Entrepreneurial Management

The entrepreneurial management major offers a unique combination of specialization and generalization in the study of entrepreneurship and management. Nearly all forms of activity in profit and nonprofit organizations involve some form of management, and most demand an entrepreneurial mindset for success. Whether it be managing people, money, information systems, raw materials or finished products, managers are required to make decisions, handle conflict, communicate and work in teams; in short, they must exercise strong leadership and entrepreneurial skills on a daily basis. The entrepreneurial management major provides opportunities to explore the strategic, organizational and people aspects of business, as well as the range of skills employed by today's entrepreneurs and leaders, including strategic planning, communication and conflict management, negotiation, team building, creative problem solving, leadership, entrepreneurship, business plan development and implementation, managing small business growth, and others. Career opportunities for those with strong entrepreneurial management skills are among the most diverse because virtually any for-profit and nonprofit organization requires entrepreneurial and leadership capability.

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