. The completed form is submitted to the associate dean, the student and the Office of Campus Life.
  4. Any student receiving three notices through this process may be considered for dismissal from the College of Education. Except in an unusually severe or critical situation, no one notice will result in dismissal from the college or program. These notices do not become part of a student's permanent academic record.

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