Business Information Systems

The effective, efficient and innovative use of business information systems is an important element in achieving competitive advantages for businesses and excellence in services for government and nonprofit organizations. In particular, the globalization of trade, the emergence of information economies, and the growth of the Internet and other global communications networks have recast the role of information systems in business and management. In today's business world, companies increasingly rely on high caliber professionals who understand how to use information technology to design global business organizations linking factories, offices and mobile sales forces around the world and around the clock.

A business information system (BIS) major provides a challenging but rewarding opportunity for business students to prepare themselves to become a competent business information systems professional. Students will develop the ability to design, implement and manage an infrastructure of information technology, data and enterprise-wide systems, all of which are fundamental to improve and optimize the business activities across the organization. They will have the skills to manage, analyze and develop various business applications dealing with systems in corporations. They will also be able to assist in incorporating information systems into the strategy, planning and practices of organizations.

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