Arts Administration Minor

The arts administration minor requires 18 total hours as follows:

Business Knowledge (9 hours)

Required Courses

ACCT 20153

Principles of Accounting

MANA 30153

Organizational Management

MARK 30153

Marketing Management

Permits required from the M.J. Neeley School of Business to enroll in these business classes.

Aesthetic Experience (3 hours)

Fine arts majors must choose this from outside their major department from:

ART 10043

Introduction to Art History

ART 20503

Survey Topics of Art History

BALT 10053

Survey of Dance

BALT 40173

Dance History

BALT 40183

20th-Century Dance

MUSI 10033

Survey of Jazz and Pop

MUSI 10053

Survey of Music

MUSI 10073

Rock to Bach

THEA 10053

Survey of Theatre

THEA 10203

Survey of Musical Theatre

Administration Integration (3 hours)

Required Courses

AADM 30103

The Arts Organization

AADM 40103

Management in the Arts

Optional, but recommended:

AADM 40903:

Internship in Arts Administration

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