To obtain Texas teacher certification at TCU, students must complete the Teacher Education Program in the College of Education and achieve a bachelor's degree. Students must also successfully complete the appropriate state certification exams for the content area and grade level they wish to teach.

After graduation the student will be recommended to the state of Texas for teacher certification by TCU after completing the following requirements:

  • Conferred bachelor's degree;
  • Successful completion of the Teacher Education Program, including the student teaching experience;
  • Passing scores on the required state certification exams; and
  • Final GPA of 2.5 with "C "or better in education and content area coursework.

Texas Examination of Educator Standards (TExES)

All Teacher Education Program candidates applying for Texas certification after graduation must pass proficiency tests (TExES) in their respective field of certification or supplemental area and must pass a professional development test at the appropriate level: EC-4, middle school, secondary school or EC-12. Students who fail to take the appropriate TExES within three years of program completion must present documentation of completion of TExES review or additional coursework prior to receiving permission to test.

To be eligible to take the TExES certification exam, students must pass the practice representative exams, which are offered during the Professional Practice Seminar. Students who do not pass the practice exams must present evidence of test preparation before the exam will be re-administered. A student who receives no credit in the Professional Practice Seminar is not considered a program completer and will not be released to take the TExES.

Title II

Teacher preparation programs at institutions of higher learning are required to report the pass rates of their program graduates on the exams that qualify them for certification in their state. The U.S. Congress, through amendments to the Higher Education Act in October 1998, enacted these new teacher preparation accountability measures. The most recent, complete Institutional Report for TITLE II is available on the College of Education Web site.

Texas Oral Proficiency Test (TOPT)

All individuals seeking Texas teaching certification with a major in bilingual education, Spanish or French must take the Texas Oral Proficiency Test (TOPT). This test must be taken in addition to the TExES exams required. Candidates who attain the TOPT's passing standard of advanced oral proficiency or higher are recommended for certification.

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