Educational Studies Minor

Students who major in a content area outside the College of Education may obtain a minor in educational studies (see College of Education admission requirements). Completion of the educational studies minor does not meet the requirements for teacher certification.

The professional development courses that constitute the 18-hour minor include:

EDUC 30123

Educational Psychology

EDUC 30143

Child and Adolescent Development

EDSE 30013

Professional Roles and Responsibilities

EDSE 40213

Promoting Literacy in the Content Areas

EDSE 50023

Effective Teaching and Classroom Implementation

EDSP 30603

Study of Exceptional Students

Additional teacher certification requirements include:

Middle or Secondary College of Education Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities Requirements (7 hours):

EDSE 30001

Professional Practice Seminar (must be completed the semester prior to student teaching)

SE 40980

Student Teaching

Middle or Secondary College of Education Associated Requirements (9 hours):

EDUC 20003

Critical Inquiry: Teaching and Learning

EDUC 30113

Introduction to Education Technology

EDSP 50663

Motivating and Managing Students in the Classroom

Additional coursework in the content area* and in the Middle or Secondary School Pedagogy (science, english/language arts or math).

See adviser and certification officer in the College of Education.

*Content areas include business administration, computer science, dance, French, history, journalism, mathematics, Spanish and communication.

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