Education 4/1 Option

Available only to TCU undergraduates, the 4/1 option allows outstanding students to combine a bachelor's degree with the Master of Education (M.Ed.) in only five years. Only candidates demonstrating superior undergraduate academic and professional performance with strong recommendations are considered for admission to the 4/1 program.

Students are eligible to apply for admission to the graduate program in the College of Education during the semester they complete 90 hours of undergraduate coursework. To be considered for admission to the 4/1 option students must:

  • Submit a Graduate Program Application for admission;
  • Fulfill admission requirements and be admitted into the Teacher Education Program; and
  • Complete additional hours for certification if fulfilling a minor in education.

If admitted to the 4/1 option, students may complete up to 12 semester hours of the M.Ed. program during their fourth year of undergraduate study. Students should work with their 4/1 adviser to determine how the courses will apply to the undergraduate degree. At the end of the fourth year, assuming that all other graduation requirements are met, students earn the baccalaureate degree. During their fifth year, students complete the remaining semester hours toward the M.Ed. degree.

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