Middle School Education Major

Middle school education (grades 4 to 8) is designed for students who want to teach in a specific content area (mathematics, science, social studies or language arts) in elementary and middle school settings.

Total Semester Hours Required for Degree: 124-128

TCU Core Curriculum: 39 hours

Middle School Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities: 22 hours

EDUC 30143

Child and Adolescent Development

EDUC 30123

Educational Psychology

EDSP 30603

Study of Exceptional Students

EDMS 30013

Professional Roles and Responsibilities

EDMS 50023

Effective Teaching and Classroom Implementation

EDMS 30001

Professional Practice Seminar*

EDMS 40980

Student Teaching

*This seminar must be taken the semester prior to student teaching.

Associated Requirements: 12 hours

EDUC 20003

Critical Investigations: Teaching and Learning

EDUC 30113

Introduction to Educational Technology

EDMS 40213

Promoting Literacy in the Content Areas

EDSP 50663

Motivating and Managing Students in the Classroom

English/Language Arts, Reading and ESL

JOUR 10103

Communication in Society

ENGL 30263

Style and Usage

EDMS 50613

Analysis of Literacy Problems

EDMS 50153

Literature for Adolescents

EDMS 50223

Practicum in Reading and ESL

EDUC 50503

Developing Communication Competencies of Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students

EDUC 50513

Curriculum and Instruction in the Second Language Learning Classroom

EDUC 50003

Diversity in American Education

Select one course from the following:

ENGL 10103

Introduction to Fiction

ENGL 10113

Introduction to Poetry

ENGL 10123

Introduction to Drama

ENGL 30723

The Short Story

Select two courses from:

ENGL 20503

Major American Writers

ENGL 30133

American Literature to 1900

ENGL 30143

American Literature since 1900

ENGL 20603

Western World Literature I

Select two courses from:

ENGL 20403

Major British Writers

ENGL 30113

British Literature to 1800

ENGL 30123

British Literature since 1800

ENGL 20613

Western World Literature II

Select one course from:

ENGL 30283

Cyberliteracy or

EDUC 50263

Cybercommunication in Education

Select one course from:

ENGL 30253

Rhetorical Traditions or

ENGL 30243

Rhetorical Practices in Culture

ENGL 50243

Teaching Writing or

EDMS 50173

Development of Written Communication


MATH 10033

Topics in Mathematics

MATH 10043

Elementary Statistics

MATH 10054

Precalculus with Trig

MATH 20123

Discrete Mathematics I

MATH 10524

Calculus I

MATH 20053

Fundamentals of Modern Mathematics

MATH 20063

Topics in Modern Mathematics

MATH 20524

Calculus II

MATH 40970


MATH 50073

History of Mathematics

Select one course from:

PHYS 10154

General Physics (with lab)

PHYS 20053

Physics of Music and Sound

Associated Requirement

EDMS 40433

Senior Seminar in Middle School Math


BIOL 10003

Contemporary Issues in Biology

BIOL 10504

Principles of Life Sciences

BIOL 10514

Principles of Life Sciences

BIOL 30613

Natural History

PHYS 20053

Physics of Music and Sound

PHYS 20073

Introductory Astronomy

PHYS 20083

Introductory Astronomy

PHYS 10154

General Physics I

CHEM 10113

General Chemistry

GEOL 10113

Understanding the Earth

ENSC 10143

Environmental Science

ENSC 30113

Weather and Climate

Select one course from:

MATH 10054

Precalculus with Trig

MATH 10524

Calculus I

Associated Requirement

EDMS 40533

Senior Seminar in Middle School Science

Social Studies

HIST 10603

U.S. History: A Survey to 1877

HIST 10613

U.S. History: A Survey since 1877

HIST 10203

Europe to 1348

HIST 10213

Europe 1348 to 1789

HIST 10223

Europe 1789 to Present

HIST 10933

Latin American Civilization and Culture

HIST 10953

Asian Civilization since 1500

HIST 40743

History of Texas

POSC 10133

American and Texas Government or

POSC 20144

Practicing American and Texas Politics

POSC 30503

Topics in Comparative Politics

ECON 10223

Introductory Microeconomics

ECON 10233

Introductory Macroeconomics

ECON 40413

U.S. Economic History to 1866 or

ECON 40423

U.S. Economic History since 1866

GEOG 10003

World Regional Geography

GEOG 30513

U.S. Geography

SOCI 20213

Introductory Sociology

SOCI 30343

American Minority Groups or

EDUC 50003

Diversity in American Education

Associated Requirement

EDMS 40633

Senior Seminar in Middle School Social Studies

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